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The Words by Mr. Addison.

THE Lord my Pasture shall prepare,
1 And feed me with a Shepherd's Care ;
His Presence shall my Wants supply,
And guard me with a watchful Eye;
My Noon-day Walks he shall attend,
And all my Midnight Hours defend.


When in the sultry Glebe I faint,
Or on the thirsty Mountain pant,
To fertile Vales and dewy Meads,
My weary wandring Steps he leads ;
Where peaceful Rivers, soft and dow,
Amid the verdant Landskip flow.


Though in the Paths of Death I tread,
With gloomy Horrors over-spread;
My ftedfaft Heart shall fear no Ill,
For thou, O Lord, art with me ftill:
Thy friendly Crook shall give me Aid,
And guide 'me through the dreadful Shade.

Though in a bare and rugged Way,
Through devious lonely Wilds I ftray ;
Thy Bounty shall my Pains beguile,
The barren Wilderness shall smile,
With fudden Greens and Herbage crown'd,
And Streams shall murmur all around.



By Sir J. D ENHA M.

1. Clap your Hands with one Accord !

Praise with melodious Notes the Lord ! 2. With Terror he the World commands : 3. He only gives us Victory,

. . Under our Feet the Nations lie, And Israel Shall divide their Lands.

4. Jacob he loves, and will advance,

And set out his Inheritance; . 5. Ascending, he in Triumph fits : ....?

With Trumpets to our King rejoice, 6. With Understanding raise your Voice; 7. To his Commands the World submits. :... 8. Exalted on his sacred Throne,

He o'er the Heathen reigns alone :'' 9. And now the Peoples Leaders yield,

With those of Abram's God to join;

Whose Glory rais'd on high, does shine,
And guards the World as with a Shield.


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. By the same.

1. T ORD, let the King thy Judgments share,

And to his Son thy Wisdom give; 2. That under his judicious Care,

The People happily may live. 3. Then from the Mountains Peace shall flow,

And Plenty from the Hills below.



4. The Low don't his Protection want,

With Judgment he the Poot secures : 5. God, their Oppressors shall supplant;

Thy Fear, as Sun and Moon endures. 6. He, as the Dew on Grass diftils,

As Rain the Earth, with Riches fills.

7. The Righteous shall abound in Peace,

Until the Moon her Motion ends; 8. His large Dominions shall increase,

As far as Sea or Land extends : 9. In him the Wilderness shall truft,

And all his Foes shall lick the Duft.

10. Sbeba and Seba, with their King

Of th’ INands, and Arabian Shore ; 11. All Princes shall their Presents bring,

And the whole world this Prince adore : 12. To the Distress’d his Aid appears,

And when the Wretched cry, He hears.

13. The Needy he not only loves,

But shews to them his faving Light; 14. From Fraud and Force he them removes,

Their Blood is precious in his Sight : 15. To him who shall for ever live,

Their Gold shall the Sabeans give.
He first our fervent Pray’rs fhall heat,

. And then our everlaffing Praise :
16. The Mountains Corn and Trees shall bear,

Such as proud Libanus does' raise;
And his lov'd City he shall bless
With ever-flourishing Increase.

17. His bleffed Name fall Time outlive,

His Glory shall outshine the Sun ; 18. Then Israel Praise to him shall give,

For all the Wonders he has done.
And all Mankind his fame rehearse,
Whofe Glory fills the Universe.



By the same.

1. FROM Age to Age I will record

T The Truth and Mercy of the Lord : 2. His Faithfulness as firmly stands

As Heaven, establish'd by his Hands. 3. A Cov'nant he with David made,

And to his Chosen, swearing, said ; , 4. Thy Offspring shall be bless'd, thy Throne

Shall stand for ever, like my own. 5. Angels thy heavenly Wonders show;

Thy Saints declare thy Works below. 6. Celestial Pow’rs thy Súbjects are,

Then what can Earth to Thee compare? 7. With Rev'rence all his Saints appear,

And round him stand with awful Fear; 8. The Lord of Hofts with Strength abounds,

And Faithfulness his Throne surrounds. 9. Thy Breath with Rage the Sea does fill,

And at thy Word the Storms are still : 10. Thy Voice, like Death, has Rabab broke;

Thy Foes lie fcatter'd by thy Stroke. 11. Thy Bounty Heav'n and Earth did found,

From whence with Fulness they abound : 12. The North and South thy Hand did frame,

Tabor and Hermon praise thy Name : 13. Thy mighty Arm in Strength excels,

And Valour in thy right Hand dwells.

PART II. 14. THY Throne is fix'd on Judgment's Base,

And Mercy stands before thy Face : 15. Thrice happy they, thy Voice who hear, And by thy Law their Courses steer !

16. Exalted 16. Exalted in thy Righteousness,

They to thy Name their Pray'r address; 17. Their Strength is by thy Glory born,

Thy Favour shall exale their Horn. 18. We safe in thy Protection dwell,

Thou Holy One of Ifrael. 19. 'Twas God, who in a Vifion said,

I on the Mighty Help have laid. 20. David my Servant firft I chose,

His Head my sacred Oil o'erflows. 21. Firmly supported by my Hand,

His Strength shall conquer, and command. 22. His Enemies shall ne'er prevail ;

The Sons of Wickedness shall fail, 33. Caft down before his Face; and all

Who hate him,. by my Plagues shall fall. 24. Mercy and Faithfulness his Ways

Shall point, my Name his Horn shall raise. 25. He o'er the Sea fhall stretch his Hand,

And mighty Rivers shall command...".

26. Me for his father he shall own,

His saving Rock; for he's my Son, 27. The First-born of my heav'nly Race ;

Above all Empires is his Place. 28. With him my Cov'nant shall stand faft,

My Mercy Mall for ever laft, 29. His Seed 'for ever shall endure,

His Throne as Heav'n itself fecure.

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