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Amazing! Superb!

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I'm amazed to see this 1883 publication on-line.
A copy was given to me in 1969 and it is my most beloved book.
The lithographs are remarkable and enhance the somberness of the poem.
Also, this
edition uses "no sublunary being" rather than "no living human being"; I personally prefer "sublunary" and consider it superior. Yet the vast majority of the versions printed and recorded do not use "sublunary" and I find this disappointing and very annoying.
Thank you for digitizing this.
Re the physical publication: It is bound in brown leather covers, tooled.
Golden/yellow embroidery thread was passed through small holes in each page and the covers to bind them together.
In other words, the front and back covers, like each page, are separate and are loosely threaded together. No glue.

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