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Page 19 - Cotton sheeting and shirting, plain and twilled. Cotton canvas and duck. Awnings, tents. CLASS 231. — Dyed cotton fabrics, exclusive of prints and calicoes. CLASS 232. — Cotton prints and calicoes, including handkerchiefs, scarfs, etc. CLASS 233. — Linen and other vegetable fabrics, uncolored or dyed. CLASS 234. — Floor oil cloths, and other painted and enameled, tissues, and imitation of leather, with a woven base.
Page 50 - ... etc. ; surveys and location of towns and cities, with systems of water supply and drainage; arched bridges of metal, stone, brick or beton ; trussed girder bridges ; suspension bridges ; canals, aqueducts, reservoirs, construction of dams ; hydraulic engineering and means of arresting and controlling the flow of water. Submarine constructions, foundations, piers, docks, etc. — Class 331. Dynamic and industrial engineering; construction and working of machines; examples of planning and construction...
Page 3 - Building stones, marbles, slates, etc. Rough, hewn, sawed or polished, for buildings, bridges, walls or other constructions, or for interior decoration, or for furniture. — Marble — white, black or colored — used in building, decoration, statuary, monuments or furniture, in blocks or slabs not manufactured.
Page 36 - ... apparatus used in connection with motors, steam gauges, manometers, etc. Anti-friction metals. 'HYDRAULIC AND PNEUMATIC APPARATUS, PUMPING, HOISTING, AND LIFTING. CLASS 560. — Pumps and apparatus for lifting and moving liquids. CLASS 561. — Pumps and apparatus for moving and compressing air or gas. CLASS 562.— Pumps and blowing engines, blowers and ventilating apparatus. CLASS 563. — Hydraulic jacks, presses, elevators, lifts, meters, cranes. CLASS 564. — Fire engines, hand, steam,...
Page 50 - Topographical maps. Marine and coast charts; geological maps and sections; botanical, agronomical, and other maps, showing the extent and distribution of men, animals and terrestrial products; physical maps; meteorological maps and bulletins; telegraphic routes and stations railway and route maps; terrestrial and celestial globes, relief maps and models of portions of the earth's surface, profiles of ocean beds and routes of submarine cables.
Page 8 - Lime, cement, and hydraulic cement, raw and burned, accompanied by specimens of the crude rock or material used, also artificial stone, concrete, beton. Specimens of lime mortar and mixtures, with illustrations of the processes of mixing, etc. Hydraulic and other cement.
Page 21 - Cocoons and raw silk as reeled from the cocoon ; thrown or twisted silks in the gum. CLASS 243. — Thrown or twisted silks, boiled off or dyed, in hanks, skeins, or on spools. CLASS 244. — Spun silk yarns and fabrics, and the materials from which they are made. CLASS 245. — Plain woven silks, lutestrings, sarsnets, satins, serges, foulards, tissues for hat and millinery purposes, etc. CLASS 246. — Figured silk piece goods, woven or printed, Upholstery silks, etc. CLASS 247. — Crapes, velvets,...
Page 18 - Manufactured parts of buildings, — sash, blinds, mantels, metal work, etc. .YARNS AND WOVEN GOODS OF VEGETABLE OR MINERAL MATERIALS. CLASS 228. — Woven fabrics of mineral origin. — Wire cloths, sieve cloth, wire screens, bolting cloth. Asbestos fibre, spun and woven, with the clothing manufactured from it. Glass thread, floss, and fabrics. CLASS 229.— Coarse fibres, of grass, rattan, cocoanut, and bark.
Page 56 - School and text-books, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, gazetteers, directories, index volumes, bibliographies, catalogues, almanacs, special treatises, general and miscellaneous literature, newspapers, technical and special newspapers and journals, illustrated papers, periodical literature. INSTITUTIONS AND ORGANIZATIONS. CLASS 310. — Institutions founded for the increase and diffusion of knowledge. Such as the Smithsonian Institution, the Royal Institution, the Institute of France, British Association...
Page 3 - Lithographic stones, hones, whetstones, grindstones, grinding and polishing materials, sand quartz, garnet, crude topaz, diamond, corundum, emery in the rock and pulverized, and in assorted sizes and grades.

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