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1 Kings, ch, 13-22.

LECTURE 574-595.

13. 1. The altar at Bethel is de- 574. That we must follow God's


word implicitly.

13. 20. The man of God is slain 575. The vengeance due to sin

by a lion.

though slow is sure.

14. 1. God's sentence of wrath 576. Of denouncing judgment upon

pronounced upon Jeroboam.

habitual transgressors.

14. 17. The evil reign of Rehoboam. 577. The motives of eternity.

15. 1. Abijam reigneth. Asa suc- 578. The proof of a heart entirely

ceedeth him.

devoted to the Lord.

15. 17. Asa king of Judah dieth. 579. Of being warned by judg-

Nadab, Baasha, kings of Israel. ments which we execute.

16. 1. Baasha dieth. Elah, Zimri, 580. The presumption of attempt-

and Omri reign successively. ing to judge God's dealings.

16. 21. Omri prevaileth against 581. The connexion of a wrong

Tibni ; is succeeded by Ahab. faith and an evil practice.

17. 1. Elijah before Ahab, and at 582. The trial and reward of

Cherith, and at Zarephath.


18. 1. Elijah with Obadiah. 583. The omnipresence of God.

18. 17. Elijah exposeth Baal's pro- 584. The end of serving mam-


18. 30. Elijah's sacrifice consumed 585. The blessedness of them that

by fire from heaven.

watch and pray in all humility.

19. 1. Elijah in the wilderness. 586. How we may prepare for

The Lord passeth by.

standing before God.

19. 13. Elijah is instructed by the 587. That God has more faithful

Lord. He calleth Elisha.

servants than man knows of.

20. 1. Ben-hadad besiegeth Sa- 588. Against presumption and



20. 13. The Syrians are twice sig- 589. That God reigns supreme

nally defeated.

every where.

20. 31. Ahab reproved for his cove- 590. The evil of saying, Peace,

nant with Ben-hadad.

when there is no peace.

21. 1. Naboth refusing to part with 591. Against the abuse of power

his vineyard is stoned to death. and authority.

21. 17. Ahab is met by Elijah in 592. Of self humiliation and re-

Naboth's vineyard.


22. 1. Ahab with Jehoshaphat and 593. Of giving heed to unwelcome



22. 19. Micaiah's parable. Ahab's 594. That no disguise can avail


before God.

22. 41. Jehoshaphat, his son Jeho- 595. That we ought not to join

ram; and Ahaziah son of Ahab. hands with God's enemies.




LECTURE 596-599.

1. 1. Ahaziah's captains are de- 596. Of profiting by warnings.

stroyed by fire from heaven.

2. 1. Elijah is taken up into 597. The revelation of immor-

2. 12. Elisha worketh miracles. 598. The marvels of God's grace.
3. 1. Three kings invade the 599. The blessedness of those who
kingdom of Moab.

act by God's guidance.

2 Kings, ch. 3—17.

LECTURE 600—625.

3. 13. The three kings delivered. 600. Of those who take no pains

The Moabites conquered.

to make the Gospel known.

4. 1. The widow's oil multiplied. 601. The advantage of dwelling

A son born to the Shunammite. among our own people.

4. 18. The child of the Shunam- 602. The hope of immortality un-

mite is raised from the dead.

der the Old Testament.

4. 38. Elisha healeth the deadly 603. The grace of God in the

pottage, multiplieth food.

Gospel sufficient for all men.

5. 1. Naaman is healed.

604. Of faith in God's word.

5. 15. Gebazi is smitten with 605. That God sees the secrets of


the heart.

6. 1. Elisha at Jordan and at 606. Of God's protecting power.


6. 18. Ben-hadad besiegeth Sa- 607. The confidence of the righte-


7. 1. The siege of Samaria is 608. The privilege of helping to


convert others.

7. 12. The death of the unbeliev. 609. The misery of missing hea-

ing nobleman.

venly happiness.

8. 1. The Shunammite's land re- 610. God foresees all, but man

stored. Elisha at Damascus. free to act.

8. 14. Hazael reigneth in Syria; 611. The danger of being con-

Jehoram and Abaziah in Judah. nected with a wicked family.

9. 1. Jehu is anointed king; and 612. That we must serve God

maketh speed to Jezreel.

with a view to his glory.

9. 21. The end of Joram and of 613. The certainty of God's ven-



10. 1. Jebu slayeth all Ahab's fa- 614. The peril of those who serve

mily, and Abaziah's brethren. God by halves.

10. 18. Jehu destroyeth Baal ; but 615. How willing God is to re-

not the golden calves.

ward them that do well.

11. 1. Athaliah reigneth in Judah, 616. The connexion of the church

till Jehoash is proclaimed.

with the state.

12. 1. Jehoash repaireth the tem- 617. That it is the duty of rulers

ple; is slain by conspiracy. to support the true church.

13. 1. Jehoahaz, and Joash, reign 618. That we ought to pray for

in Israel. Elisha dieth.

the greatest possible blessings.

14. 1. Amaziah king of Judah is 619. The peril of ending ill, after

defeated by Joash king of Israel. beginning well.

14. 17. Amaziah is succeeded by 620. The connexion of the his-

Azariah, Jeroboam by Zacha- tory and prophecies in Scrip-



13. 1. Azariah and Jotham. Za- 621. God is sure to punish those

chariah,Shallum,and Menahem. who persevere in sin.

15. 23. Pekahiah, Pekah, and Hos- 622. The danger of losing our in-

hea, in Israel. Jotham in Judah. estimable privileges.

16. 1. The wicked reign of Ahaz. 623. The duty of rulers in church

and state.

17. 1. The kingdom of the ten 624. It is a fearful thing to fall

tribes is overthrown.

under God's displeasure.

17. 24. An account of the people 625. Against idolizing any of

which were settled in Samaria. God's creatures.

LECTURE 638-655.
638. Of our common brotherhood

in Adam and in Christ.

11. 15. David's mighty men.
12, 1. Of them that followed David.
12. 23. Of them that came to Da-

vid at Hebron.

13. 1. David bringeth again the

ark of God.

14. 1. David's prosperity.
15. 1. The solemnity of bringing

the ark to its place.

648. The wicked perish through

their own fault.

649. The authenticity of Scrip-

650. Of zeal in Christ's service.
651. Of following Christ.
652. Of securing the blessings of

civil liberty.

653. The duty of the state to the


654. How Christians best prosper.
655. The practices of the Jews no

sure precedent to us.



LECTURE 673-683.

1. 1. Solomon's sacrifice at Gi- 673. Of beginning and ending with

1. 7. Solomon's choice.

674.Of God's granting our requests.
2. 1. Solomon prepareth to build 675. Of building up ourselves in
the temple.

holiness to the Lord.

3. 1. Solomon begins to build the 676. Of having images in churches.


4. 1. The furniture of the temple 677. That we ought to worship
is made.

our Saviour Christ.
5. 1. The ark is set in the temple. 678. Devotion of the heart is the

God's glory filleth the house. chief thing in worshipping God.
6. 1. Solomon's address to the 679. How gracious it is in God to
people, and to the Lord.

promise to man.
6. 22. Solomon's intercession. 680. Of God's dwelling in heaven.
7. 1. The sacrifices and festivities 681. Our parish churches com-
at dedicating the temple.

pared with the temple.
8. 1. Solomon's buildings, his 682. What ought to be the chief
sacrifices, his commerce.

end of Christian commerce.
9. 1. Solomon's great glory. 683. Hope for the departed.

2 CHRONICLES, ch. 10–32.

Lecture 684-711.

10. 1. Rehoboam's folly and loss. 684. Of following good advice.

11. 1. The strengthening of Re- 685. What it is that most strength-

hoboam's kingdom.

ens a state.

12. 1. Rehoboam is spoiled by 686. The use of suffering for sins

Shishak. He dieth.

we have repented of.

13. 1. Abijah defeateth Jeroboam. 687. Our plea against the Roman-


14. 1. Asa strengtheneth his king- 688. How to strengthen ourselves

dom, defeateth Zerah,

by uniting to seek God.

15. 1. Asa, urged by the prophet 689. The importance of a national

Azariah, rooteth out idolatry. profession of religion.

16. 1. Asa, reproved by Hanani, 690. Religion the best security for

putteth him in prison.

good government.

17. 1. Jehoshaphat reigneth pros-

691. Of an elevated devotion.


18 1. Jehoshaphat with Ahab at 692. Against joining in affinity


with the wicked.

18. 23. Jehoshaphat escapeth; A- 693. How God controuls

hab is slain.

thoughts and actions.

1. Jehoshaphat appointeth

appointeth 694. How godly sorrow works in

judges throughout the realm.

us self revenge.

20. 1. Jehoshaphat's fast, prayer,

695. How much we owe to our

and deliverance promised.

national profession of religion.

20. 20. Jehoshaphat's victory. He 696. Of praying to God, and prais-

blesseth God at Berachah.

ing Him for deliverance.

21. 1. The evil reign and end of 697. Against idolatry and cruelty.


22. 1. The reigns of Ahaziah and 698. The importance attached to



23. 1. Joash is proclaimed king. 699. Commemoration of national


24. 1. Joash reigneth well all the 700. The mutual influence of

days of Jehoiada.

church and state.

24. 15. The apostacy and end of 701. God's vengeance on apostacy.


25. 1. Amaziah defeateth the E- 702. Of trusting in God's power


to help.

25. 14. Amaziah's defeat and death. 703. The infatuation of sinners.

26. 1. Uzziah reigneth. His pre- 704. A warning against being elat-

sumption ; and his leprosy. ed by prosperity.

27. 1. Jotham reigneth well. 705. Private virtue is public


28. 1. Ahaz reigneth most wickedly. 706. Mercy for the merciful.

29. 1. Hezekiah beginneth to res- 707. Of restoring divine service

tore the service of God.

throughout our land.

29. 20. Hezekiah's sacrifices. 708. God's converting grace.

30. 1. Hezekiah keepeth the pass- 709. That God is willing to hear

and to forgive.

31. 1. Hezekiah restoreth the 710. The payment due to God's



32. 1. Hezekiah fortifieth himself 711. Our best defence against our

against Sennacherib.

spiritual enemies.


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