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And penal threats terrific, rais'd to hope
Immortal! What inferior mind can form
Ideas equal to th' unbounded worth
Of his ennobling part, divine resemblance !
For whose glad rescue, such amazing price,
Of value infinite, was paid! The soul
Claims kindred with the stars; not form’d of fire,
Or earth, or air; tho'join'd to mould'ring clay.
Unlike the brittle shell she wears, her frame,
Divinely perfect, from the stinted laws
Of matter, stands eternally exempt.
Self-conscious, as an agent free, endu'd
With thought, reflection, choice, and aids divine,
And lively pow'rs discerning, she awaits
That awful day momentous, which shall fix
Her final state immutable; consign'd
To endless joys, or everlasting pain.
Bright effluence from the eternal mind! Whose flame
Celestial, rises thro' the mists of earth,
And upward mounts; to reach the crowning bliss
Consummate! With admiring wish we trace
Thy tow'ring flight stupendous : whilst upborne
Aloft, thou soar'st above the feeble stretch
Of mortal sight; and though immur'd awhile
In darkening cell, canst form terrestrial heav'n.

The rising glories of that wondrous dawn, Quick’ning the languid world, sing raptured muse; When crown'd with joy, the destin'd victim slain For Adam's laps'd descendants, loos'd the bands Of vanquish'd death; and clad with trophies, rais'd Himself omnipotent; who first gave life To all created beings, happiest pledge

Of life immortal !-then, the cheering sound Of grace divine, sweet liberty and peace Proclaim’d, with front serenely calm, to those Of credence firm, whose grateful minds should bow Obsequious to his mild commands. The dear Associates of his spotless life, inspir'd With holy fervor, and superpal gifts Descending unallay'd, the sacred charge Important, with pure minds, like his, obey'd. Then, tell the drowsy and unthinking race Of mortals indolent, with joy serene, And awful rev'rence, how the Lord of Might, "The blest Immanuel, cloath'd with human form, And the deep prints of glorious wounds, led on His banner'd worthies, first and liveliest draught Of his great body mystic, to that mount, Emblem of peace, and seat of sweet recess! Oft to devotion sacred; honor'd now With bis ascent ethereal : having shown Endearing proofs of sympathetic care Incessant, and his sure return, with awe Majestic; till their eyes beheld him soar In beams of light, to that eternal source of pristine glory, infinite; enjoy'd Before the worlds were form’d, or bounded space Of time began. Cherubic legions haste To meet, with joyful shouts, their head supreme, Shiping with conquests new. Triumphant there, His church, from warfare freed, in hymns sublime Harmonious laud their victor God and King.

Now peace, heaven's fairest off-spring, clad with robes Of bright effulgence, pure, on beamy wings Descending, sounds her silver trump; rejoic'd


To bless, with lovely scenes of op'ning bliss,
The desert world. Thro' ev'ry distant clime
Her starry pinions spread ; diffusing sweet
Ambrosial fragrance. Now the rosy morn
Smiles beauteous, from the East, with aspect clear ;
Thro' cloudless skies, the rising lamp of day
Pursues his azure road; and measures out
The golden hours auspicious. Whilst, inspir'd
With heav'nly zeal, and rais'd above the rage
Or threats of adverse pow’rs, the faithful tribe
Of sacred heralds, thro' attentive crowds,
Convey the potent sound, wide-circling. Freed
From servile yoke, and gloomy fears, with joy,
Ecstatic rapture, and obsequious mind,
Glad nations thankfully imbibe, and keep
The healthful institutes divine. Of these
Fair Albion, compend of the wondrous globe
Terrene,-inviron'd with the watchful care
Of heav'n indulgent, as with Thetis' arms;
Pays early homage to the king supreme,
Immortal: and her Pagan altars fall.
Phæbus, Andate, * Dis, with pompous rites
By ancient druids taught,--delusive train,
Of tutelary gods fictitious!—flee
Unsung, abjur’d, detested. Hallow'd domes
Erect their heads magnificent; devote
To mental sacrifice, and incense pure,
In heav'nly flame ascending. Nor disdains
An intercourse benign with this fair isle,
The almighty arbiter, and source of bliss,

* Andate had special honours paid her, as their Goddess of Victory.

Inherent, or diffus'd. “ Be this my care “ Peculiar, and incessant. Here, implor'd, “ My blessings shall descend; till circling time “ Yields to immense and undivided space. “ Religion, beauteous in her native charms, “ Shall flourish here, conform to sacred rule “ Primæval; and exalt her awful head “ Unmov'd: whilst pious vows salute the skies “ With odour grateful. Here, a scepter'd stem “ Prolific as the fruitful vine; shall spread “ Its rising branches, with exhaustless store, “ Thro' distant ages, yet unborn; and grace « The imperial diadem, from rival threats “ Invasive, or domestic foes, secure In my tuition, and the flagrant zeal • Of Briton's liege. When death's uplifted hand “ Shall strike resistless, the surprising chasm, “ Self-sanable, shall close; and healing balm “ Spring from the dolorous wound. With loyal pride “ And blooming joys revird, the happy realms “ Shall cease to grieve; and date their flowing hopes From a new-rising san; whose gentle rays * Shall cheer and warm the inferior orbs : whilst peace, 66 Paternal love, and undissembld truth In silver streams flow from his gracious lips. “ Celestial smiles propitious, firm resolves, “ Unvaried conduct, and supernal skill “ Shall guide his counsels, and assist his hands. From baleful discord free, one common thought • Each breast inspiring, shall unite the voice « Of senates faithful. The presiding guides “ Shall sacred altars, both defend and warm $$ With god-like flame, beneficent; display'd

• In charity, unbounded as the mind “ Of him, who came, not to destroy, but heal The wounds of mortal race, with cheering beams Of peace and love. Here, piety shall shine, “ Energ'd from error's dark’ning clouds ; and chase “ To gloomy Tartarus, th' envenom'd blast “ Of daring miscreants faithless. Harden'd seet! “ Who snarl, indignant, at the guiding hand “ Of bounteous heav'n extended ! Next, in place, To my eternal edicts pure, a pile, " Of salutary laws, iņ volumes fair, “ Nor dusty, nor unsearch’d,--the high bequest “ Of venerable sages skill'd!_shall bound “ Desporic pow'r; and poise, in balance, rights “ Reciprocal: majestic lustre shine “ With awful sweetness, and endearing charms : “ Not terrible; but o'er the subject spread “ Its guardian wings protecting. Statutes, priz’d “ And envied by the distant world, wbich screen • The humble cottage, and defend the throne!"Rule and obedience, sweetly temper'd, smooth Each furrow'd brow. No anxious thought invades The pensive breast: since hear'n, in nice extremes To timely succour prone, has more than paid The blessing snatch'd away; and seeming loss To real advantage chang'd. Tho' now he has reach'd A crown more radiant, free from wasting cares ; 'Tis an accession to his blissful state, To see Britannia, for whose ancient rights Unwearied toils he had so oft sustain'd, Still happy in a successor like him. So when the chosen race, their wand'ring steps For proof had pass’d; and reach'd that fluid mound,

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