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QVINTILIANI ELOQVENTISSIMI. 248 leaves (the last blank) with the sigThe text ends in leaf 87b, and leaf 88a is natures a-k. The notes of Vallensis and the colophon and a register. An edition of Lætus only go as far as the ist and 2nd the Institutt. orat. cum comm. Rph. Regii. books; from the 3rd book onward, there Ven., Lucas Ven., nonis Jun. 1482. fol. are only those of Rph. Regius (not of Sul(Panz. III. 182, 619.) is very suspicious. picius, of whom there is nothing at all 18421 declamationes. Ejusdem

in this edition). The text is altered ac

cording to Regius's conjectures. oratoriar. institutionum libri XII.

18426 institutt. oratoriæ cum Rph. (recogniti per And. Ponticum). Tarvisii, Dion. Bononiensis ac Pe

Regii annotatt. Ven., J. de Triregrinus, 22 Oct. 1482. fol.

dino, 1496. fol.

Also, without place, 12 Maji, 1506. fol. 190 leaves with 49 lines and signatures.

An edition of the Institutt. Rome, 1496. Leaf ja line i is, M. FABII QVINTI.

fol. is doubtful. LIANVS ELOQVENTISSIMI DECLAMATIONES. The declamations end in 18427 Quintilianus (institutt. leaf 53a with the word FINIS, and at end orat.) without place, (Lugd.) 7 cal. of the Institutt. leaf 190b, are the colo- Jul. 1510. 8°. phon and a register. The Declamatt. are

4 leaves of preliminary matter, and 373 sometimes found by themselves, (as at unnumbered leaves, with the signatures Dresden) and then they appear to be an 2–23. Superintended by Gf. Torinus, and undated edition, and they are thus quoted

printed in Italics. There is in the title a in Panzer IV. 182, 1031, and in the

red lily. The text contains nothing new. Bipont notit. litt. p. XXVIll. and XXX.

It has been sometimes taken for a Jun18422 declamationes. Without tine, erroneously, as there is no Juntine of place, Ln. de Basilea, without date.


18428 fol.

- oratoriar. institutionum (sic). There is a copy of this edition according

Una cum annotatt. Rph. Regii in to Denis's Suppl. 11. 647, in the Imperial depravationes ejusd. Et tabula per library at Vienna. Since then no second alphabetum nouiter addita. Ven., copy has as yet been known.-Institutt. G. de Rusconibus, 14 Aug. 1512. oratoriæ cum annot. Rph. Regii. Mediol.,

fol. 1491. fol. (Panz. III. 66.) is not sufficiently accredited.

4 leaves of preliminary matter and 199

numbered leaves. A more correct reprint 18423 - Quintilianus cum commento of the edition of 1493. (institutt. oratoriæ cum Rph. Regii 18429 – M. F. Quintilianus (insti. annotatt. in earundem deprava- tutt. orat.) Ven., Aldus et And. tiones.) Ven., Locatellus, 16 cal.

socer, m. Aug. 1514. small 4%. Sextil. MCCCCLXCIII. (instead 4 leaves of preliminary matter, (the 4th of 1493). fol.

blank) and 230 numbered leaves. 3 copies 206 unnumbered leaves (the last blank) on blue paper are known; one in the Royal with signatures. The first 2 leaves, (the library at Paris, the 2nd in the possession title and list of chapters) are without signa

of the marquis 'agnani of Milan, and the tures, and are not reckoned in the register.

3rd was sold at Cotte's sale for 100 fr. It Regius's unfinished notes, which had pre- was superintended by And. Naugerius, viously appeared by themselves, Ven. Oc

but has little of its own. tav. Scotus, 1491, are more occupied with 18430 M. F. Quintilianus (insticriticisms than with explanations.

tutt. orat.) Flor., Ph. Junta, m. 18424 declamationes CXXXVI. Oct. 1515. 8o. Parmæ, Ang. Ugoletus, 5 non. Jul. 4 leaves of preliminary matter, 269 num

bered leaves, and i leaf with the lily. More The first edition which contains 136

scarce than the Aldine, yet but of little in(properly 137) declamations; superintended

trinsic importance. from a MS. by Thaddæus Ugoletus. 96 18431 oratoriar. institutionum leaves, with the signatures 4-0.

libri XII. una cum annotatt. Rph. 18425 institutiones cum Regii, G. Merulæ et Jod. Badii mento Lr. Vallensis, Pomponii Ascensii in depravationes earundem. (Läti) ac Sulpitii. Ven., Peregrin. Et tabula per alphabeti seriem: de Pasqualibus, 18 Aug. 1494. fol. tam in contextu quam in scholiis

1494. fol.


1527. fol.

1518. 8°.

1519. fol.


adnotandorum aucta et recognita 18437 oratoriar. institutionum per eundem Ascensium, qui ad co- libri XII. ad vetustissimor. exem. dicem, quem Lr. Vallensis posse- plarium fidem recogniti, additis disse et emendasse convincitur, ejusd. declamationibus. Col., Cersexcentos locos restituit. Par., in vicornus, 1527. fol. ædd. Ascens., id. Jan. 1516. fol. 4 leaves of preliminary matter and 3.30

8 leaves of preliminary matter, and 256 pages. Superintended by Ger. Bucolnumbered leaves. Spalding greatly praises dianus, who says in the preface, Cum Badius's notes. The Declamalt. are not Aldum per omnia sequi tutum non foret, in this edition. Repeated, Par., le Preux, collatis multis exemplaribus optimum quod

que secutus sum. 18432 oratoriæ

institutiones. 18438 institutt. et declamatt. Without place, (Lugd.), 19 Nov. Par., Cl. Chevallon, m. Febr. 1527.

8o. This reprint of the above edition of 1510, 18439 institutt. et declamatt. is neither fine nor correct.

Par., N. Savetier, m. Mart. 1527. 18433 oratoriar. institutionum 4o. Also, ib., id., 1531. 8°. libri XII. una cum XIX. declamatt. 18440 oratoriar. institutionum ad horrendæ vetustatis exemplar libri XII. op. Jo. Camerarii. Col., repositis. Par., Badius Ascensius,

J. Soter, 1527 or 34. 8°. 18441

institutionum oratoriar. 6 leaves of preliminary matter and 159 libri XII. ad fidem vetustissimi numbered leaves. It varies greatly from Ascensius's edition of 1516, and is without exemplaris recens jam recogniti. The MS. that is mentioned, con

Ejusd. declamationum liber. Bas., tained only the Declamatt.

Bebel, 1529. fol. 18434 oratoriar. institutt. libri Superintended by J. Sichard, who did not

collate carefully enough a codex sent to XII. Una cum XIX. sive ejusd.

him from Poland, and made use of it with sive alterius declamatt. ad hor. too little preparation and too confusedly. rendæ vetustatis exemplar repositis

18442 institutiones cum notis Pt. et nunc iterum in Gallia impressis.

Mosellani et Rph. Regii. Acc. dePar., in ædd. Ascens., 1520. 4°. clamatt. Par., Ascensius, 1531. fol.

10 leaves of preliminary matter, 212 and 88 numbered leaves. Probably only a re.

18443 - institutiones oratoriæ ac deprint of the preceding.

clamatt. ex codicum vett. collatione 18435 oratoriar. institutt. libri XII. recognitæ. Quibus addi possunt

commentarii et Pt. Mosellani announa cum XIX. declamatt. ad horrenda vetustatis exemplar repo

tatt. Par., Ascensius, 1533.

fol. sitis. Col., Cervicornus et Fuchs,

8 leaves of preliminary matter, CXXII. (Institutt.), XLVIII.(Declum.)and XXXII

numbered leaves, (Mosell. annott.) 6 leaves of preliminary matter, and 159 numbered leaves. With a preface by Gf. 18444

institutionum oratoriar. Hittorp. Likewise a reprint of Ascensius's libri XII. cum Rph. Regii annotatt. edition of 1519.

Par., Augurellus, 1533. fol. 18436 institutionum oratoriar. 18445 institutt. oratoriar. libri XII. libri XII, diligentius recogniti. In- Ejusd. declamatt. liber. Omnia dex capitum totius operis. Con- multo


antea castigatius. versio dictionum græcar., quas ipse Lugd., Sb. Gryph., 1536. 8°. author in latinum non transtulit. Earlier editions, ib., id., 1531, 34 and 35. Ven., Aldus et And. Asul., m.

8°, are quoted. Repeated, ib., id., 1540,

44, 49 and 55. 8°. ib., Ant. Gryph., 1575 Jan. 1521 (in the title 1522). 4°.

and 85. 8o. 4 leaves of preliminary matter and 230 18446 institutt. oratoriæ et declanumbered leaves. A repetition of the 1st

matt., omnia ad vett. codicum Aldine, enlarged with a translation of the Greek passages

fidem recognita et restituta. Par.,

1521. fol.



pro hered. Ascensii (excud. Tile- 18451 oratoriar, institutionum litanus), 1536. fol.

bri XII. castigati ad fidem optimor. J. L. Tiletanus asserts that he has made exemplarium, insignitaque lectionis use of MSS. and has added conjectures. distinctione et additis in marginem Pt. Mosellanus's notes are included. The following is probably only another title,

adnotationibus percommode illusPar., Jac. Kerver, 1536. fol. Repeated,

trati. Par., Sim. Colinæus, 1541. Par., Roigny, 1541. fol.

4°. 4 and 250 leaves. Declamatt. 18447 oratoriar. institutionum diligenter recognitæ. ib., id., 1542. libri XII. restituti pene in univer- 4°. 84 leaves.—2 parts in i vol. sum sibi, op. et industria Jo. Came- According to Sallengre, Mém. de littérat. rarii, J. Sichardi aliorumque doc

I. 173, this edition is very correct, and has tissimor. Adjecta est præcipuor.

been unreasonably neglected by later edi. locor. libri I. et II. ejusd. Came

18452 de institutione oratoria ad rarii expositio. Cum castigatt. Gu. Philandri. Col., J. Gymnicus, Par., Mch.Vascosanus, 1542. 4°.

Marcellum Victorium libri XII. 1536, or 41, or 55. 8o. With Gybertus Longolius's preface. Re

4 leaves of preliminary matter, and 300 printed with the same title, Bas., Bths.

numbered leaves. Lasius, 1541. 8o.

18453 institutionum oratoriar. li. 18448 institutionum oratoriar. li.

bri XII. (cum ind.) Par., Rb. bri XII. ad fidem vetustissimor. Stephanus, 4 non. Mart. 1542. 4o. codd. recogniti ac restituti. Ejusd. Colinæus's text of 1541, with the addi. declamationum liber. Additæ sunt

tion of some various readings in the marPt. Mosellani et Jo. Camerarii annotatt. Acc. commentarius Ant. 18454 oratoriar. institutionum li. Pini. Par., Vascosanus, 1538. fol.

bri XII., op. Jo. Camerarii, J. 4 leaves of preliminary matter, 224, 34

Sichardi aliorumque viror. restituti and 33 numbered leaves. With a preface et illustrati; acc. Gu. Philandri of Vascosanus, in which he asserts that he castigatt. et declamationum liber has made use of very old MSS. Repeated and enlarged, ib. id. 1542. fol.

cum scholiis et argumentis. Bas.,

Rb. Winter, 1543. 4o. 18449 institutionum oratoriar.

Concerning the disputed edition, Par., libri XII. ad fid. vetustissimor.

Gu. Morellius et Jac. Bogardus, 1548. 4°. codicum recogniti ac restituti. Ad- which according to some is said to have dita Pt. Gallandii argumenta (item appeared in 1528, and according to others Quintil. declamatt.) Par., Che.

never to have existed at all, consult

Archimbaud Recueil nouveau de pièces fuvallon, 1538. fol.

gitives. T. I. (nouvell. litt.) p. 85 sq. 8 leaves of preliminary matter, and 128 numbered leaves. Then 50 leaves, De- 18455 — institutionum oratoriar. libri clamatt., with a separate title. Galland di- XII. summa diligentia ad fid. vevided Quintilian into small sections, and

tustissimor. codd. recogniti et resometimes corrected the text, veterum ex

stituti. Acc. Camerarii cæterorumemplarium fide, as he says.

que doctor. viror. explicatt. et ad18450 oratoriar. institutionum li. bri XII. castigati ad fid. optimor. dri suo loco adjunctis. Antw., J.

notatt., cum castigatt. Gu. Philanexemplarium, insignitaque lectionis Loet, 1548. 8°. distinctione et additis in marginem

de institutione oratoria li(sic) adnotationibus percommode 18456

bri XII. ad fid. vetustissimor. codd. illustrati. (Acc. declamatt.) Par.,

correcti et emendati, argumentisFr. Gryphius, 1539. 4°.

que Pt. Gallandii longe quam antea 4 leaves of preliminary matter, 228 num

castigatioribus et plenioribus eluci. bered leaves (Institutt.) and LXVI. (Declam.). It appears to contain Galland's

dati. Ejusd. Quintiliani declamaRepeated, ib., id., 1543. 4o.

tionum (XIX.) liber. L. Annæi

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Senecæ declamationum liber unus, 17461 declamationes, quæ ex 388 cum Rdf. Agricolæ commentariis. supersunt, 145, ex veteri exemplari Pt. Mosellani annotatt. in VII. li- restitutæ. Calpurnii Flacci excerpbros priores. Jo. Camerarii in pri- tæ X. Rhetorum minorum LI. nunc mum et secundum. Commentarius prim. editæ. Dialogus de oratoriAnt. Pini in tertium. Par., Vasco- bus s. de caussis corruptæ eloquensanus (other copies Audoenus Par- tiæ, ex bibl. Pt. Pithæi. Lutet., vus), 1549. fol.

Patisson, 1580. 8°. 18457 oratoriar. institutionum li- In this important, but not entirely corbri XII., Jo. Camerarii, J. Sichardi

rect edition, 9 declamations appeared for

the first time. Renouard possesses a copy aliorumque op. ac studio jam olim

on vellum.-Hdib., Hi. Commelinus, 1594. partim ex melior. codd. collatione

8o. 16 leaves of preliminary matter, 458 restituti sibi, partim annotationib. pages and 11 leaves, various readings and illustrati. In quibus nunc præter

notes, is a verbal reprint. Gu. Philandri castigatt. innumera 18462 institutionum oratoriar. li. menda sublata sunt multorumque bri XII. summa diligentia ad fid. locor. emendatior lectio constituta vetustissimor. codd. recogniti ac reest, stud. Jac. Hertelii. Cum in- stituti. Acc. declamatt., quæ tam dice rer. et verbor. Bas., N. Bry- ex Pt. Pithæi quam alior. biblioling., I56. 8. Declamationum thecis et editionibus colligi potuliber. ib., id., 1557. 8°.

erunt. Index quoque in instituA new revision of the text after the

tionum libros. Excud. Jac. Stoer, conjectures of previous editors. Repeated,

1604. 8°.
Bas., ex off. Bryling., 1579 (the Declama-

Often repeated.
tiones, 1578). 8°. Previously, ib., id., 1548
and 55. 8°.

18463 institutionum oratoriar. li18458 declamationes CXXXVI. bri XII. summa diligentia ad fid. Pt. Ærodii studio castigatæ. Par., vetustissimor. codd. recogniti ac reFed. Morellus, 1563. 4.

stituti. Acced. declamationes. Cum A new recension from conjecture, yet Turnebi, Camerarii, Parei, Gronothe earlier readings are noted in the mar

vii et alior. notis. Cum ind. locugin, where also some conjectures are given, which he did not venture to introduce into pletissimo. LB. et Rot., Hack, the text. The explanations are chiefly ob- 1665. 8o. 2 voll. tained from the Roman law.

One of the rarest editions of this se18459 de institutione oratoria li. ries, and greatly sought after. Little is bri XII. ad fid. vetustissimor. codd.

.done to the Institutt., but Gronovius has

new recension of the Decla

given a recogniti ac restituti argumentisque

matt. Pt. Gallandii elucidati. Additæ

18464 - declamationes cum ejusdem, sunt Pt. Mosellani et Jo. Camera

ut nonnullis visum, dialogo de rii annotatt. Acced. commentarius Ant. Pini. Ejusd. Quintiliani de

caussis corruptæ eloquentiæ. Quæ

omnia notis illustrantur. Ox., th. clamationes, quibus addidimus Per

Sheld., 1692. 89.
siualdi Belingenii annotatt. Ven.,
Hi. Scotus, 1567. fol.

Previously, Ox., th. Sheld., 1675. 8°.

Declamatt. Patav. 1689. 12°. Ven. 1689 or Previously, less complete, Ven., Scotus,

1727. 12o. 1546. fol.

18465 de institutione oratoria li18460 institutionum oratoriar. li

bri XII. bri XII. summa diligentia ad fid.

Cum duplici ind. Ex

tribus codd. MSS. et octo impressis vetustissimor. codd. recogniti ac restituti. Cum rerum verborumque

emendavit atque lectt. variantes adind. Declamationum liber ejusd. emendationum specimen et tribu

jec. Edmund. Gibson. Acced. (Genev.), exc. Jac. Stoer, 1580. 8o. The Declamatt. have a separate title of

Marianus declamatio, nunc 1579. Also, (ib.), id., 1591. 8°.

prim. ex cod. MS. edita. Ox., th.

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Sheld. 1693. 4o. Also on large peronnerius. Par., Coustelier, 1725.

° paper.

fol. Also on large paper. According to the index there ought to

Capperonnerius possessed a good knowbe, í leaf emendanda, 8 leaves emendatt.,

ledge of ancient rhetoric, and has afforded and 4 leaves tribunus Marianus declama- much that is good in the explanations; on tio. Fine and prized. A new recension, the other hand he made almost no use at but the various readings are incompletely all of the Paris MSS. and he is deficient in and negligently given. The reprints, Lond.,

a critical and radical knowledge of the lan. E. P., 1714. 8°. (which was wrongly

guage. His and Burmann's edition ought doubted by Hamberger) and ib.,

Nicholson, to be had together. 1716. 8°. are enlarged with Turnebus's notes.

18470 de institutione oratoria li18466 de institutione oratoria li

bri XII. recogniti et emendati per bri XII. et ejusd. declamatt. Om

Pt. Burmannum, cum H. Dodwelli nia innumeris locis emendata ex

annalibus Quinctilianeis et ind. lorec. U. Obrechti. Arg., Dulssecker cupletissimo. Acc. dialogus de ora1698. 4° 2 voll. Also on writing

toribus incerti auctoris (studio Vul

piorum fratrum). Patav., Cominus, paper. Obrectus made use of a good Strasburg

1736. 8o. 2 volí. MS., but he inserted his corrections too Correct and neat. A copy on blue paper boldly into the text, and was prevented by 21. 12s. 6d. Pinelli, and 24 fr. M‘Carthy. death from giving the grounds of his alterations. These notes were to have formed

18471 de institutione oratoria li. a 3rd vol.

bri XII. collatione codicis Gothani 18467

et Jensonianæ editionis aliorumque institutionum oratoriar. li. bri XII. ad us. scholar. accommo

libror. illustrati a J. Mthi. Gesnero. dati, recisis, quæ minus necessaria

Acc. præfatio et indd. copiosissivisa sunt, et brevibus notis illus

mi. Gött., Vandenhoeck, 1738. 4o. trati a C. Rollin. Par., Estienne,

Scarce on large paper.

Gesner has afforded much in elucidation, 1715. 12.

but little in criticism. Repeated, ib. 1734, 41, 54, 74, and 1809. 12°. 2 voll. Ed. nova, cura Thph. Cp.

18472a opera ad optimas editt. Harles. Altenb., Richter, 1773. 8°. (1 d. collata. Biponti, 1784. 8°. 4 voll. 8 gr.)

(2 d. 6 gr.) 18468 de institutione oratoria li- 18472b — de institut. orat. libri XII., bri XII. Declamationes XIX. ma- recens. Fr. G. Pottier.

Par. 1812. jores, et quæ ex 388 supersunt, 12°, 3 voll. Pottier commentaire CXLV. minores, et Calpurnii Flacci

sur le I. livre de l'instit. or. de declamatt. Cum notis et animadvv. Quint. ib. 1813. 12°. viror. doctor., curante Pt. Burman- 18473 - de institutione oratoria li. no. LB., Vivie, 1720. 4°. 2 parts

bri XII. Ad codicum vett. fidem in 3 vols. Also on large paper.

recensuit et annotatione explanav. A new recension from MSS. and the G. L. Spalding. T. I-III. Lps., earlier editions, with the complete exe- Crusius, 1798-1808. T. IV. (cura getical apparatus of the previous editors. But Burmann neither had knowledge of

Ph. Buttmanni). Lps., Vogel, 1816. ancient rhetoric, nor has he completely im

8°. 4 voll. (9 d. 16 gr., on vellum parted the various readings. Thereto be

paper 15 d.) longs, Pt. Burmanni Epistola ad Cl. Cap- Ā 5th vol. with the indices and adperonnerium de novæ ejus Quintiliani de ditional notes is still wanting. It is a pity institutione oratoria editione. Leide, Lucht- that the excellent Spalding commenced his mans, 1726. 4o. Also on large paper. edition with so insufficient an apparatus. 18469 de oratoria institutione li. 18474 de institutione oratoria libri XII. Totum textum recognov.,

bri XII. Juxta edit. Gotting. J. emendav., selectas varior. interpre- Mthi. Gesneri. Accedunt præfatio tum notas recensuit, explanav., cas- et indd. copiosissimi. Ox., typ. tigavit; novas adjunxit. Cl. Cap- Clarend. 1806. 8°. 2 yoll. (ıl.)

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