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been fairly met by Dr. Chalmers, second week she came back with who says truly, that Moses does an olive leaf in her mouth, a cir. not affix any date to the creation cumstance from which probably of the chaos, out of which this the olive became the emblem of globe was framed. But might peace and reconciliation. At the not God, if he pleased, have end of the third week she returned formed the earth in its present no more.

The plucking of the state? Might it not as well be olive suggests also the idea that argued that there was not time, as the world was created at the in the period assigned to the crea autumnal equinox, it was restored tion of the several parts of this at the same period, and in a similar system, to secure their solidity state of verdure and fruitfulness. and perfection, as that it must take The entire period of Noah's resiso many centuries to form certain dence in the ark was a “ full year,” rocks : “ He spake, and it was

or 365 days. At the expiration done; he commanded, and it stood of this period, and by the comfast."

mand of God, who “ shut him in," The recession of the waters was he disembarked, and with him all gradual; a wind of a drying na- that had entered into the ark. Of ture, partaking probably of the those which God gave him, he had nature of the Simoom, was made to lost none; whether the creatures pass over the earth, by which the had increased in the ark, cannot waters were partially evaporated; be determined. His first object the oceans of the earth again found was gratefully to acknowledge his their beds; the rains of heaven deliverance. He built an altar were restrained ; and on the se- and offered sacrifices of thanksventeenth day of the seventh month giving. God graciously regarded the ark rested on the mountains the service, and proceeded to of Ararat. The delight which assure him of the future safety Noah must then have felt may of the world from destruction by be more easily conceived than ex water, and the certain regularity pressed. His subsequent anxiety of its established laws and seasons, in watching the progressive re even

to the times of the end. ceding of the waters, and drying O that men would praise the of the ground was natural, but Lord for his goodness, and for patient. Upwards of two months his wonderful works to the chilelapsed between the resting of dren of men.” He preserveth all the ark, and the discovery of the nature by his word, and by the mountain tops, like little islands same word the heavens and the in the sea. Forty days after this, earth which are now, are reserved Noah opened the window of the unto fire against the day of judgark to look abroad on the sur ment and perdition of ungodly rounding desolation. His weekly men.

Nevertheless, we, attempts to ascertain the state of cording to his promise, look for the case are as interesting memo new heavens and a new earth, rials of his piety, as they were in wherein dwelleth righteousness.” themselves simple.


" Wherefore seeing that ye look from the first could find food: it for such things, be diligent that was, therefore, unnecessary to ye may be found of him in peace, receive it again into the ark. The without spot, and blameless." dove could find no resting-place,

S. N. and returned to him again. The




RELIGION. While Christians of various de possession of the legal facts in nominations in this country and question, and then give such illusthe United States of America, for trations of their baneful influence many years past, have been mak as must surely arouse the Christian ing the most costly sacrifices of life Churches to a sense of the proand property, to diffuse amongst priety, justice, and necessity of our fellow subjects in India the making a prompt and energetic knowledge and blessings of Chris- appeal to the British legislature tianity, there exists, in the ancient upon it. codes of those dependencies, en The following questions were actments which, at least in the proposed to the Shastrees of the judgment of worldly men, place Sudur Udalut in Bombay. We their conversion “out of the


insert them, with the replies, beof probability;"for, on their change cause they come from the highest of religion, both by law and usage, native legal authorities in that they lose their birth-rights, they Presidency. They are in every are disowned by their family, and respect unfavourable to converts in fact, looked upon as a degraded as far as law is concerned. people.

« Quest. 1st.-If a person, We have often heard our bre who is living with bis near relathren, on missionary anniversaries, tions, change bis religion, is his refer, in terms of almost hopeless claim to a share in the property regret, to “ the adamantine chain of his father and ancestors valid, of caste which binds the millions of or is it not? What is said on heathens to the idols of their fore the subject in the Dhurmu Shasfathers ;” but surely, as the time is

tru? now approaching when lndian af 66. Ans.- His claim is not valid. fairs will occupy the attention of (Signed) the legislature and the country, it NeerBHUYU RAMU DYARAMU, is the duty of British Christians no

Shastree, longer to utter impotent lamenta- KASHINATH VISHWUNATH, tions, but to avail themselves of

Shastree, the opportunity to urge upon the GOVIND NARAYUN, Shastree. government the justice of such « « Quest. 2d.- If a person, who modifications of those laws as shall has taken bis share of patrimonial protect the rights of conscience, property, have lived apart from and remove those formidable bar the other members of the family, riers which now impede the pro and then change his religion, has gress of the only system which can he right to retain his portion, or renovate and ennoble the interest- does it lapse, and belong to his ing but degraded inhabitants of heirs, according to the Shastres? British India.

" Ans.-He who has so changAs we have been favoured with ed his religion, is to be viewed a series of documents from the as an abandoned person, and has Bombay Missionary Union, which forfeited his right to that property, bave been printed at the American and his heirs inherit it, according mission


in that town, we to the Shlok. shall attempt to put our readers in

(Signatures as above.) N. S. NO. 86.


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"Quest. 3d.-If a person, on becoming an infidel, is liable having a wife and family, change to a deprivation of the property his religion, has he the right of he has himself acquired, as well retaining his wife and family still as that which descends to him by with him, or has he not?-and if inheritance. • It is laid down he has, do his children succeed to by Mr. W. H. Macnaghten, in his property and means of subsis- his principles and precedents of tence, or otherwise, according to Moohummudan Law, p. 1, as a the Hindoo law ?

principle of inheritance, accordAns.-If, of his own choice ing to the Soonee doctrine, that and free will, he has changed his “Slavery, homicide, difference of religion, there is nothing ex- religion, and difference of allepressed in the Shastrus respecting giance, exclude from inheritance;' an expiatïon. Thus far is said, and by a precedent quoted at that he is to be accounted dead, - p. 86 of that work, it is evident an effigy of him is to be made, that although apostasy from Mooand funeral rites are to be paid hummudanism, would not invali. to it as if it were him. His wife date the descendant's right to proand children are his heirs.

perty devolving on him by the These two subjects, Putnee death of his ancestors before his and Prayuschit, are treated of in conversion, he would be entitled to the Mitaksharu.'

none whatever originally devolving (Signatures as above.) on him, after his change of religion.

See also Sect. vi. p. 21, of the same The Gospel has induced many, work, where it is assumed that, in the ages which are past, to sa • entire exclusion from inheritance crifice friendship, and ease, and is produced by becoming an incomfort, and property, and even fidel.. That the Scia doctrine of life itself, for the cause of Christ. inheritance on this point agrees In India, it has led to this bold with the Soonee, is mentioned in profession; and in India it will the same work, p. 40, and of still exhibit it. But why should not course the results, by this interpreevery Christian, both in India and tation, would be equally oppresthroughout Britain, exert himself to sive.' The legitimate conclusion remove this stone of stumbling. The deducible is, that in British India Legislature will, in all probability, a renouncement of Moohummulisten to the reasonable appeals danism necessarily deprives the

be made to it. There convert of all right to property, are few, if any, of the Company's ancestral or acquired, devolving Civilians, who are acquainted with on him, or possessed by him at the the facts of the case, who do not time of his conversion.” greatly bewail them, and who do not “ The following extract of the ardently wish to see an improve- speech of R. Macan, Esq. of the ment in the administration of the Honourable Company's Civil Serlaw referred to.

vice, and late Judge at Juanpore, “ The Moohummudan Law on supplies an eloquent and decided these subjects is equally express, testimony to the fact that the and quite as oppressive as the Hindoo and Moohummudan laws Hindoo. The requisitions of the of property and inheritance are Koran, on which the code of civil interpreted as opposed to the law is founded, are well known. rights of converts to the Christian According to them, a Moosulman, religion ; and, in a very feeling

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manner, evinces the necessity of religion, but to the improvement the interference of the legisla- of the country, and the civilizature.

tion of the people, will not long " • It may not, however, be be allowed to exist. But until it considered out of place, just to is broken down, often must the mention here, that there are some Missionary, while reasoning of obstacles to the spread of the righteousness and temperance, be Gospel amongst the rich and re- pained to hear the language of spectable natives, which are really Felix to the Apostle Paul, Go very appalling in their nature. I thy way for this time; when I allude to the Hindoo and Moo- have a more convenient season, hummudan laws of inheritance, as will call for thee.' Often, too, it recognized within the British do- is to be feared, will the proud minions; by which persons of breast of many a Briton be forced those persuasions, professing Chris- to swell indignant within him, at tianity, may not only be prevented being obliged, while presiding as from succeeding to any share in a judge, to dismiss from before his heriditary property to which they judgment seat, to penury and obmight otherwise be entitled, but scurity, the humble followers of they are actually liable to be his blessed Redeemer; and for no deprived of any ancestral estates other reason, than because the which they may be in possession name of Jesus shall prove dearer of at the time of their embracing to the heart, than father or mother, Christianity. Thus, to the loss of houses or home, than wife or chilcaste, and exclusion from kindred dren.” and friends, is added absolute A few facts will be sufficient to beggary; and with such painful illustrate these legal opinions. sacrifices in prospect, who can ""A man of the name of Nabe surprised that the rich and re- rapot Singh, of the Brambunical spectable natives should feel some caste, is the son of the late Pooran reluctance to pay that attention Singh, who was a wealthy Zuto our Missionaries, and to suba meendar, near Guyah, in the projects connected with religion and vince of Behar. On his demise he education, which under other cir- bequeathed his property, (which cumstances they might be dis- consisted of six Monzas, realizing posed to do?

an annual rent of about 16,000 ru« « The faithful Missionaries of pees, in the following manner; viz. all denominations have removed three Mouzas, producing 8000 every impediment to the diffusion rupees a-year, to Narapot Singh; of religious knowledge, which and the other three Mouzas, prozeal and diligence could effect; ducing a like sum, to the children they have mastered the languages of his brother. Soon after this of the country; they have trans- event, Narapot Singh came to lated the Scriptures into the va- Calcutta, and there embraced rious dialects of India; they have Christianity. This intelligence written tracts and established was no sooner communicated to schools: but the obstacle which his cousins, the other party has been alluded to they cannot included in his late father's will, surmount. It is to be hoped, how- than they seized upon his proever, that under an enlightened perty, and have retained possession Christian Government, such a bar- of it ever since, now upwards of rier, not only to the spread of true twenty years.

The Rev. Mr.



Ward, one of the Serampore Mis- the word of God.' • Do


insionaries, advised with several deed ?' said I. Yes,'he replied, magistrates on the subject, par- for I am a Christian.' I inquired ticularly with the judge of the whether he belonged to any church. court at Guyah; but being in- He said, “No:' but added, that formed, that according to the Hin- he had a strong desire to unite doo law, as administered in the with Christians, from which he was provincial courts, he (Narapot deterred by the present state of the Singh) had forfeited all claim to Hindoo law, respecting inheritance, his property, he advised him to and the disposition of his relatives, suffer the loss rather than engage who, when they knew that he had in a law-suit, which must, accord avowed himself a disciple of Christ, ing to the present regulations, be would immediately disinherit him. decided against him. He is, Being taught in English, and therefore, now suffering the loss of recommended to read the Bible about 8000 rupees a-year; and about fourteen years ago, by an this having continued for 20 years, elderly English gentleman, of the makes a total of 1,60,000 rupees, name of Scott, from that time he besides interest, which he has for: had been convinced of its truth. feited merely for becoming a con- In the course of conversation, he vert to Christianity. At present, gave me his name, and referred

Narapot Singh is engaged as a me, for the truth of what he had • native preacher in Calcutta, under said, to two respectable English the patronage of the London Mis- gentlemen; he also added, respectsionary Society. Should it be ing it, three or four times, that he considered necessary, the most knew several respectable and rich indubitable evidence can be ob Bengalee gentlemen, who were sitained to substantiate the above milarly situated, believing the truth facts.'

and excelleney of the Christian The Rev. J. Peggs, of Coventry, faith, but fearing to confess their late missionary in Orissa, relates sentiments, lest they should be the following incident in his va- plunged at once into poverty. luable and interesting pamphlet, It is lamentable to perceive that “ The Claims of India," which a spirit of subserviency to these must deeply affect every pious national prejudices has been disreader.

played in the Indo-British army. “After preaching at Chitpore- Bishop Heber states, that at MeeRoad Chapel, Calcutta, having rut he attended a small congregation inquired if any wished to receive of native Christians, about twenty Scriptures or tracts, in looking people were present, among whom round I observed a young Baboo, he found the Naik, or corporal, who, of respectable appearance, sitting in consequence of his embracing on one of the benches, apparently Christianity, was very absurdly, not considerably interested in what to say wickedly, disgraced, by being was going on. I asked him if he removed from his regiment, though would accept of a book. · Yes,' they still allow him his pay! he replied, if you will give me a It is surely high time for sincere Christian Catechism.' I wished Christians of every name to unite to present him with the Gospels in one firm protest against such in English and Bengalee, to which intolerant and mischievous laws ; he objected, saying, I have the but suggestions upon that subject whole Bible in English, which I must be reserved for another paper. not only read, but believe to be

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