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next, and finds that ove member excitements. The formalist in-
of the household has been carried creases the number of his vain re-
to the grave, and another is in the petitions, and more scrupulously
article of death. A man helps to attends to his superstitious ob-
carry the body of a neighbour to servances. The instructed Chris-
the grave on one day, is himself tian now possesses the only sove-
borne thither by others on the reign renedy, and learns more
next; and one of those who con highly than before, to prize the
vey him, follows on the third.* gospel.
“ What is your opinion of the The gospel brings around the
cholera ?" was

a question pro- individual whose mind it has enposed to Professor Majendie, on lightened a new class of objects his return from Sunderland to and associations, which are beParis. It begins," was his re- yond the reach of death. It conply, " where other diseases ter ducts him to an opening sepulchre minate—with death."

and a rising living Redeemer, who 4. It teaches the value of the is himself the Prince of life.” It gospel.

presents every object in the region When a disease, which has by which he is surrounded, every made such ravages upon human gift which comes from him, every life approaches, and commences step of the path which leads to its work around us-when we are him, as animated with all that is informed, day after day, that one bright, and beauteous, and vigoand another, with whose features rous, and joyful in life. The word we are familiar, is either sinking which unfolds him, and directs under the malady, or carried off to him, is " the word of life.” by it-when we hear, hour after 'he great fact

it records is, hour, the sound of the funeral " that God hath given to us eterknell, and often meet the hurried nal life, and that this life is in his and ill arranged procession which Son." The present blessing, which fear rather than affection


it assures to all who come to to attend, a gloom spreads over Christ, is a “passing from death the mind, and the spirits droop. unto life.” The stream to which Death presses closely upon the it invites, and which flows from eye, and with such enlarged dic Christ, is “ the water of life," mensions as nearly to occupy the and he who drinks finds that it whole field of vision. Our thoughts becomes “in him a well of water, take the hue of the cypress, and springing up into everlasting life.” our strongest affinities appear to He is also supplied with the bread be with the grave whither we are

that cometh down from heaven, all hastening. The profane and and it is “ the bread of life.”

He worldly seek relief in additional is associated with others who are

travelling with him to heaven, and This occurrence led to the adoption, they are “ fellow heirs of the

grace in Sunderland, of a frame, a kind of of life.” He is encompassed by shoulder barrow, which might be carried a great cloud of witnesses, and without the bearers being in contact with they are those who have won and the coffin which was placed upon it, or inhaling a confined and infected atmo

wear the “ crown of life.” Angels, sphere under the pall. In Newcastle, a as ministering spirits, have reframe work on wheels, a new kind of ceived their charge concerning him, hearse is employed. The "Order in Coun- but they are pre-eminently the cil” requires those who die of cholera to be interred within twelve hours after

sons of life; and their charge retheir decease.

lates to his entrance on the fulness

of life. He walks by faith, and of heaven-the heirs of God, and not by sight. On his sight may joint heirs with Jesus Christ. The press all that is gloomy and mourn- truths of the gospel are clear ful in the emblems of death; to enough, we only want an awakenhis faith there appears all that ed eye to look steadfastly at them. is radiant and exciting in the ex. The hope set before us is bright uberance of life. He may feel enough and tangible enough, we that his body is a body of death, only want a hand loosened from its but the communings of his spirit grasp of earthly vanities, and sufare with unfettered and undecay- ficiently decided and venturous to ing life; while his aspirations rise lay hold of it. The riches of Christ after a corresponding mode of its are "unsearchable riches," and enjoyment, which flesh will not the calamities, whatever they may encumber, nor infirmity enfeeble, be, which desolate the earthly nor slumber suspend. To this life, region in which we sojourn, and the life of Angels, the life of God, make manifest our poverty and death is the door, dark indeed on wretchedness, do but prepare us one side, but resplendent as with to estimate more accurately the orient pearls on the other, by which value of his favour, to draw more he enters.

To him, therefore, frequently from his fulness, and to Christ has “ abolished death, and rejoice more abundantly in the brought life as well as immortality faithfulness of his promises, and to light by the gospel.”. He is the assured hope of glory. now quickened by Christ, and The Israelites were shielded raised

up and made to sit in from the destructive sword, and heavenly places. “He is come to brought out of their bondage, not mount Zion, the city of the living by the virtue of any excellencies God, the heavenly Jerusalem; which they embodied, but by visand to an innumerable company of tue of the blood which they were angels; to the general assembly taught to sprinkle on the entrance and church of the first born which of their dwellings. So our deliverare written in heaven; and to God ance from condemnation and fear, the Judge (deliverer) of all; and and our introduction and establishto the spirits of just men made per- ment in the liberty and privileges fect; and to Jesus the mediator of of the household of faith, must be the new covenant; and to the received and retained, not on the blood of sprinkling which speak- ground of our own works, but on eth better things than that of Abel.” the merits of Christ. " Who shall

The night in which the destroy- lay anything to the charge of God's ing angel smote the first-born of elect ?” Why is there no charge ? Egypt was the night in which the The reasons are found in Christ's Israelites were set at liberty from work, not their own. “ It is Christ the fetters of their bondage, and that died; yea, rather that is risen entered on a new life of freedom, again ; who also maketh intercesactivity, and enjoyment; and the sion for us.” period when the pestilence walketh Should the disease, which has in darkness around us is the time, suggested the contents of this when we should be specially so- paper, not only pass through the licitous to be emancipated froin land, but, as some expect, bethe slavish bondage of the fear of come naturalized amongst us, and, death, and to cherish the invigo. as in other places, renew at interrating, purifying, and ennobling vals its unwelcome visits, a firmer sentiments of the adopted children footing on the strong foundations

of Christian truth, than has com and healthful exertions would be monly been obtained, must be made to disseminate gospel truth, enjoyed, in order to preserve us

and under circumstances more fafrom tormenting fear. - He that vourable than hitherto for its corbelieveth shall not make haste.” dial reception, and thus the scourge While others are affrighted, and be made a blessing, and the ravages running hither and thither for safe of death subserve the increase and ty, he shall calmly retain his extension of the blessings and standing place on the “ rock of power of an endless life.* ages,” and triumphantly sing, Sunderland.

T. S. God is our refuge and strength,

* Our valuable correspondent has proand very present help.” May we

mised us a second paper, on the moral prenot hope, also, that more active servatives against the attacks of Cholera.


(Concluded from page 21.) The period of divine forbearance three sons, Shem, Ham, and Ja(120 years) having elapsed, and pheth, and their wives; seven pairs the ark being prepared and ready, of each kind of clean animals and Noah received the Divine com- birds, such as were used for sacri. mand to enter into it; whereby his fice and food, and single pairs of faith in the Divine testimony was the rest. This part of the narrative put to a farther test, and the sove- proves that the distinction of clean reignty of the Divine favour was and unclean beasts, afterwards so confirmed to him, and proclaimed fully recognised in the Mosaic into the world. The reason assigned stitutes, existed before the flood. for this favour to Noah, “ thee I The probability is, that it origihave seen righteous before me in nated in some specific directions this generation,” does not destroy, given by God to men in the earliest but illustrate the sovereignty of ages, no record of which is preDivine grace. The fact of Noah's served. As to the procuring of the righteousness, amidst the abound- creatures, and the settling of them ing and universal impiety, can be in the ark, it is surely sufficient to referred only to the free and un- silence every objection, to reflect merited favour of God. The re- that he who at the beginning cognition of this fact in the equi- directed them to Adam to be table administration of the Divine named, did now direct them to government is a totally different Noah for refuge and safety, and affair, and seems to establish the could controul all their varied truth of the axiom of his govern- instinctive dispositions, so ment, “ Him that honoureth me, I render them tractable and obewill honour; but he that despiseth dient. The expression twice ocme shall be lightly esteemed.” curring, they went in

unto The obedience of Noah shewed Noah, into the ark,” leads us to the perpetuity of his faith, his un- suppose that Noah entered first shaken confidence in God, and his into the ark, setting an example of fixed purpose to seek first of all to obedience to his family; and that please Him. The inhabitants of the God selected the creatures, and ark were, Noah and his wife; his sent them to him. How impressive

as to

must have been the scene to the to conceive how these things could scoffing world! The ark is pre- be, they have only to reflect pared, and they have no power to

that the whole is referred to the destroy it. Noah enters delibe

great power of God, to which all rately into it, and their rage is things are possible. The fact is restrained, they dare not touch him. plainly revealed, and therefore His family voluntarily follow him, deserves implicit and full belief. and conducted by an unseen hand, The prevalence of the flood was prothe appointed pairs of beasts and gressive; and so would be the debirds flock unto him! This entrance struction. Forty days, transpired into the ark took place seven days before the ark floated; then the before the flood. Noah had time to waters increased, and it was lifted make the necessary arrangements up from the earth. Still the depth within, and the world had time to increased, till all the high bills think of the threatening of God, were covered ; and even after this, and the impending vengeance. The fifteen cubits upwards did the waters fact also illustrates the order of prevail, (from twenty-two to twenDivine operations; there is no rash ty-five feet,) and the mountains precipitation ; all his movements were covered, i. e. the waters were are calm and undisturbed, deve raised from twenty-two to twentylopiug the purposes of his eternal five feet above the tops of the mind. Whether the seven days highest mountains. The univerwere employed in the embarkation, sality of the deluge is expressly or it was completed in one, and the declared; “ all the high hills that rest remained, seems uncertain. were under the whole heaven were How strikingly was the truth illus- covered :” and the destruction was trated in this history,

many are

as universal as the deluge. Every called, but few are chosen !" How human being, and erery beast, unspeakably great does the import- fowl, and reptile, and every living ance of religion appear, set in this substance which was on the face light; and how dangerous is the of the ground, died. All perished conduct of delaying sinners ! “To- by the overwhelming judgment of day, if

ye will hear his voice, har- God, save only those which were den not your hearts !”

preserved in the ark. In the year of the world 1656, pression used to declare the safety in the 600th year of Noah's life, of those which were in the arh, is a in the second month, on the seven very remarkable one, Noah teenth day of the month, answer went into the ark, with his family, ing to the beginning of our No- and the creatures; and the Lord vember, or, according to Arch- shut him in." Perhaps, some of bishop Usher, to the 7th day of the sinners who remained without December, the rains commenced. would fain have torn bin On that day, all the fountains of pieces; or others, who had long the great dcep were broken up, and scoffed, now began to relent when the windows of heaven were opened:” they had sinned

apthe waters contained in the body pointed day of favour, and tried to of the earth being expanded by force themselves into the ark. But heat, forced themselves on the that act which shut Noah in, and surface, thereby convulsing the thereby secured him from all evil, world to its centre, whilst God shut them out! 0, whilst we are poured torrents of rain from the invited and encouraged to seek clouds, and this for forty days and refuge from the storms of coming forty nights. If any are at a loss wrath in the Lord Jesus Christ;

The ex


away the


let us not delay to comply, lest, are very abundant. The crediwhile we tarry, the bridegroom bility of Moses as an historian, should come, and they who are his means of information, and the ready should enter in, and the divine inspiration of his writings, door should be shut ! - Behold, he are the first proof; and to every breaketh down, and it cannot be holy mind a sufficient one. But built again, be shutteth up a man, it is interesting to the and there can be no opening statements of revelation confirmed Behold, he withholdeth the wa from other sources, and evidence ters, and they dry up; also he of their authenticity and divine sendeth them out, and they over- origin hereby furnished to us, as turn the earth.” Job xii. 14, 15. well as to those who were cotemAdore and tremble before the porary with the writers. Not God of power and righteousness : only, then, are there frequent re. mark the old way which wicked ferences to it in the Bible, but it is men have trodden, who were cast a remarkable fact, concerning the down out of time, whose founda- deluge, that the memory of almost tion was overthrown with a flood,” all nations ends in the history of and avoid their sin, that you it, even of those nations most remay escape their punishment. cently discovered, and the traThe continuance of the upabated ditions of the deluge have been flood, was 150 days. What a kept up in all the rites and ceretrial to the faith of Noah, and how monies of the Gentile world. It adapted to impress his posterity is further observable, that the farwith the greatness of God's dis- ther we go back, the more vivid pleasure against sin. At what the traces appear, especially in period of the 150 days, the last those countries which were nearest land was covered, and the last re to the scene of action. The fuge of the guilty swept away, we paucity of mankind; the vast are not informed. Fain would we tracts of uninhabited land which know whether any, in the course are mentioned in all accounts of the of the successive weeks of pro- first ages; the number of small gressive destruction, repented, and kingdoms and petty states, with the obtained mercy for another life, later invention and progress of the when it was too late for this; but arts and sciences, concur to show on this point, an awful darkness that mankind are sprung lately rests. It may be questioned whe- from a small stock, and even suit ther we have a right to conclude the time assigned by Moses to on the everlasting perdition of all the flood; whilst the fossilized rethe adults who were swept away mains of animals, &c. belonging by the flood, (the infant, and not to a former world, and which are yet accountable portion of the found in every quarter of the human species certainly obtained globe, and at the greatest dismercy ;) but we have no data on tances from the present localities which is found an opposite de- of their kind, confirm the narracision. « The Judge of all the tive, and proclaim the universality earth will do right.” “ Secret of the convulsion. The objection things belong to the Lord our of modern geologists, who argue God.”

that “ from the slow formation of Such is the account which Moses certain rocks and soils upon those gives of the destruction of the rocks, the world must have existed old world; the proofs of the fact many thousands of years," has

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