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To the Editors.—The following The following view, which I do thoughts, which occurred to my not before recollect having seen, mind on reading the account of has afforded entire satisfaction to the Witch of Endor, as recorded my own mind on this disputed in the Bible, have been for many question. months lodged in my study, from It is not evident that the king which they have only once SAW SAMUEL on this occasion, and twice emerged to elicit the opinion it might be all PRETENCE in the of friends on the views which they woman THAT SHE SAW HIM. It develop. The paper signed W.R. was easy for her to describe him, in your August Number, has in- as from his popular character, and duced me to forward them for your having only recently been dead, use, if acceptable. You will find he was very generally known in a remarkable sameness of opinion Israel. It is said, indeed, that with your Correspondent, which, Saul perceived it was Samuel, and instead of being deemed an useless bowed himself to the ground, but repetition, may assist in strength- this perception seems to have arisen ening what he has advanced, and out of the woman's description. The perhaps some few thoughts may voice of Samuel is, perhaps, the throw further light upon the sube most difficult part of the statement, ject. I am pleased with the har. if the appearance were not that of monious result of your correspon- Samuel, or a spirit that feigned dent's inquiries and my own, and his form ; but, in his agitated state shall be happy in affording the of mind, Saul could not pay parsmallest aid to unravel the seem

ticular attention to this, nor, peringly mysterious subject. Since haps, would he be surprised at any I first committed my remarks to difference in the voice of one risen paper,

I have met with some MS. from the dead, and by some power notes of an old clergy man, in of ventriloquism, or other secret which are about four or five lines art, the woman might easily carry on the same side of the question. on the conversation. Perhaps she Your constant Reader, might also know so public a per

I. C. son as the king, through his disCold Harbour Lane, Camberwell,

guise, and especially recognize Aug. 1, 1832.

him when he wished to see his for.

mer friend, the prophet Samuel, at The Rev. Thomas Scott, Dr. a moment when the terrible invaAdam Clarke, and Mr. Greenfield, sion of the Philistines must have the editor of the Comprehensive alarmed the whole land; so that Bible, are of opinion that it was any intimation from the apparition : Samuel himself who appeared to was not absolutely necessary to the Witch of Endor; Matthew give a clue to the rank of her visi., Hevry and Dr. Gill suppose that tor, or even a word or action from it was 'Satan, who assumed the his attendants was enough for her shape of Samuel. There are in- observing eye. Nor might it be superable difficulties in both these unknown to the woman that David positions, and yet the majority of was the Lord's anointed, and was commentators seem to favour the to supersede Saul; perhaps Saul's opinion that Samuel did actually persecutions of his intended sucappear.

cessor had made this notorious;

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here, however, it may even be con- . of the father of lies, as all Saul's ceded that the woman was divinely sons were not slain, nor could it inspired at the moment, to foretel be true that wicked Saul and pious what should happen to Saul, just Jonathan would ever live in the as Balaam was on several occa same happy state with Samuel. sions, on which ground alone Let us, however, suppose, which we can satisfactorily explain the really does seem to be the case, prediction of Saul's approaching that Samuel never appeared, neither defeat and death, with that of his in his own shape, nor in one as

sumed by the devil; that the woman This view of the subject seems only feigned that she saw him, to set at rest much disputation, by and

and on describing him to Saul, he removing the standing-places of believed her word, while under the the advocates of two very opposite influence of credulity, and listened and prevailing opinions. For, as to her feigned voice as that of the at first stated, some assert that this dead Samuel, and that she had a was Satan in the likeness of Samuel, divine impulse upon her to warn while others insist that it was the royal criminal of his approachSamuel himself. Those who deny ing fate, and every difficulty is at that it was Satan, argue that the once entirely removed. inspired page would not, in that The veracity of the predictions case, have stated, as it does, that must, indeed, be justified, if we it was Samuel ; and those who consider the woman as speaking say that it was not Samuel, but under the divine impulse, as the Satan, maintain that God would oracle of Samuel, and it does ap-, not have raised Samuel from the pear that the expression “todead, or have disturbed the repose morrow shalt thou be with me," is of his spirit, to answer Saul, when sufficiently borne out by three of he refused to answer him by ordi- Saul's sons perishing in the battle nary methods; that no glorified or of Gilboa, and by the father and disembodied spirit could be sub- the sons being, on the morrow, ject to enchantments, and that the the same ETERNAL STATE with prediction that Saul and his sons Samuel, which does not necessarily would next day be with Samuel, imply that they were all equally was not that of a true prophet, but blessed.




London, May 15th, 1703. gone over all your papers on the SIR,-Upon my first receiving second Epistle. Some faults, your papers, I read over those which seemed to be faults of the concerning the first Epistle of Co- scribe, I mended with my pen, as rinthians, but by so many inter I read the papers; some others I missions, that I resolved to go have noted in the inclosed papers. over them again, so as I In your paraphrase on 1 Cor. vii. could get leisure to do it with 14, you say, 'the unbelieving husmore attention. I have now read band is sanctified, or made a it (them) over a second time, and

second time, and Christian, in his wife.' I doubt


* See Lord King's Life of Locke, Letters at the end of the first volunie.


this interpretation, because the riage. The believing wife must unbelieving husband is not ca not separate from the unbelieving pable of baptism, as all Christians husband as unholy or unclean, nor

The Jews looked upon them- the believing husband from the unselves as clean, holy, or separate believing wife ; for the unbeliever to God, and other nations as un is sanctified or cleansed by marclean, unholy, or common; and, riage with the believer, the law accordingly, it was unlawful for a of avoiding the company of unman that was a Jew, to keep com- believers being, in this case, dis pany with, or come unto one of pensed with. I should, therefore, another nation. Acts x. 28. But interpret St. Paul's words after the when the propagation of the Gos- following manner : pel made it necessary for the Jews, • For the unbelieving husband is who preached the Gospel, to go sanctified or cleansed by the beunto and keep company with the lieving wife, so that it is lawful to Gentiles, God showed Peter by a keep him company, and the unvision, in the case of Cornelius, believing wife is sanctified by the that he had cleansed those of other husband; else were the children nations, so that Peter should not of such parents to be separated any longer call any man common from


and avoided as unclean, or unclean, and on that account but now by nursing and educating forbear their company; and there. them in your families, you allow fore Peter went in unto Cornelius that they are holy;' and his companions, who were un This interpretation I propose as circumcised, and did eat with them. easy and suiting well to the words Acts x, 27, 28. and xi. 3. Sanc- and design of St. Paul, but submit tifying, therefore, and cleansing, it wholly to your judgment. signify here not the making a man I had thoughts of going to a Jew or a Christian, but the dis- Cambridge this summer, and callpensing with the law whereby the ing at Oates in my way, but am people of God were to avoid the now uncertain of this journey. company of the rest of the world, Present, I pray, my humble seras unholy or unclean. And if this vice to Sir Francis Masham and sense be applied to St. Paul's his lady. I think your paraphrase words, they will signify, that al- and commentary on these two though believers are a people Epistles is (are) done with very holy to God, and ought to avoid great care and judgment. the company

of unbelievers as unholy or unclean, yet this law is Your most humble and obedient dispensed with in some cases, and servant, particularly in the case of mar


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I am,


To Mr. Samuel Lucas, at Dr. Con- the grand adversary of souls der's, Mile End, London.

attempts to oppose persuasion of Bury, May 19, 1769. your interest in Christ's most preMy young friend, -Both your cious righteousness, your desires last letters I have now before me. increase towards the privilege. I ?Tis your mercy to find, that as have in these days been looking

into dialogue xvII. of Theron and good Christian or faithful minister, A spasio. Much do I need the but as this obtains. spirit of believing prayer and sup: How does Mr. Brewer's great plication, that I may be favoured diligence shame my indolence. with the saving knowledge of the My respects attend Dr. Conder, glorious truth, contained in that and Mr. Brewer, with Dr. Giba excellent dialogue! May you, bons; wishing Dr. Walker better and all that wish me well, be health, and all sanctified success enabled to pray successfully for to you, I am, with esteem, your's, me in this great and momentous &c. matter, and that it may, even.

J. D[AVIDSON.] tually, be with me, as you charitably and sincerely wish for, in To Mr. Samuel Lucas, at Dr. Conrelation to my state, health, and der's, Homerton, near London. success. The glorious and blessed

Bury, Nov. 8, 1769. Gospel furnishes with the most My dear friend,-Seeing you strong and unquestionable grounds lament former neglects, and misof consolation and unshaken con- improvement of precious time, I ficence, yet I find the indispen- would hope your sincerity will sable necessity of the good Spirit appear in looking up to Him who to enable me to lay hold upon and teaches to profit, to give you improve these to the honour of counsel for the sake of his dear God and the soul's edification ; Son, to improve present opporfor we can, as one justly observed, tunities; for our own resolutions no more believe savingly than obey are of no value unless the Lord the law perfectly. Many years himself, by his grace, stand by ago I thought I saw a peculiarus. 'Tis a very great matter pracglory, in that wonderful title tically to understand 2 Tim. segiven to our Lord, Hebrews xii. 2, cond chapter throughout. I mean « The Author and Finisher of not that any part in the epistles Faith ;” and concluded, that if to ministers should be neglected, there were no other proof of his but there are some parts of the Supreme Deity, it would go far very last importance; and, no with me to believe that grand doubt, the third and fourth chapters doctrine; but 'tis well that Old of the first to Timothy are such; and New Testament abound with as is the second of that to Titus, multiplied testimonies, and con- Yet, after all, 'tis hard to deterfirmations of the important truth, mine how highly a conscientious which derives such inconceivable and wise person ought to prize and dignity to his glorious righteous- study the excellent things con

But how much do we need tained in these admirable epistles. the influences of the Holy Ghost Most certain it is, if the Holy to stablish and fortify our hearts in Ghost, the living author of the this, and in every truth of the Scriptures, be your interpreter, Gospel. There is a great deal of you shall see daily new mines of divinity in that single sentence, wisdom and grace in these vast 2 Tim. i. 14, “ That good thing fields of spiritual knowledge, so that was committed unto thee, that my pretending to offer any keep by the Holy Ghost who thing of my own would be the efdwelleth in us." Ó happy souls, fect of pride, an evil that has greatthat are, indeed, possessed of such ly and justly provoked the Lord to a guest! You can never be a contend with ine. Oh! watch and


pray against this cursed and most respects to Dr. Conder, desire of dangerous adversary! Does the him to inform us concerning him, power of religion gain ground in for he told me he received a preyour new habitation ? Pray for sent of Mr. Erskine's works in us that the Gospel may not mis folio from the Doctor, but owned carry in my unskilful hands. The he was not employed by him to heads of the people need much of preach. Your care to execute the spirit of prayer, and spiritual what I desired of you calls for my wisdom how to act at such'a time thanks, though I am not able to as this. We have had a stranger, do any thing as 1 ought. Beg one Mr. Walters, here; he preached that I and this people may be thrice at Mr. Savill's place under filled with the Spirit, and then the name of a Congregational Mi- will I heartily wish you all sancnister. Mrs. Corsbie, and several tified success in your studies, and others, are greatly taken with him, prove, and others are as much set against Your ready servant by grace, him. I wish you would, with my



To the Editors.-The resolution have his dominion taken away when of our friends, in the North he has continued for a “time and Riding of Yorkshire, inserted times, and the dividing of time.* in your register of “Transac- Of the wicked or lawless one, of tions” for this month, is, in my whose manifestation the Apostle humble judgment, entitled to Paul forewarned the Thessaloprompt and serious consideration. nians, it is declared, " whom the They declare that “it is high time Lord shall consume with the spirit to use active measures avowedly of his mouth, and shall destroy for the entire extinction of the with the brightness of his coming. I Roman Catholic religion,” and The mystic Babylon of the Aposubmit " whether it be not our calypse “ shall be utterly burned duty, as strenuous Protestants, to with fire; for strong is the Lord unite for this object, either by God who judgeth her."! No event, joining the British Reformation in the range of unfulfilled proSociety, or by forming a separate phecy, is affirmed with more clearinstitution." Permit me, respect- ness and unconditional certainty fully, to offer a few suggestions than is the destruction of this anupon the subject to your readers.

cient, wide-spreading, and awful Few, it is presumed, will dissent apostacy; nor, I will add, is any from the opinion of our Yorkshire event described as of more imfriends, that the overthrow of po- portance, or

the occasion of pery“ is rendered certain by abun- greater triumph and congratulation dant divine promises, and cannot throughout the moral empire of be very

distant.” The « little God. From whatever period that born” of Daniel's fourth beast, has been named by expositors, we. even that“horn that had eyes, and à mouth that spake very great

* Dan. vii. 20, 25. things, whose look was more stout

+ 2 Thess. ii. 8. than his fellows,” is doomed to

# Rev. xviii. 8. N.S. NO. 93.

4 A

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