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ly entered on bis work. His labours The Rev. Mr. Gray, of Dublin, opened have been crowned with signal suc the service by prayer and reading the cess. The spirit of bearing has in Scriptures. The Rev. W. Urwick, creased, deep seriousness has per- of Dublin, delivered the introductory vaded the assemblies. Brands have discourse, and asked the usual quesbeen plucked out of the fire; en questions. The Rev. J. Burnet, of quirers have been satisfied, and peni Camberwell, (the former pastor of this tents have been comforted. Some church) offered the ordination prayer, mouths ago a Christian church, in- and gave the charge to his esteemed cluding Fairburn and Brotherton, was successor. In the evening Mr. Burnet established. You, Sir, formed it, preached to the people. The services and you know, nor will any of those were numerously and respectably atwho were present forget, the deep and tended, and there is every prospect holy impression which was then pro- that Mr. Watson will be extensively duced. The chapel was crowded, and useful in this sphere of labour. God was with his people. Many tears were shed - many prayers were offered. Eight individuals came for. ward, and gave themselves publicly to The Rev. Joseph Fox, late of Fish be the Lord's; and since that time Street Chapel, Hull, has accepted the there has been an accession of six unanimous invitation of the church more. Mr. Senior has been regularly and congregation assembling at Howinvited by them, as a church, to take ard Street Chapel, Sheffield, and has the oversight of them in the Lord, and commenced his ministerial labours they have invited you and the pastors there. of other churches to recognize the The Rev. Samuel Weston, late of union, to give him and them your ad White's Hill, Hambrook, Gloucestervice, and to pray for their prosperity. shire, having accepted a call from the

On Wednesday, June 6, the Rev. Independent Church, Wooburn, Buck-Watson, formerly of Highbury Col. inghamshire, commenced his stated lege, was ordained over the Indepen- labours the second Sabbath in April, dent church and congregation assem with pleasing prospects of usefulness. bling in George Street Chapel, Cork.




pists. And every wave that lashes the

western shores of the Atlantic bears on It is not, perhaps, so generally known its bosom a reinforcement to this already in this country as it should be, that in formidable multitude. consequence of the immense tide of

Protestants, however, are not all emigration which is rolling on towards asleep. There are many in whose bosons the shores of the Western world from breathes the inspiration of Luther, and Ireland and other parts of the papal do- Melancthon, and Huss, and Wycliffe, minions, Popery, that system of impiety upon whom the mantles of these noble and imposture, is most alarmingly on the reformers have descended, and who dare increase in that country, and threatens, to make a firm and uncompromising by pursuing a course of vigorous and art stand against this hydra of Antichrist. ful proselytism, to undermine the founda In the war, however, which is now tion of Christianity, and to root up the waging with the Jesuits in that country, tree of liberty, which has afforded its they feel most lamentably the want of grateful shade to so many of our own and standard works on the Popish controother climes. In America, so highly versy, as books of evidence, reference, distinguished for the gracious and sove. &c. The object of the writer in making reign outpourings of the Holy Spirit, this communication, is to lay before Christhere are already half a million of Pa. tian ministers and others, the difficulties

under which our American brethren la Jamaica ; the Rev. WM. NEWMAN, D.D. bour in pursuing this contest, from the in the Chair; above cause. And thus publicly to ex It was nnanimously resolved, press a hope that should there be remain 1. That the Board fully convinced ing in undisturbed repose on the shelves that the principles which have uniformly of any of our ministers, or public or private guided the proceedings of the Baptist libraries, duplicates of any of the standard Missionary Society, have strictly accordauthors in this controversy, there would ed with the pacitic spirit of the Gospel, be no reluctance on the part of their and equally satisfied that their Mission owners in transporting them to the New aries in Jamaica have acted in confor. World, where they might again do the mity to the instruction given them by the wonders of former times !

Society, view with indignation the atThe following extract from a letter tempt to criminate those Missionaries as addressed to the Rev. Octavins Winslow, parties in the late insurrection, and conof London, by the Editor of the New gratulate the Committee and the whole York “ Protestant,” will more explicitly Christian public, on the signally tri. unfold the object of this appeal :

umplant manner in which these base

charges have been refuted. New York, May, 1832. 2. That the serious losses sustained in “ My Dear Sir,

the destruction of the Society's property, “ Having heard that you are about together with the violent and illegal outto return to the U. S., I beg to remind

rages on the persons and families of the you, that any books upon Popery, es Missionaries, call for the liveliest sympa. pecially the standard authors, would be thy, and this Board confidently trusts invaluable to us here. I am continually that the appeal which has been made to at a loss for documents and books of the British Government for protection reference. No present could be more and redress will be effectnal, more especi. acceptable than a hundred volumes of ally as such proceedings are directly at the best works upon Popery and Jesuit- variance with the British Constitution, ism, ancient and modern, and such books and an insult to the dignity of the throne. (not to be had here,) could be obtained 3. That the decided hostility which has in London immediately. We have or been shown, on former occasions, as ganized a regular public discussion with well as on the present, by slave-holders the Papists in this city, and the priestly to the labours of Christian Missionaries, foxes are continually calling upon us for affords, a convincing proof that the documents, proofs, evidence, &c. and system is irreconcilably opposed to the you know that in these respects we are progress of the Gospel; and ought theremost lamentably deficient. You could fore no longer to be protected by the pot perform a more beneficial service to British Government. the Protestant cause than to bring over 4. That a petition, founded on the fore. with you a quantity of the most impor- going resolutions be forthwith presented tant books upon the Papal Controversy. to both Houses of Parliament, and that as Any minister in England would certainly a general election is expected speedily to devote a superfluous book from his take place, this Board call upon their library in consideration of the public pur friends possessing the elective franchise poses to which it was to be consecrated throughout the united kingdom, to supin the warfare in this country.

port such candidates only as will pledge “I am, your friend and brother, themselves to promote the immediate and

"G. BOURNE." entire abolition of slavery. The writer of this communication

J. B. SHENSTON, Secretary. would only add, that any books on this

To the Honourable the House of Comsubject, addressed to the Rev. O.Winslow, and left in care of Mr. R. Baynes, Pater

mons in Parliament assembled, the noster Row, will be thankfully received

Petition of the undersigned Ministers and promptly forwarded.

meeting at Fen Court, London, con

stituting the Baptist Board, humbly London, July 20th, 1832.

sheweth, That your petitioners, fully convinced

that the principles which have uniformly At a special meeting of the Board of guided the proceedings of the Baptist Baptist Ministers, held at the Mission Missionary Society, have strictly accorded House, Fen Court, July 10, 1832, to with the pacific spirit of the Gospel, and take into consideration the outrages equally satisfied that their Missionaries in lately perpetrated on the persons and Jamaica have acted in conformity with property of the Baptist Missionaries in the instructious given them by the So


ciety, view with indignation the attempt bers to the Commons House of Parliato criminate those Missionaries as parties, ment, as will give the fairest promise of in the late insurrection, and rejoice in effecting the entire and speedy extinction the signally triumphant manner in which

of the Negro's wrongs. I am therefore those base charges have been refuted.. desired to represent to you the great im

That your petitioners contemplate with portance of bringing the subject distinctly the liveliest sympathy, the violent and under the notice of your friends, at this illegal outrages committed on the persons particular crisis, that all of them who and families

of the said Missionaries, and may now have to exercise the elective the serious losses sustained in the destruc. franchise may require a pledge from the tion of the Society's property, and ear

candidates to whom their votes are given, nestly implore from your Honourable that they will support the cause of im. House redress for the past, and protec- mediate emancipation. tion for the future, more especially as I am, dear Brethren, yours truly, your petitioners humbly conceive that

J. B. SHENSTON, Secretary. the proceedings of which they complain

LOYAL ADDRESS OF THE DISSENTING are totally at variance with the British Constitution, and an insult to the digoity

MINISTERS TO THE KING, of the throne.

All our readers have doubtless deplored That your petitioners are fully con the atrocious assault that was committed vinced, from the decided hostility which upon the person of our beloved Sovereigu, has constantly been shown by the great at the Ascot Races, on Tuesday, June body of slave-holders to the labours of 19th, by a profligate old sailor named Christian Missionaries, that the system Dennis Collins. of slavery is irreconcilably opposed to the This brutal attack has called forth exprogress of the Gospel, and therefore do pressions of loyal and grateful attachment earnestly pray that your Honourable from all classes of the King's subjects. House will, without further delay, adopt The body of Dissenting Ministers held a such measures as to your wisdom shall special general meeting, and voted a loyal seem meet, for the immediate and entire address to the King, which was preabolition of that system throughout the sented to His Majesty, at St. James's British dominions.

Palace, on Wednesday, July 11, by

the following deputation : - the Rev. To the Ministers of the Baptist Denomina. tion throughout the Kingdom.

Robert Aspland, Chairman; Thomas

Rees, LL.D. Secretary; Robert Winter, Dear Brethren,-I am directed to

D.D.; John Rippon, D.D.; John Humtransmit to you the preceding reso phrys, LL.D.; W. Wall; J. B. Shenlutions of the Baptist Board, and especi- ston; John P. Smith, D.D.; Wm. Newally to call your attention to the last,

man, D.D. ; John Clayton, Jun. M.A. ; with an earnest request that you will

John Coates; John T. Geary; Arch. read it from your pulpits, and in any Barclay, LL.D.; George Pritchard i practicable way enforce upon your con William Broadfoot; John Arundel ; gregations the importance of acting in

Benjaman Mardon, M.A.; James Yates, conformity with it. The state of our

M.A.; and Thomas Thomas. His Majesty Mission and Churches, in the island of

was graciously pleased to receive the Jamaica, imperatively calls upon us to

deputation in his closet; when the Rev. act with decision and firmness, as the

Dr. Winter read as follows: friends of the slave. To all his other injuries is now added that of a most fierce To the King's Most Excellent Majesty. and cruel persecution for righteousness May it please your Majesty, sake, a persecution of such a nature, We, your Majesty's loyal and dutiful both in the causes from which it has subjects, the Protestant Dissenting sprung and in the spirit by which it has Ministers of the Three Denominations in been marked, as leads at once to the and about the cities of London and conclusion that the existence of Christi. Westminster, humbly approach your anity is incompatible any longer with Majesty's presence, to express our most the existence of slavery, and that one or cordial congratulations upon your Maother in that Colony must cease.

jesty's deliverance from the late atrocious The ensuing elections will afford an assault upon your Majesty's royal person. opportunity of all others the most fa Our thankful acknowledgments are vourable for the expression of feeling on continually presented to the Father of the subject; and such is the state of the Mercies for this instance of his great public mind, that nothing more seems goodness, both to your Majesty and to required than for the various communities the people upder your paternal sway. of Dissenters to act in concert, on the It is our earnest prayer that your Maoccasion, to secure such a return of mem- jesty's invaluable {ife may be long pre

served; that the blessing of the Almighty gust expressed even by Sir Francis Burmay rest on your Majesty's person, on your dett against those by whom the Queen Royal Consort, the Queen, and on the was so atrociously maligned. According whole of your royal family ; and that the to Sir Francis Burdett, there was not a supreme Potentate, by whom kings reign, single gentleman " who did not glow would cause all the measures of your Ma- with the blush of indignant shame, when jesty's Government to issue in the peace he thought of the manner in which the. and prosperity of this great kingdom, and illustrious and exemplary Lady had been the increase of knowledge, liberty, virtue, dragged before the public, and her chaand religion throughout the world. racter and conduct libelled in a manner

And our fervent supplications shall the most distressing and humiliating to not fail to ascend to the throne of the his mind, and, as he was sure it must Divine Grace, that after an extended have been, to the mind of every honourand happy reign, your Majesty may be able man. exalted, by the mercy of God, through “ The feelings expressed by Sir Fran. the mediation of our Redeemer, to a cis Burdett were thoee of an English crown of Glory, unfading and everlasting. gentleman, but the Three Denominations

This address was signed on behalf of the from whose profession of Christianity general body of Dissenting Ministers, by something more might have been exthe members of the Deputation.

pected, not only pronounce no censure His Majesty was pleased to return the upon Mr. Aspland, but actually select following most gracious answer.

him to be their Chairman, and as such to " I return you my thanks for this duti- appear in the Royal presence. We con· ful address. The sentiments which you fess that we marvel much at the bad have expressed on the outrage lately taste both of the Board and Mr. Aspland. offered to me are such as I should have We observe, indeed, that Mr. Fox was expected from your known loyalty. And not present, but when we recollect that I rely with confidence on your attach- Mr. Aspland had done his utmost to heap meni to my person and government, and obloquy on the Queen, to bring Her on your steady support of our invaluable Majesty into contempt, charging her constitution."

with intriguing against the rights of the The compiler of The Court Circular, people, and suggesting that the fate of whose accuracy is proverbial in reporting Queen Vashti might be her portion, we this Deputation, remarks, “ This address do confess that his intrusion into the was also expected to be received on the presence of her Royal Consort on this throne : but being only a deputation occasion, could be viewed as nothing from the general body, they were not better than an insult to His Majesty. entitled to that high honour. It is only We would venture also to suggest to Dr. when the general body attends that, Smith, that as he was present, and took from precedent, they are entitled to re a part in the same meeting, his absence ceive an answer from the throne.”

might also have been more delicate. Led by this veritable authority, the Indeed, the eulogiums heaped by that editors of The Record proceed to their Rev. Gentleman on Mr. Aspland after wonted taste of lecturing the Dissenting he uttered the abuse upon the Queen, Ministers in the following strain.

seemed almost to identify him with Mr. “ Some surprise seems to have been Aspland. We would therefore call upon felt that His Majesty did not honour this Dr. Smith to do justice to himself, and Deputation by receiving their address clear his character with the public, by on the Throne. But when we consider manifesting his abhorrence of the calumwho some of the persons were who com nies uttered against that illustrious, and posed the Deputation, it could hardly be at the same time most amiable and viranticipated that any peculiar mark of tuous, Lady. What value can be placed distinction could be conferred upon on the loyalty of those who do not scruple them, which was not strictly required by to wound the feelings of their Sovereign precedent. His Majesty could not be by attacking his Queen, or making comwholly ignorant of the recent conduct mon cause with those who seek to destroy of the Rev. Mr. Aspland at the Meet the Monarchy.” ing at the Mermaid Tavern in Hack Our readers will be amused to discover ney. His Majesty must be more or less that all this solemn prosing is founded on than man, could be view with com the blunder of the Court Reporter, for placency a body that had selected as their the Dissenting Ministers, since they have Chairman one who had so recently and enjoyed the privilege of approaching the so publicly vilified his Royal Consort in a Sovereign, have never been received on manner so upmanly and distressing. Did the throne but after an accession, and on the Three Denominations altogether for all other occasions, in the royal closet, and get the language of indignation and dis. bydeputation,consequently no disappoint

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to very

ment was felt on the present occasion ; pour out her soul's desire by repeating in fact, it was known by every member many of the exceeding great and precious of the Deputation, that the mode of their promises. reception was arranged when the time of She was frequently engaged in fervent it was appointed. Had the editors of the prayer, particularly for her grand-chil. Record seen the address, they might have dren and other relatives, and domestics spared their remarks respecting the feel who surrounded her dying bed, and affecings of the body towards her majesty the tionately exhorted all who came near Queen.

her to seek the Lord in good earnest, OBITUARY.

assuring them that he was to her soul Mrs. Opy was the wife of Thos. Ody, “the chief of ten thousand, and altogeEsq. one of the deacons of the Church of ther lovely"-"All her salvation and all Christ in Fetter Lane, under the pastoral her desire." care of the Rev. Caleb Morris and the Thus died this aged Christian, May 23, late Rev. Geo. Burder, and the daughter 1832, in the eighty-second year of her of the late Rev. Jas. Webb, who for up- age; just six days previous to her re. wards of twenty-four years sustained the vered friend and pastor, the Rev. Mr. pastoral office in the above place of Burder. They were buried in the same worship with exemplary piety and dis- grave yard, (Bunhill Fields) and their tinguished usefulness. The subject of funeral sermons preached on the same this memoir was born 1750, and having day, June 10; Mr. Burder's in the received early in life very serious impres- morning by Dr. Fletcher, from the sions of the evil of sin and the great Epistle by Jude, 21st verse ; Mrs. Ody's value and efficacy of the atonement of in the evening by Mr. Morris, from He. the Lord Jesus Christ, she became, at the brews ii. 15th verse,

crowded age of nineteen, a candidate for Church assemblies. communion, to the joy and comfort of

Died, June 5, at Cookham Grove, Berkher beloved parents, and continued a humble retired disciple of the blessed

shire, AMELIA LONDON, relict of Broome Jesus for sixty-three years, an example

Witts, Esq. aged 89.

During a long life she was usefully this, worthy the consideration and imita

connected with various religious institution of all young persons, bat especially the children of pious parents and minis. tions, to which she liberally contributed;

the poor in her neighbourhood have lost She was of a delicate bodily habit, but

a sincere friend. Her piety was unof a calm and even temper of mind, sel

affected, and yet fervent, she lived in dom at any period rising to a high degree in the faith of her God and Savionr; her

the fear, rejoiced in the love, and died of spiritnal enjoyment; on the contrary,

last moments are well represented by her she was frequently reduced to very dis

favourite author, Newton :tressing doubts respecting her interest in Christ, owing, probably, to great de

Fainter, her breath, and fainter grew, bility in the nervous system, arising out

Until she breath'd her last; of a peculiar disorder which she endured The soul was gone before we knew with Christian patience and resignation

The stroke of death was past. for nearly fifty years. It was her happi- Soft was the moment and serene, ness, however, during the last few weeks That all her sufferings clos'd ; of her life to experience much joy and No agony nor struggle seen, peace in believing, and was enabled to No feature discompos’d.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS AND MINOR CORRESPONDENCE. Communications have been received from the Rev. Messrs. James Rawson-W.L. Alexander-Thos. Milner-J. B. Shenston-Toos. Scales - Robt. Halley-Samuel Weston-J. Bounsall-G. Croft - Edmund T. Prust-G. Redford -0. WinslowH. Barker-Wm. Clayton-Edward Giles-- James Pinkerton.

Also from Messrs. George Hunter-S. Ines—T. Williams-M, Hutchinson-Hall Tirrell.

We thank Mr. Hutchinson for his frank observations, and we shall be additionally obliged if he will, by his own contributions, or by securing the aid of those who sometimes exercise a little criticism” upon us, try to lessen the evils of which he complains. Our work depends upon the denomination it represents for support, and it is in the power of its literary friends greatly to improve it, if they please.

By an accident, two or three communications received this münth have been lost, which we regret as much as those who favoured us with them can do. May we request that our esteemed correspondents, whose communications are not acknowledged in the above list, will supply us again with copies of the articles, which by this circumstance, never came to our hands.


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