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ON THE STATE OF RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS IN his ark with more joy, although with AN IMPORTANT PART OF GERMANY. much more devotion, than I felt in leav.

ing where I was not only often Kindly translated for this Magazine by a Gentleman in London.

obliged to live in absolute penury, and

was often almost destitute of decept The names of persons and places are clothing, but was also every Sunday, and suppressed, in order to prevent inconve

on other days, grieved almost to death pience to the excellent writer; but that with the Socinian sermons and Jesuitical precaution is unnecessary in the latter conversation of

The inhabitants part of the letter, as the conversion of

parted with me very unwillingly, because, Mr. Lutz, and nearly all his parishioners,

though my parishioners were scattered to the Protestant faith, the sacrifices through ten different places, yet I might which he has made, and the sufferings to have been of service to the town by imwhich he is exposed, have been pub

proving the schools and teachers. * On lished in some of the German periodical

leaving my house, and arriving at the journals.

market-place, I found about forty persons Extract of a Letter from a Lutheran Pastor assembled. These accompanied me, some

of a Parish in the South of Germany, to in carriages and others on horseback, as his Friend in the North of that Country, far as the little town of where a 230 January, 1832.

deputation of two hundred persons from “ Dearly beloved Brother in Jesus [his new parish), were waiting for Christ our Lord, -I should long ago have

me, with the most diversified expectareplied to your kind letters, had it not

tions; for I had been represented to been my constant intention to write you

them by

wy, of the rationalist clergy

as a ma once more a very long letter, for which I fiu sense, capacity, or illu was unable to find the requisite time,

nation, o as a deranged man. either before or after my change of place

the othe others had given me and office. It is but within these few good word. But on my taking leave o days that I have been able again to de

those who had accompanied me from vote a little time to letter-writing, and [the old parish], and who consisted of you shall now have a very copious com

the most respectable and pious inbabitmunication from me. May you peruse

ants of that place, and who had urged it with as much pleasure as I write it! - me with tears to make application for for the religious intercourse which I have their rectorship, and when the teachers with you causes me great delight. Re all heartily thanked me, my new parishceive, first of all, my sincere thanks for ioners looked at each other with astonishyour valued letters, and for the great ment. They then told me, openly and kindness with which you continue to for- unreservedly, what they had heard, both ward those communications which I re good and bad, respecting me, and in what ceive from you, or by your means,

a dilemma they had felt themselves pamely, the excellent 'tracts, Rauten- placed by my nomination to berg's Memorials, &c. &c. I should feel cording to (a periodical paper dehappy in being able, in return, to do you voted to the interests of supranaturalism) some kind office.

they could only expect to find me a person “ It is my intention, at present, to write altogether mean and contemptible. My

friends from to you at some length, but I have to re

wished now to be heard quest you will show this letter to all the in my defence, but to any measure dear friends, to whom I am still indebted, of this kind I could not accede. This with reference to replies and thanks, but was a very remarkable and memorable to whom I cannot now write. My reve- day for us all. On reaching here, in the rend brother, Mr. has perhaps al- evening, at seven o'clock, amidst the ready informed you, that I feel myself ringing of all the bells, which most deepvery happy in my present situation, and ly affected me, nearly 1000 people were daily praise God for his gracious dispen- assembled before the house, whose looks, sations towards me. On the 8th of Sep- expressive of the greatest curiosity, altember, last year, I removed from most pierced me through. I spoke to but ah! with what feelings and sensa

them with affection, and intreated, above tions ! having spent the ten most remarkable years of suffering and enjoyment This devoted minister was really usethat I had ever experienced. Noah ful there, probably to a much greater excould not possibly have descended from tent than he is now aware of.

N.S. NO, 89,

for ac

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all things, their love, and that they would liver to them ; the way in which this comintercede in their prayers for me and mission was to be discharged, not with mine Upon this every individual pressed words of human wisdom, &c.; and the towards me, to squeeze my hand, and experience which I had hitherto had of assure me of his affection. Every one the divine power of the Gospel, for the seemed as if he would ask pardon for the preaching of the cross to them that beprejudices they had cherished, and the lieve,” &c. The Lord, who knew how wrong which in their hearts they might much depended upon this discourse, ashave done me. Soon it came out that the sisted me in it, more than I could have day before they had disagreed respecting asked or thought, and blessed it in such the manner in which they should receive a manner that the whole congregation me; whether it was to be with coldness, (with the exception of those who were or with the appearances of esteem and either entirely infidels, or deeply asleep affection. To this an article [in the Ne- in sin), signified their cordial approbation, ologist paper mentioned above] contri and have ever since loaded me with buted much, wherein it was said, “The proofs of affection and confidence. This darling of the Consistory is at length is also the case with the parochial'school. provided for, and made of There is only one school for 260 children; where he will shortly establish his lullaby and it has been hitherto much neglected; cradle for babes of grace, and embellish a great evil, which must be remedied. it with the sweet unction of [--his pub * I entered upon my ministerial labour lications – with religious 'tracts of all with a cheerful heart, good courage, * kinds, and with chips and shavings from and the warmest gratitude at finding mythe old block of [alluding to a pious self again in the midst of a church. I clergyman in another parish]. Rejoice, immediately commenced the distribution ye inhabitants of the Consistory has of the tracts which I received by your made your cup overflow. But no! re means from the Hamburgh Society, hapjoice not; rather weep and lament, for pily the week after my arrival here, and you are to have a fire-brand.'

which gratified me exceedingly. In the “Such is the style in which this

course of the week scarcely a single copy Journal, in almost every number, attempts was left on hand; every one sought to to ridicule me,

Soon after my arrival, have one of the little books, which they I was inducted [into the living] on which had already heard so much ridiculed. occasion I had to preach my first sermon, But soon it began to be said, ' This is the which excited the expectations of the true doctrine; it was thus that old whole congregation. After the introduc. preached (a Gospel minister, who lived tory discourse of the Rev. Mr. here fifty years ago); thank God that we member of the Consistory, in which he read it again. Things will now, with the commended me to the congregation, I divine blessing, soon mend again. Thus preached from 1 Cor. i. 17-21. In the the tracts became, so to speak, truly exordium I endeavoured 10 show the faithful and blessed assistants and domesdifference between the past and the pre

tic missionaries; and they furnished me, sent, with respect to a Christian minister's when I soon after commenced visiting my entering into office, with 'reference to congregation, the fittest occasions for the both himself and his congregation, what most interesting conversation. I cannot are the mutual obligations and privileges : tell you, my dear brother, how much I am of each; and then stated the manner in indebted to them, and how rapidly they which I intended to discharge the duties assisted in expelling former prejudices of my office, and what gave me conso. against the cause of God One said to lation and encouragement to this course ; " the other, ' Have you this little work? namely, reflection upon Him who had and this ? and that likewise ?' And, in the sent me--the message which I had to de- course of a quarter of a year, more has

been read in the Bible and religious

works, than for a long time previonsly. * The editor of that Journal is a cler. My parish consists of 1900 souls, is in great gyman, a very bitter adversary to the Gos want of Bibles, and was dealt with in the pel. We have heard, from a very credible most unpardonable and disgusting mansource, that he lately addressed the ner by ---, the predecessor of him

children (who came to him, according to whom I succeeded. My iminediate pre** the usages of the Lutheran church, to be decessor was an evangelical and exem

instructed in order to confirmation) upon plary character, but 100 much of the the subject of Christian missions, detailed recluse student, and he troubled himself the false statements of Capt. Kotzebue, too little about the care of souls, which and exclaimed, “ Children, curse these indeed is generally the case in Bavaria. missions !"Ed.

His immediate predecessor, above-men

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as at

tioned, was a very infidel and licentious favour to the Hamburgh Society? You character. His sermons were miserable, see that the tracts assist me most charmand his pretended instruction of the ingly in my operations, and there is children was actually filled with double always a great desire for them. I am entendres, and even foul obscenity. likewise continually applied to by many

“ In short, both church and altar were preachers in and out of my district, for so profaned and defiled by him, that no one tracts I have also collected four Prus. would go to church any more. Under sian dollars for the Tract Society, (one his ministry, the weeds of infidelity rapidly dollar from myself). ( that the tracts increased, and produced with respect to were only something cheaper! For the morals the most shocking results, so that last parcel I was obliged to pay 5 Pr. dolthere are still persons living together un lars.* There is much inquiry for Keith's lawfully; and during the last twenty- little work [on the Prophecies, abridged.] five years, drinking, gaming, and licenti Have the goodness to send ten or a dozen ousness, have tremendously increased copies of it on my account. The WatchOn commencing my visits, when I men maker of Geneva, the Journey from Time tioned things which gave me pain, my to Eternity, the Warning Voice, Sabbuth parishioners knew not what to do; they Occupations, the Sufferings of Christ, and were perfectly surprised, because none Jesus receiveth Sinners, are also much read of their ministers for half a century past here. had taken such a course. The better “ With respect to my dwelling, church, sort rejoiced, thanked me, and assisted income, and vicinity, I have cause for me; while the unbelieving and immoral thankfulness to God." The church is encomplain and ridicule, But the Lord is tirely mine, suitable for weak lungs. I with me, and has already given me to see am occupied every Sunday, from five in many pleasing fruits. There is a con- the morning till nine in the evening: My siderable excitement in the congregation, habitation is very spacious, cheerful, and the services are always numerously at- healthy; and my income not so uncertain tended, and my house is also daily visited

and about 200 florins more; by such as are seeking salvation. A small so that I can now apply something for the number is already awakened amongst education of my children, and particnlarly whom is a treasury clerk, who, I expect to the support of my older son, who is with fod's help, will be a second Timothy 10 years old, a boy of much ability,

He already hoids private meet at the Gymnasium of ---, with less opings, collects subscriptions for the Bible pressive carefulness. I could have here and Missionary Societies, and bears the scarcely an hour to spare, for teachiug contempt of the unbelieving with Chris. him languages, which is at present so tian steadfastness and resignation. much regarded in Bavaria. He has been

My deanery comprises six parishes, at since 31st of Oct. Iasi, and is the with the oversight of 20 schools. With 9th in rank, of 27 other scholars, who respect to my subordinate preachers, I are most of them older than he. I am am very fortunate. The most of them unable to tell you how happy I feel, in are young men of talent, susceptible of being able to work and live with somewhat good impressions, abhorring rationalism, less care, in my many occupations, which and much attached to me. They have could well employ three or four persons. read my periodical work since its first “ Fourteen days after my arrival here, publication; and have received me joy. I had to feel very painfully what it was to fully. I have also succeeded in establish- be called a mystic dean, and consequently ing conferences of ministers, which are to stand in a contemptible light in the very interesting and beneficial to all. eyes of the proud. I had to install into They distribute tracts ' and other pious office, as suffragan preacher, a truly works with pleasure. The same is the able and gospel minister. Now with us case with many of the schoolmasters, so there exists the evil arrangement of doing that I could still make use of thousands this in conjunction with a civil commisof tracts to supply my deanery and dis- sary, generally the chief magistrate for trict. By means of tracts, I can operate the district, or one of his assessors. daily many miles around ; every one is A subordinate officer was delegated on desirous of them, but I can obtain no this occasion, a very licentious and en: payment for them. Every thing is ex. tirely infidel character, extremely adpected from me gratis. To this the people dicted to drunkenness, and who boasts have been accustomed; for when I be of his unbelief under the title of enlightgan to distribute tracts in various parts of ened reason. This man undertook to Bavaria, I could only get the people to take them without paying. Conld you, * The translator supposes this was for my dearest brother, speak a word in my carriage alone.

to me.


make me feel the superiority of infidelity desirous, with many of my friends, to over mysticism, and if possible publicly hear the result, but expect, with regard to disgrace me.

But he had not courage to myself, that it will end very favourfor this in a sober state, he therefore ably. Should, however, the reverse be aided his spirits with wine and brandy, iu any measure the case, I should be and came to church intoxicated. In the under the necessity of publishing the midst of my sermon, on the words, ‘I whole statement; as within a month afterwill give you pastors after mine own wards, the affair was reported through heart, who shall feed you with know the whole of Bavaria, and misrepresented ledge and understanding :' he stood up in the most false and shameful manner. before the whole numerous congregation, and cried out, ' I must solemnly protest

(To be continued.) against this ;' but he became quiet again, on my replying, that he had there nothing THE EXIT OF THE SEPARATION BIBLE to protest against, and ought not to disturb the worship. In the speech he made It cannot be concealed,” says the after my sermon, he intended every Record, “ that the first attempt which word should pierce me ; he spoke of the has been made by using separation as an inclination of so many of the clergy to instrument to induce the British and Ultramuntanism, Jesuitism, and mysti. Foreign Society to yield the points at cism, and although himself a nominal present in dispute, has signally failed!Roman Catholic, yet he warned the On Thursday, the 12th of April, a newly installed preacher, not to go back special general meeting of the original to Rome, but forward, like the great subscribers only of the Trinitarian Bible Luther, &c. After the service was over, Society, and from which all other persons, supported by the other clergy, I called

even reporters, were most carefully shut him to a serious account respecting his out, was held at Exeter Hall, to discuss improper behaviour, and particularly the necessity of an additional test, in the disturbance he had occasioned, his order to exclude the disciples of Edward miserable prating about mysticism, &c. Irving from their holy fellowship.-and declared that I would inform the Says the same Journal, “ The greatest Consistory and the Government of it, on number present, at any part of the day, which he withdrew from the parsonage ladies and gentlemen together, was 105. house, without partaking of the dinner, Of these, fifteen were supposed to have as is customary, and went to an inn, retired without voting, three declined to where he drank to excess, and scoffed at vote, the minority (for an additional test), my mysticism in the most mean and vul consisted of 39; the majority, a very gar manner.

He did the same thing on large proportion of which may be prethe way at an inn kept by a Catholic, sumed to have been Irvingites, was 48. and at length arrived here about 9 So that, even as it regards numbers, to o'clock, when he had nothing to do. In what has the magnificent meeting dwinone of the inns of the town he continued dled which assembled at the formation of railing at me, until a Jew, and several this Society!” housekeepers with him, threatened to If those parties are not greatly mapush him out of doors. I immediately ligned, it was a most disorderly and disinformed the Consistory and the Govern- graceful scene, which closed in the resigment, yet sparing the man as far as I nation of the leading elders of this new could. But as he had recourse, in his Trinity Company, who were compelled to official report, to the most scandalous flee from the tottering ruins of that spifalsehoods, a particular account was re ritual lighthouse which they had fondly quired from me by the Consistory of the dreamed was to warn the churches of government, which grew to the length of the dangerous shoals of “ false doctrine, five folio pages. This was on the 9th of heresy, and schism.” October last, and I am now daily expect Thus, after six months of solemn preing to know the result. This event gave paration, four months of feverish and me a fine opportunity of preaching Christ worse than profitless existence, after to the civil authorities in my copious ac wasting many hundred pounds in adver: count of it, and to enlarge upon the tisements, postage, statements, and what senseless and unconscionable outcry made not; after exciting a controversy which by the civil power at mysticism, * so has occupied the minds and exhausted called, mystic preachers, &c. I am very the time and energies of many gifted med,

who might have been more beneficially In many parts of Germany, all who employed, after having endangered the make a profession of serious religion, are peace, unity, and usefuloess of the best called mystics.

human institution the world ever saw ;





after having suspended, in many places, ministers and teachers of religion whom the circulation of God's word; after hav their parents shall prefer. ing given to infidels and Socinians occa And that being fully persuaded, that in sion to sneer at the most sacred mysteries the present critical condition of Ireland, of our common faith, these rash, intem this is the most eligible plan of ensuring perate, intolerant men are left to illustrate a national and religious education in that the saying of one of their own church, country, of promoting the civil, moral, “Schism was their sin, and schism is and spiritual improvement of the Irish their punishment.”

people, and of guarding the tranquillity and advancing the prosperity of the

United Kingdom, this body agrees to ING MINISTERS ON THE IRISH EDU- petition both houses of Parliament to

give their sanction and support in carryAt an extraordinary meeting of the

ing into effect the measure devised by general body of Protestant Dissenting

His Majesty's government for the educa. Ministers of the Three Denominations,

tion of the poor of Ireland. residing in and about the cities of London

Thomas Rees, Hon. Sec. and Westminster, holden at the Library, Redcross-street, on Thursday, April 19, 1832, the Rev. F. A. Cox, LL.D., in the chair;

MEETING, DEIt was resolved,-- That this body is

CEMBER 16, 1831. deeply impressed with a sense of the duty of a Christian community to provide for Your Committee have the pleasure the education of the whole people, as to state, that during the past year, their the best security for social order and har protection has been claimed only in one mony, and as the most likely means, nnder instance, where a trustee of a congregathe blessing of the Divine Providence, tion in the country has been complained to promote the true knowledge of the of for withholding title-deeds, and money, Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the forming part of the endowment of a chafear and worship of Almighty God. pel. Your Committee have caused an in

That we consider all education essen vestigation to be made into the circumtially defective which does not include stances, in the hope that an amicable adinstruction in the Holy Scriptures, which justment will be effected. we regard as the only sure ground of Pursuant to the arrangement referred faith, the unerring rule of life, and the to in the report of your Committee last infallible guide to immortality.

year, relative to the Marriage Law, That experience teaches us, at the the have held several meetings with same time, that the Holy Scriptures can deputations from the Protestant Society not be taught effectually and universally and the Unitarian Association upon this in a course of national education, without important subject; but it is considered a constant and cautious observance of the most prudent still to delay bringing for. great principle of the right of private ward any specific measure, occupied as judgment, and that any violation of this the government and parliament of the principle tends to prolong the reign of country are with momentous affairs, some prejudice, to excite uncharitableness, to of which directly bear upon the proposed degrade the Bible from its sacred use, alterations in the Marriage Law, and the and to pervert it into an instrument of registration of births and burials. discord and division.

Your Committee refer with much saThat, with these impressions, we have tisfaction to the petitions presented from witnessed with much satisfaction the ap this Deputation to the House of Compointment by His Majesty's government mons in February last, for the removal of a commission for administering the of all civil disabilities affecting the Jews, funds granted by Parliament for the edu as an evidence that this Deputation is still cation of the poor of Ireland--the Com the strenuous and consistent advocate for missioners consisting of persons belonging

civil and religious liberty. • to different religious denominations in Your Committee would draw your at

that country, and appointed under in- tention, in the last place, to a circumstructions which provide for the use of stance, which can hardly fail to prove such scriptural lessons in the schools, as peculiarly gratifying to every member of may be agreed on by all the Commission. this deputation in particular, and to Disers, and also for setting apart one or two senters generally : as affording an oppordays in the week for the religious educa tunity of rendering some return to a tion of the children by the respective Nobleman, for whose services on their be

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