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respective Articles of faith, and which useful, if God permit, to all the Proall the ministers of the Cantons of Berne testant churches, it ventures to claim and of Vaud subscribe in the Helvetic the co-operation of all the Gospel. It Confession of Faith.

presumes to solicit, in the name of 2. This Institution does not profess to Christ, their help, their counsels, their identify itself with the ecclesiastical

prayers, and their zealous efforts. forms of any particular church. Separate accounts will be kept of all peFounded on the broadest basis, it offers cuniary assistance received from abroad, the right hand of fellowship to all ard will be duly cominunicated to the churches. Besides its students properly religious public. so called, its lectures will be open to The founders of this school desire that persons of all religious persuasions. In the churches should know that it is undeed, it is hoped that pupils of the aca dertaken in faith. When they resolved demies of France, of Switzerland, and to establish it, they saw only the necesGermany will devote to its course of sity of the Institution, and their own instruction some portion of their period inability for the undertaking. It was in of study, in order to settle their faith by faith they looked for means and for a more enlarged research and more ex success. In taking upon themselves a tended examination of the Scriptures, task of which both the importance and and thus to “ prove all things, and hold the extent were apparent, they believed fast that which is good.” For, if the themselves encouraged to commit the Protestant religion consists, as some have issue with humble confidence into the affirmed, in examining ;” the Christian hands of Jesus Christ, the Eternal Head religion consists in believing" after of the Church. To him accordingly they baving examined. But the Institution, committed it, and on his faithfulness in wishing to render itself useful to all they rely. the churches which have preserved the If, then, we are asked for the motives fundamentals of the faith, and which which prompted us to desire this esladesire to possess pastors according to the blishment, our authority for commencing mind of God, wishes noi to be regarded the work, and our means of completing as, in itself, a church. As its only aim it, we think that one fact will serve as will be to prepare youths for preaching answer to every question :--This school the Gospel of Christ, and fulfilling the was indispensable to the interests of true duties of the sacred ministry, its pupils, religion: hence our motive. If indisat the termination of their studies, will pensable, it became a duty to undertake be free to seek ordination from whatever it: hence our authority. And, if it was church will best satisfy their convictions our duty to undertake it, doubtles it and suit their necessities.

becomes a duty to rely on the help and 3. The Directors of the school will blessing of God our Saviour ; hence our endeavour to promote the welfare of the hope of success. Where the evil is great, students entrusted to their charge to the duty is imperative; where duty, is imbest of their ability in all respects. As perative, the promises of God are comits means shall permit, the number of mensurate ; and when God gives prothe professors will be increased, and the nises, our faith should lay hold of them. range of instruction extended; and en We have done so. " If this work be of deavours will be made to found bursaries, men, it will come to nought;" but if it or exhibitions, for some of the pupils, on be of God, it must prosper, either by our the same footing with the stipends which agency or that of others. the French students receive in the Aca We have said that this school was indemies of Geneva, Strasburg, and Mon- dispensable ; and it is but too easy to tauban.

prove the fact. If the youths who go to 4. The Société Evangélique commends the academies of France and Geneva to this Institution to all the churches. qualify themselves for the ministry of It has found in its committee the re the Word of life, are there taught the sources required to lay the foundation of Unitarian doctrines; if the very truths, its plan, and hitherto no foreign aid has for the sake of which our professorships been received.* But as the good con were founded, our schools opened, and templated is not limited to Geneva, and our institutions formed, are there conthe Association desires to render itself demned ; if the studies in those schools

are not free, that is to say, if the pupils

attached to the faith of the Apostles and * A contribution of 500 francs has sub. Reformers are not at liberty to follow sequently been received from an asso the instructions which correspond with ciation in England.

their faith and satisfy their cousciences;


if picus parents, desirous of devoting academy affords for preparatory studies in their sons to the ministry of the Gospel, the physical and mathematical sciences; are compelled to condemn them to con finally, tbe freedom of our civil and posume the four best years of their youth litical institutions, and the protective in studies which subvert the foundations character of an impartial government ;-of our faith; in a word, if it be true that all these considerations concur to perArianism saps the very foundations of the suade us that this is the spot where a Gospel, then assuredly the establishment school, wbich has become necessary to of a new school of theology was indis so many churches using our language, pensable.

may be best established, and thus to In thus saying, we are but stating a point out our line of duty. fact well known to the Church of Christ. As soon as we clearly perceived the Indeed, those who teach the new doc obligation which has devolved upon us, trines in the theological chairs have we hastened, confiding in God only, to themselves proclaimed it in recent pub take steps to fulfil it; and we formed lications; and, while we appreciate the this resolution without the outward recandour which has at length brought to sources which will be indispensable light such an evil, we consider it obliga without the professors who must be astory on all Christians, not only to desire, sociated with us-without even any cerbut to labour assiduously to provide a tainty as to the students who may be dis. remedy.

posed to avail themselves of our plans. If, then, we have presumed to propose

For all these things we have put our a remedy, it is because it behoved some trust in the Lord; and already, by his one to offer it; and if we entertain the grace, in regard to more than one object, persuasion that God will take this work our faith is exchanged for sight. His into his all-powerful hands, it is because goodness has vouchsafed the most evident it is his own cause, and not ours..

tokens of his blessing : “For thou, Lord, Would to God that others had anti art head above all : both riches and hos cipated us! Would to God that, nour come of thee, and thou reignest now, men more devoted, and more capa over all; and in thine hand is power and ble,“

laying to heart the ruin of Jeru- might. All hearts are in thine hand, salem," and strengthening their hands and thou turnest them whithersoever thou for this good work,” might assume our

wilt. He that trusteth in Him shall not place, and cry, in our stead,

be confounded." misery-come, and let us rebuild our We presume, then, to hope that God walls.” Assuredly we should most grate will deign to send us Cbristian youths fully unite with them, and embrace them desirous of consecrating their lives to him cordially; well understanding that, in “ who loved them, and gave himself a preferring them to us, God would speak ransom for their souls. Many will to us as to David, “ Thou shalt not doubtless avail themselves eagerly of the build me this house ; nevertheless thou assistance which is provided for them, didst well, inasmuch as it was in thine though they must expect at the close of heart to build me this house."

their studies, from the Lord and not Our belief that the Church of Genera from us, the future employment of their is more especially called to the perform. talents and zeal ; and in this way our ance of a duty whose object pertains to Institution will become the proof and all the churches, is not founded merely measure of the faith which auimates upon the consideration that the seat of them. Need they be anxious as to their the evil is bere. Many considerations ministry, if they commit the future to concur to point out this city as the most the Great Shepherd of souls ?" He has suitable site for the establishment which the key of David—when he opens, no it is the object of this address to ani man can shut; and when he shuts, none nounce.

can open.

We invite them in faith, and The ancient reputation of a church, in faith let them come. In these days of rendered illustrions by the names of convulsions in states and churches, how Farel, Calvin, Viret, and Theodore Beza; many new doors are likely to be opened the custom of the French churches,

to the Word of Life ?. It is labourers who during three centuries, to send their are wanted for the fields, rather than students to our city; the hope shall we

fields for the labourers. We live not in say, that, like Israel, she is still“ beloved common times. Whether we look to the for the father's sake;" the advantages world or to the church, it is plain there also which she enjoys in regard to social never was a period which called more order and intelligence; the great'number urgently for the preaching, by every me. of enlightened Christians which she pos- thod, of that Gospel which' necessarily sesses; the great facilities which her precedes all improvement; which alone.

N.S. NO. 88.

« Behold our

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has more than once resuscitated, and, as which theological criticism has made in it were restored to the vigour of youth, Germany, the Directors have deemed it the nations of Europe and Asia ; and right to apply for the assistance of a Prowhich alore, in announcing to man the fessor of that country, whose character love of God, in speaking seldom of his will authorize the entire confidence of rights, but always of his duties, imparts the friends of the Gospel.” to nations, as to vuls, life by

neans of

To promote the accomplishment of this peace - happiness by means of charity- important undertaking, a Committee of and liberty, by the submission of the Correspondence has been formed in this heart to the will of God. The church country of respectable ministers and laywill discern the signs of the times-she men, belonging, we believe exclusively, will speedily summon to her service nu in the national churches of England and merous workmen. She will perceive that, Scotland. amidst the shock of the very elements of The Société Evangélique of Geneva, society, it is only the Spirit of God, shed “ does not profess to identify itself with abroad by the preaching of the Gospel, the forms of any particular church ;” but that can, as in the beginning, mould the with fraternal regard, addresses “ the chaos into form, or arrest the disruption churches and faithful brethren of Prowhich threatens all nations. The churches testant Christendom,” including, we prewill understand their commission. New sume, the Methodist, Baptist, and Conlabourers will be required. The youths gregational churches of these kingdoms. who wish to preach Jesus Christ, must We know not then how it happens that qualify themselves to do the work of all the members of these denominations, Evangelists. Nourished in the words of which have in various ways evinced a faith and of sound doctrine, they must lively interest in the revival of evangeseek, by fervent prayer and sacred studies, lical sentiments, and in the growth of the teaching of the Holy Spirit, and that religious freedom amongst the Protestant “ wisdom which cometh from above, churches of France and Switzerland, have which is first pure, then peaceable, full been overlooked in the formation of the of mercy and good fruits."

Committee of Correspondence, but we are The Société Evangélique addresses itself confident of this that whatever reasons by this circular to all the friends of the may have induced that omission, and Gospel of Christ. It relies on their as which of course are best known to those sistance, because it relies on the mercy who organized the Committee, the of God to dispose them to grant it. If churches of Switzerland have not warmer, they disapprove of the project, they will more prayerful, and affectionate friends acquaint us with their objections: if they than may be found amongst those denoapprove of it, they will rejoice to help us. minations which have been thus passed

* Who is there among you of all his by. We beg leave cordially to recompeople who will engage in this work! mend the object to our readers. His God be with him!”

“ The beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish thou the work of our hands !”

The course of instruction of the Theo During the first six months of last logical School will embrace four divisions. year (1831,) it has been computed that

1. Exegetic Theology-namely, the in a special religious anxiety was felt in terpretation of the Old and New Testa- scarcely less than fifteen hundred towns, ments and Introduction to Sacred Cri. in all the parts of the United States, and ticism.

that more than fifty thousand persons pro2. Historical Theology-namely, Church fessed within that period to have become History-History of Sects — Ecclesias- partakers of the blessings of salvation tical Statistics - Biblical Archeology - through Christ Jesus. From 300 to 400 Christian Antiquities.

of this number are members of various 3. Systematic Theology-namely, Dog- colleges. Many others are eminent in matic, Moral, Apologetic, together with knowledge and weight of character, and what may be termed an Encyclopedia of as far removed from the influence of mere Theological Science.

enshusiasm as any men in the community. 4. Practical Theology - namely, Church In the principal cities which have been sigGovernment and the Service of the nally favoured, and in many other places, Church, including Homiletic, Cateche- protracted meetings have been held, getical, and Pastoral instructio,

nerally of four consecutive days, in which The Directors of the school will entrust the gospel has been faithfully and plainly the above course of introduction to men preached. The services on these occadistinguished for their attachment to sions have generally differed very little sound doctrine, Considering the progress from those of the Sabbath.





BIBLE SOCIETY CONTROVERSY. The advantages possessed by the PuWe have been favoured with the fol- pils of this noble Establishment, are exlowing proceedings of the Committee of bibited in an Advertisement on the Wilts Auxiliary British and Foreign Wrapper, to which we with confidence Bible Society, (specially convened,) at

refer our readers, as our personal knowthe Town-Hall, Devizes, on Friday the ledge confirms its accuracy. 27th of January, 1832. respecting the THE NATIONAL FAST DAY. question which has agitated the parent Wednesday, March 21st, was observed Society, and we cordially wish that in in London, and we believe throughout every Auxiliary thronghout the kingdom, the Kiugdom, with great solemnity. the question were discussed and settled The Protestant Dissenters, with a very with equal firmness and temper.

few exceptions, kept it as a day sacred to It was resolved unanimously,

the Lord, and their Chapels in the MeThat this meeting fully approves of the tropolis were unusually crowded. Liplan, object, and principles, of the British beral coilections were made also for the and Foreign Bible Society; and exp'esses poor, which have in many cases, been its unfeigned gratitude to Almighty God, disbursed through the visitors of the for the signal manifestations of divine Christian Instruction Society. favour, bestowed for so many years on its operations, diversified and extended as they have been, in the various quarters Having announced in our January of the globe.

Number the project of establishing a That it will continue, (in humble reli New Weekly Paper, “devoted to ance on that Divine Being, without whose the support of the great principles held aid nothi:g is strong, nothing is lioly,) in common by British nonconformists," to support, with unabated zeal and perse and having also recorded our conviction verance, the British and Foreign Bible that it would be committed to the hands Society as originally constituted.

of an Editor, whose literary and That, moreover, this Meeting is firmly personal attainments would ensure a convinced, that to exclude any person temperate but firm exhibition of the from the Society, merely on the ground opinions held by the great body of Evanof religious belief or practice, would be gelical Dissenters, we are happy, now totally at variance wiih the first princi- that Six Numbers of The Patriot are ples on which it was founded, and by before us, to express the satisfaction we which it has been uniformly governed. feel, in finding our anticipations fully

That it is the decided opinion of this realized meeting. that the only legitimate method On the great questions of Reform-of convincing those who differ from theni, Tithes -- Irish Education - The Bible Sois to employ solid arguments, avoiding all ciety, &c. articles have appeared, which, vituperation ; and that, if they cannot •for perspicuous and energetic statement, reconcile all opinions, they will, at least, and enlarged and correct principles, endeavour to unite all hearts in the simple would do honour to any journal, and and noble object of circulating the Scrip. which have met with the warní aptures without note or comment. 6. Cha- proval of many enlightened and pious rity suffereth long and is kind; charity nonconformists. envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself; If a larger amount of decidedly reliis not puffed up ; doth not behave itself gious intelligence were found in its pages, upseemly; seeketh not her own ; is not it will be all that we could wish it to be; easily provoked.”

and we are happy to know that arrangements are now in progress, to secure a

greater supply in that department of We are happy to learn that the Com- information. mittee of this admirable Institution have We beg very cordially to recommend resolved to render their Establishment that Journal, which for beauty of typocomplete, by the immediate erection of a graphy and general interest, will sustain Chapel on the premises, which will har a comparison with the best Weekly monize with the other parts of their noble Papers. edifice, and prove to their interesting charge, that they do not wish them to The 118th Meeting of the Associated dwell in a ceiled house, while the house of Congregational Ministers of the County of the Lord lieth waste.

Essex, will be held at the Rev. R. RobinA subscription has been opened to son's, Witham, on Monday the 16th Inst., wards the Building, which we trust will at four, P. M.; and on the following day, be liberally promoted.

the Anniversary of the County Union



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will be held at the same place, at eleven of the mystery of minds of the strictly oriA. M. The Rev. H. Murch, of Colches- ginal cast. The precision with which ter, has engaged to preach on the occa our departed friend would hold the basion.

lances between error and truth, and the The Reverend Eustace Carey, late of skill with which he would analyze the Calcutta, is expected to preach the An- properties of the one, and delineate the Dual Sermon for the relief of the Neces beauties of the other, bespoke the penesitous Widows and Children of Protestant tration of his genius; and the tenacity with Dissenting Ministers, on Wednesday the which he would retain a subject, how11 th April next, at the Rev. J. E. Giles's, ever evasive, within his grasp, was indiSalters' Hall Chapel, Cunnon Street.- cative of the vigour of his understanding : Service to begin at 12 o'clock at noon he seemed indeed not only to throw the precisely. The subscribers and friends light of his mind on whatever subject he to the Society will dine together on the approached, but literally to pierce and to same day, at the Albion Tavern, Alders- transfuse it with its beams. Among other gate Street.

characteristics, the mind we are survey. CHARACTERISTIC SKETCH OF THE LATE ing, was adorned with the rare but MACK, PASTOR

charming feature of wit, which is raBAPTIST CHURCH, CLIP STONE, NORTH

ther a property than a faculty of being,

and is not to be regarded as a separate The Baptist denomination and church of attribute of the mind, so much as the Christ have been called to sustain another exquisite music which is occasioned, by loss in the decease of Mr. Mack, who has the playful harmony of its parts. If it be been called to his rest when he had just admitted that this is a dangerous, it is unattained the maturity of his powers and doubtedly a most fascinating, property : the climax of his usefulness. His re

its suitable exercise occasions great de. mains were buried at Clipstone, on Mon- light to its subject, while it administers day, Nov. 14, when the Rev. Walter to the intellectual gratification of others, Scott, of Rowell, delivered a funeral ora and surely he may be forgiven who is tion at the grave, and the Rev. J. P. occasionally lavish in the indulgence of a Mursell, of Leicester, preached the fune- distinguishing prerogative, whose legitiral serinon. That gentleman having been mate exercise may awaken the chords of a requested to furnish us with the close of thousand minds. This property, it is true, is his discourse, he kindly consented, and sometimes mimicked by humour, and aped we cheerfully insert it, to express our by drollery; but, to confound these with the fraternal regard for the denomination to refined spirit of wit, is to mistake the which he belongs, and with the hope that glimmering of the meteor for the light of it may excite the attention of our benevo- the morning star. In connection with lent readers to the urgent claims of the this, he possessed the imitative faculty destitute widow and children of the la to an astonishing degree, while from the mented deceased.

storehouse of his mind he would, as occaMr. Mack possessed a mind of the very sion required,emit gleains of satire,which, first order, and if it did not take the pre- though pungent, were never malignant. cedence among the of its class, it was

Whenever these escaped him, they were from no defect in nature, but from the ac easily distinguishable the blasts of pas. cidents which were attendant on his early sion, by the pure light which attended education. A discriminating judgment; them, and from the fashes of a querulous a fine imagination, combined with a rich spirit by the tranquillity which succeeded native taste, appeared to form the outline them: they were totally devoid of effort, of an intellect which, for beauty and and may be recognised as the emanations of compactness has been seldom surpassed. nature, as a sudden coruscation from some Although it may have been exceeded in vein of light which ran through his mighty the mightiness and amplitude of its pow. spirit, and which, in its effect, resembled ers, it has not often been equalled in the the lightning of heaven,amidst the serenity delicacy of its structure, and in the symme of a partially clouded sky. With these try of its parts, and while perhaps it was

intellectnal attributes our friend united pot distinguished by profundity, it cer a set of instinctive properties, by which tainly was not shaded and disfigured by they were rather irradiated than eclipsed; obscurity: it seemed to resemble a súb- the sight of misery in its mildest forms, stantial, elegant, and ornate abode, with was appalling to him, and a tale of woe each of its apartments, wisely proportion- would sieze at once on his fancy and his ed and skilfully arranged, and whose re feelings; his lofty mind was covered, cesses were fitly and usefully constructed, though not concealed, with a variegated though not unusually commodious or robe, which was wrought of the finest deep : it bad all the accuracy without any sympathies of our nature,

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