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Cure: charge ('cure of souls '). Exhalation : meteor. III. ii. p. I. iv. p. 56.

118. Dear: dearly. II. ii. p. 76. Fail: childlessness. I. ii. p. 46. Deliver: speak, declare. II. ii. Failed: died. I. ii. p. 48.

Faints me: makes me faint. II. Demure : solenn., I. ii. P: 47.

iii. p. 84. Derived: “to him - drawn Faith: good faith. II. i. p. 68. upon him. II. iv. p. 86.

Father: here used for 'father-in. Desperate : reckless.

law. II. i. p. 63. 101.

Fearful: afraid. V. i. p. 152. Difference : dispute, quarrel. I. Fellow: equal. I. iii. p. 52. i. p. 32.

Fellows: companions, comrades. Discerner: judge, critic. I. i. II. i. p. 65.

Fierce: immoderate. I. I. p. 30. Discovers : reveals. V. iii. p. 163. File: list. I. i. p. 31. Displeasure : disgrace. III. ii. Filed with: kept pace with. III.

ii. p. 115. Disposed: applied, employed. Fire-drake: fiery dragon, meteor. I. ii. p. 45.

V. iv. p. 171. Distinctly: with due differentia. Fit: “fit of the face,” grimace.

tion and attention to each item. I. iii. p. 50; suitable. II. ii.

I. i. p. 29.
Divorce : the long

of Flawed: broken. I. i. p. 32; steel,” the axe, the instrument damaged. I. ii. p. 40. severing the union of soul and Flowing: plenteous.

II. iii. p. body. II. i. p. 65.

81. Easy: with roads," by

Fool and feather: plumes were 138.

the characteristic ornament of Ego et Rex meus :

the jester's cap (here an allusion King.' III. ii.p. 122. (See Notes.) to the French fashion of wear. Emballing: investment with the ing plumes). I. iii. p. 51. ball, one of the insignia of For: as for. II. ii.


72. royalty, used with the sceptre Force: urge. III. ií. p. 106.

at a coronation. II. iii. p. 81. Forged: framed. I. ii. p. 48. Embracement: embrace. I. i. Forty hours: used for an indefi.

nite time.' III. ii. p. 119. End: “the " at the bottom. Forty pence: a coinmon sum for II. i. p. 63.

& wager. II. iii. p. 83. Envious: malicious. II. i. p. 63. Frame: plan, devise. I. ii. p. 42. Envy: hatred.

II. i. p. 66 ; Free: freely. II. i. p. 65. malice. III. I. p. 102.

Free of your report: innocent Equal: equally

I. i. p. 85; of the charge made against me. impartial, equitable. II. ii. p. II. iv. p. 89. 76.

French king's sister: the Queen Estate : state. II. ji. p. 74.

of Navarre. II. ii. p. 72. (See Even: blameless, pure. III. i. Notes.)

Fret: rub away. III. ii. p. 111. Ever: “not " not always. From: of. III. ii.


120. V. i. p. 154.

Fullers: cloth cleaners. I. ii. p.

41. Evils: privies. II. i. p. 65. Examination : deposition. I. Furnished : arrarged. II. ii. p. i. p. 33.

78. Exclamation : outcry. I. ii. p. Furniture : equipment. II. i. p. 42.


easy stages. IV. il. Vi and my

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p. 79:

Gainsay: deny, contradict. II. Hedges: goes by sideways. IIL
iv. p. 89.

ii. p. 108.
Galled: hurt, wounded. III. ii. Height: “to the

" in the

highest degree. I. ii. p. 50.
Gamester: "a merry

& Held: considered. I. iii. p. 52;
frolicsome fellow.

I. iv. p.

"it not," it was false. II.

i. p. 69.
Gaping: bawling. V. iv. p. 169. His: its. I. i. p. 29.
Gave: misgave. V. iii. p. 165. Hylling: tossiug to and fro. II.
Gay'st: didst impute to. III.

iv. p. 94.
ii. p. 120.

Husband : manager. III. ii. p.
Gives : makes. III. ii. p. 106.

Gladded : gladdened. II. iv. p. In: about. II. iv. p. 89.

III : vicious. IV. ii. p. 139.
Gladding: gladdening. V. i. p. Incensed : informed.' v. 1. p. 149.

Indifferent: impartial. fi. iv.
Glistering: glistening. II. iii.

Indurance: durance, confine-
Gloss : “painted —," specious ment. V. i. p. 153.
argument. V. iii. p. 163.

Innumerable substance:
Go about: attempt. I. i. p. 84. told riches. III. ii. p. 123.
Going-out: expedition. I. i. p. In open: in public. III, ii. p.

Good : benefactor. IV. ii. p. 140. Interpreters: “sick

Gossips: sponsors. V. v. p. 174, judiced critics. I. ii. p. 43.
Government: self-control, II. Ipswich: Wolsey's birthplace.
iv. p. 91.

1. i. p. 34.
Grief: grievance. I. ii. p. 42. Issues: sons. III. ii. p. 121.
Grieve at: resent. II. i. p. 63. Item: further. III. ii. p. 122.
Grosser : coarser. I. ii. p. 43.

Its : its own. I. i. p. 28.
Guarded: faced. Prologue p. 26. Jaded: treated like jades, bo-
Guy: Sir Guy of Warwick. V. fooled. III. ii. p. 120.

iv. p. 170. (See Colbrand.') Justify: vindicate. I. ii. p. 89.
Halidom: an oath (anything re- Keech: the spare fat of an animal

garded as sacred); V. i. p. 153. rolled up by a butcher for the
Hall: "the Westininster tallow merchant, hence a com-
Hall. II. i. p. 61.

mon name for a butcher; here
Happiest : best disposed to used in contemptuous allusion

apprehend, most intelligent. to Wolsey's parentage. I. i. p.
Prologue p. 26.

Happily: haply. IV. ii. p. 188. Kimbolton : the castle of that
Hardly: harshly. I. ii. p. 44. name in Huntingdonshire. IV.
Hard-ruled: hard to rule. III.

i. p. 131.
ii. p. 111.

Koock it: beat time. I. iv. p. 61.
Hayo-at-him: assault, attack. Lag: long-delayed. I. iii. p. 52.
II. ii. p. 75.

Large commission: a warrant
Have at you: the warning given with full powers. III. ii. p. 122.

in fencing, &c., before attack. Late marriage: the marriage
ing. III. ii. p. 122.

till lately held to be valid. IV.
Having: possession. II. iii. p. i. p. 181.
79; III. ii. p. 114.

Lay: lodged, resided, dwelt. IV.
He: man. V. iii. p. 166.

i. p. 131.
Heart: “the best

Lay by the heels: put in the
core. I. ii. p. 89.

stocks. V. iv. p. 172.

" the very

p. 142.

Lay upon: bring against. III. Mincing: affectation. II. iii. p. ii. p. 120.

80. Learnedly: with the learning of Minds: "their royal

" their a lawyer. II. i. p. 63.

loyalty to the king. iv. i. p. Leave: cease, leave off. IV. ii. 130.

Mistaken: misjudged, misconLegatine: pertaining to a legate. strued. I. i. p. 37. II. ii. p. 123.

Mistakes: misunderstands. III. Let him be: even if he is. IV.

i. p. 101. ii. p. 145.

Model: image. IV. ii. p. 144. Level: aim. I. ii. p. 89.

Modest: moderate. V. iii. p. 163. L ko it: may it please. I. i. p. Modesty: moderation. IV. ii. p. 32.

140. Limbo Patrum: prison. In Moe: more. III. ii. p. 109.

scholastic theology, the edge or Montacute: Henry Pole, Lord utmost limit of Hell; the abode Montacute. I. i. p. 38. of the patriarchs and saints Moorfields: the fields, north of who died before the corning of the City, where the train bands

Jesus Christ. V. iv. p. 171. were exercised. V. iv. p. 170. Line: equator. V. iv. p. 171. More: better. II. i. p. 65. List: pleases, chooses. * II. ii. p. Motions: motives. 1. i. p. 35. 71.

Motley: patched and partiLittle: "in & -"in brief. II. coloured. Prologue p. 26. i. p. 62.

Mounting : lifting. I. ii. p. 49. Longing: belonging. I. ii. p. 41. Moved you: spoke about the Look for: expect. V. iv. p. 169. matter. II. iv. p. 94. Loose : free-spoken, unguarded Music: musicians. IV. ii. p. 142. in speech. II. i. p. 67.

Mysteries: fantastic fashions. Lop: the smaller boughs and I. iii. p. 50.

twigs of trees cut oft for fire. Naughty: wicked, corrupt. v. wood. I. ii. p. 44.

i. p. 154. Lose : forget. II. i. p. 64.

New-trimmed: newly fitted up. . V. p. 175.

I. ii. p. 43. Maidenhead: maidenhood, vir. Noble jury: jury of peers. III. ginity. II. iii. p. 79.

ii. p. 120. (cf. “Noble one," Main: general. IV. i. p. 131.

III. ii. p. 67.) Makings: "royal


Not consulting: spontaneously. ments befitting exalted position. 1. i. p. 82. IV. i. p. 135.

Not ever: not always. V. i, p. Manage: control. V. iii. p. 161. 154. Mark: an English coin, value Note: notice. I. i. p. 30; infor138. 4d. sterling. V. i. p. 156.

mation. I. ii. p. 42. Marshalsea: the prison in O': off from. V. iv. p. 173.

Suthwark, afterwards used as Objections : charges, accusa. a debtors' prison. V. iv. p. 173. tions. III. ii. p. 122. May: can. I. ii. p. 49.

Offer: favourable opportunity. Mazed : confusing, bewild ring. III. ii. p. 106. II. iv. p. 93.

Office: officers, officials. I. i. p. Mean: means. V. iii. p. 167.

29. Measure: a slow and stately Omit: neglect. III. ii. p. 106. dance, I. iv. p. 61.

Once: 'in a word, once for all.' Memorized: made memorable. I. ii. p. 43. III. ii. p. 108.

Only dying: dying alone. II. i. Mere: absolute. III. ii. p. 123.

p. 65.

p. 107.

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Open: "in "in public. III. Phønix: the sexless Arabian ii. p. 127.

bird of which ouly one was said Opinion: reputation. Prologue to exist at a time. It was P. 26. (See Notes.)

fabled to perish on a nest of Opposing: exposing. IV. i. p. spices fired by the sun, and to 134,

· rise anew from its own ashes. Other: otherwise. I. iii. p. 53. Here referred to as the protoOut: here used, idiomatically, type of the Virgin Queen who, to signify 'at an end.' III. ii. dying without issue, appointed

her successor. V. v. p. 175. Out of: except. III. ii. p. 106. Pick: pitch, throw. V. iv. p. Outgo: surpass. I. ii. p. 50.

173. Outspeaks : expresses something Piece: creation. V. v. p. 175.

beyond (the possessions proper Pink'd: pierced with holes. V.

to a subject). III. ii. p. 113. iv. p. 171. Outworths : exceeds in worth Pitch: height. II. ii. p. 72. or value. I. i. p. 33.

Pity: cause for pity. II. iii. p. Pain: pains (here used as the 79.

French peine = trouble). III. Place: “this -," the seat of ii. p. 109.

honour. I. iv. p. 59. Pales: palings, fence. V. iv. p. Plain-song: simple melody 173.

without variations. I. iii. p. Panging: causing great pain. 52. II. iii. p. 79.

Play : “make my ;" win my Paragoned: cited as a model or game. I. iv. p. 57. paragon. II, iv. p. 95.

Pleasant : facetious. II. iii. p. Parcels : items. III. ii. p.

83. 113.

Pluck off a little : reduce the Pared : diminished. III. ii. p. rank, i.e. from a duchess to a 114.

countess. II. iii. p. 80. Paris-garden: a popular resort Porringer: a cap shaped like a

on the Bankside, Southwark, porringer. V. iv. p. 171. (See famous for its bear-garden. V. Taming of the Shrew,' IV. 'iji, iv. p. 169.

p. 114.) Part; in some measnre. III. i. Powers : peers. II. iv. p. 90. p. 98; go. III. i. p. 101.

Practice : plot. I. i. p. 37. Part of: partly. III. i. p. 98. Præmunire: a writ prohibiting Parted: went away, departed. the introduction of a foreign IV. i. p. 135; shared. V. ii. p. authority into England. III.

ii. p. 123. Particular: own.


II. iii. p.

Preferred : promoted. IV. i. p. 83.

136. Pass : prevail. V. iii. p. 162. Presence :

presence - chamber. Paul's : St. Paul's Church. V. III. i. p. 97 ; king's presence. iv. p. 169.

IV. ii. p. 139. Pepin: a Carlovingian king of Present: immediate. I, ii. p. 50 ; France. I. iii. p. 51.

"at this

now, Period: end to be attained. I. 160. iii. p. 50.

Press : crowd. V. iv. p. 173. Perked up: dressed up, adorned. Pride: costly dress. I. i. p. 28. II. iii. p. 79.

Primer: more urgent. I. ii. p. Perniciously: maliciously, in a 43.

destructive manner. II. i. p. Primero: a game of cards. V. i. 64.

p. 147.


V. iii. p.

P. 90.

p. 40.

“ dear

Private: by himself. II. ii. p. Set: seated. III. i. p. 100. 70.

Set on: go forward. II. iv. p. Privily: secretly. I. i. p. 36. 96. Privity: knowledge. I. i. p. 31. Shot: "loose -," irregular Proper: fine (used ironically). marksmen. V. iv. p. 171. 1. i. p. 32.

Shrewd: knowing. I. iii. p. 50; Put off : dismissed. I. ii. p. 41; mischievous, ill-natured. V. discard. II. iv. p. 86.

iii. p. 168. Putter on: inciter, instigator. Shrouds: sail ropes. IV. i. p. I. ii. p. 41.

135. Quality: nature. I. ii. p. 43. Sick: prejudiced. I. ii. p. 43; Quarrel: quarreller. II. iii. p. consuined with pride. II. ii. p. 79.

74 ; feeble. III. i. p. 102. Queen it: play the part of queen. Sign: indicate, display. II. iv.

II. iii. p. 80. Raised head: levied an armed Simony: the crime of trading force. II. i. p. 67.

church preferments. IV. ii. p. Range: rank. "II. iii. p. 79.

139. Rankness : excess. IV. i. p. 134. Sincere: pure. I. i. p. 35. Rate: “at such proud of

Single: sincere. V. iii. p. 161. such great value. III. ii. p. 113. Slept upon : been blind to the Receipt: reception. II. ii. P.

faults of. II. ii. p. 72. 78.

Slightly: lightly, smoothly. II. Repeat: state, declare. I. ii. p. iv. p. 90. 40.

Solicited: moved, stirred. I. ii. Require: entreat. II. iv. p. 92. Respect:

profound Something: somewhat. I. i. p. regard. V. iii. p. 166.

37. Rub: check, obstacle.

Sometimes: at one time. II. 68.

iv. p. 93. Run in: "is " has run into. Sought: gave occasion for. V. I. ii. p. 45.

ii. p. 158. Saba: the Queen of Sheba. . Sound: proclaim. V. ii. p. 158. v. p. 175.

Sounder: more loyal. III. ii. p. Sacring bell: a bell rung at 120.

Mass at the consecration and Spaniard : Spanish court. II. elevation of the Host, also ii. p. 75. when borne in procession. III. Spanned: measured. I. i. ii. p. 121.

Sparing: parsimony, stinginess. Sad: serious. Prologue p. 26. 1. iii. p. 53. Salute: exhilarate.

II. iii. p.

Spavin: a bone or blood swelling 84.

in horses' legs causing lameness. Saving: with all due respect to. I. iii. p. 51. II. iii. p. 80.

Spinsters: spinners. I. ii. p. 41. Saw: met. I. i. p. 27; hath Spleeny: headstrong. III. ii. p. seen, V. ii. p. 158.

111. Sectary: sectarian, dissenter. Springhalt: a disease causing a V. iii. p. 163.

horse to jerk up its hind leg or Seeming: appearance. II. iv. legs. I. iii. p. 51.

Stand on: rely upon. Self-drawing: drawn from it. 153. self. 1. i. p. 30.

State: throne. I. i. p. 40 (Stage Sell-mettle: his own high direction); canopy: spirits. I. i. p. 34.

54 (Stage direction).

II. i. p.

p. 39.

p. 90.

V. i. p.

I. iv. p.

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