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V. iii. p. 168. Spare your spoons—i.e. 'Apostle spoons,' presented by the sponsors at baptism. They were commonly carved on the handles with figures of the apostles.

V. iv. p. 169. May-day morning : when“ every man would walk into the sweet meadows and green woods there to rejoice their spirits with the beauty and savour of sweet flowers, and with the voice of birds, praising God in their kind” (Stowe).

V. iv. p. 170. I would not for a cow, God save her ! -A proverbial rustic asseveration still current in the south of England.

V. iv. p. 171. Clubs.—“In any public affray, the cry was 'Clubs ! clubs !' by way of calling for persons with clubs to part the combatants (Nares). The London apprentices invariably used clubs as weapons.

V. iv. p. 171. The Tribulation of Tower Hill, or the Limbs of Limehouse. The suggestion that these words allude to Puritan assemblies, as conjectured by Johnson and Steevens, is not supported by evidence. In all probability the phrases stand for bands of young ruffians who infested Tower Hill and Limehouse.

V. iv. p. 172. Made a fine hand.-Made a pretty business of things.

V. v. p. 176. Make new nations.- Probably an allusion to the colonisation of Virginia,—so named in honour of the virgin queen Elizabeth. The first settlement took plaoe in 1607, and a constitution was granted in 1612.

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p. 52.

Abbor: protest strongly against; Banquet: "& running

a technical term of canon law, hasty refreshment or dessert át

Lat. 'detestor.' II. iv. P. 88. the close of the entertainment.
Aboded: foreboded. I. i. p. 32. I. iv. p. 65; here jocularly
Admit: permit. IV. ii. p. 143. applied to a whipping by the
Advertise: inform. II. iv. p. 93. beadles, after three days' im
Advised: “ be ;" reflect. I. prisonment. V. iv. p. 171.
i. p. 34.

Bar: hinder, prevent. III. il. p.
After: afterwards.

III. ii. p.

Beholding: beholden, indebted.
Alike: to all equally. I. ii. p. 42. I. iv. p. 57; IV. i. p. 130.
Allay: quiet, restrain, silence. Beneficial: beneficent. I. i. p.
II. i. p. 69.

Allegiant: loyal. III. ii. p. 115. Beshrew me: a mild oath. II.
Allowed: sanctioned, approved iii. p. 79.
of. I. ii. p. 43.

Bevy: literally a flock of birds ;
Ambassador: the French here used figuratively for a
ambassador at the English company of beautiful women.

Court. I. i. p. 32. (See Notes.) I. iv. p. 54.
An: if. III. ii. p. 125.

Blistered: slashed, and puffed
Anon: at once. I. ii. p. 44.

out between the slashes. I. iii,
Answer: “to his — to stand
his trial. IV. ii. p. 138.

Blow us: blow us up. V. iv. p.
A pieces: in pieces.

V. iv. p.


Bombards: large leathern jugs
Appliance: application. I. 1. p. for holding liquor. V. iv. p.

Approve: confirm. II. iii. p. 82. Book: book-learning. I. i. p. 33.
Apt: ready. II. iv. p. 90.

Bores : undermines. I. i. p. 84.
Argue : discuss. II. i. p. 70. Bosom up: keep in mind. I. i.
Arrogancy: arrogance. II. iv.

Bowed: bent (probably referring
Asher House: Esher House,

to the ratification of an agree.
near Hampton Court. III, ii. ment by attaching a bent coin).
p. 118. (See Notes.)

II. iii. p. 80.
At: with. I. i. p. 154.

Brake: thicket. I. ii. p. 43.
Attach: arrest." I. i. p. 38. Brazier: used here with a play
Attached : seized. I. i. p. 32. on the two meanings, (1) a
Attainder: disgrace. II. i. p. 63. worker in brass and (2) a port-
Ayaunt: “give her the

able fireplace. V. iv. p. 170.
bid her begone." II. iii. p.

79. Brethren; aldermen. V. v. p.
Avoid : quit. V. i. p. 152.

Baiting: drinking deeply. V. iv. Broken: interrupted. I. Iv. p.


p. 33.

p. 90.

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p. 172,

p. 40.

p. 45.

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p. 39.

Broken with: mentioned the Coasts: feels his way, creeps matter to. V. i. p. 149.

along. III. ii. p. 108. Broomstaff: here used for Colbrand : the Danish_giant,

'within the length of a broom. who was slain by Guy, Earl of stick.' V. iv. p. 171.

Warwick. V. iv.


170. Brought: escorted.

IV. i. p.

Colour: pretext. I. i. p. 36. 134.

Come off: escape. III. ii. p. 107. Buzzing: whisper. II. I, p. 69. Commends:

ers. II. iii. p. By day and night: an old form 81.

of oath. I. ii. p. 50. (Cf. Commissions: warrants. I. ii.

Hamlet, 1. v. p. 70.) Camlet: a light woollen stuff, Compel: take by force, seize. I.

originally of camel's hair. V. ii. p. 42. iv. p. 173.

Compelled : forced upon one. II. Capable of our flesh: readily iii. p. 83.

susceptible to our human fail. Complete: accomplished. I. ii.

ings. V. iii. p. 160. Cardinal virtues, but cardinal Comptrollers: overseers of the sins: a play on the double entertainment. I. iii. p.

54. meaning of “ cardinal" as Conceit:

“ fair

high chief and as an ecclesiastical opinion. II. iii. p. 82. title. III. i. p. 101.

Conceive: think. I. ii. p. 44. Carried : carried out. I. i. p. 32. Conclave: "the holy Caution: warning. II. iv. p. 93. College of Cardinals. II. ii. p. Censure : judgment, com

75. parisons. I. i. p. 29.

Confederacy: conspiracy. I. ii. Certain: certainly. II. iv. p. 88. Certes: assuredly, certainly. II. Confident: “I am - -" I put iv. p. 29.

my confidence in you. II. i. p. Chafed : angry, enraged. I. i. p. 69.

Conjunction : in astrology, a Challenge: (legally) to object or term signifying the state of

take exception to being tried being in apparent union. III. by a certain person as judge or ii. p. 108. juror. II. iv. p. 88.

Consistory: assemblage of Car. Chambers: small cannon. I.iv. dipals. II. iv. p. 89. p. 57.. (See Notes.)

Contrary: contradictory. III. Cherubins: cherubs. I. i. p. 28. ii. p. 107. Cheveril: kid-skin, i.e. pliable. Convented: convened. V. i. p. II. iii. p. 80.

150. Chiding: noisy. III. ii. p. 116. Cope: counter. I. ii. p: 43. Chine: chine of beef, a favourite Corner: "deserves & needs joint. V. iv. p. 170.


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to be told in secret. III. i. p. 98. Choice : carefully chosen. I. ii. Count - cardinal: Wolsey, as

Archbishop of York, was a Churchman : ecclesiastic. I. iii. Count-Palatine. I. i. p. 36.

Crab-tree: crab-apple tree. V. Cited: summoned to put in an iv. p. 169.

appearance. IV. i. p. 131. Cried: proclaimed. I. i. p. 28. Clerks : clergy. II. ii. p. 75. Cross: thwarting. III. ib. p. 117. Clinquant: glittering, shining. Crying out: in labour. V. i. p. I. i. p. 28.

150. Clotharius: a Merovingian king Cum privilegio: 'with exclusive of France. I. iii. p. 51.

right. I. iii. p. 52.

P. 47.

p. 53.

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