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The state of the German Literati, a confirmation-By these
means France prepared for a revolution-Other preparatives to-
wards it—The national assembly of the States General called--A
remarkable physical event, portending national evil-Meeting of
the assembly-King holds a royal session-Great umbrage given
-The title of National Assembly assumed—The taking of the
Bastile-The ininister Foulon murdered— The Noblesse surren-
der their privileges—This followed by all the privileged orders
Perfect equality established - The clergy voluntarily renounce
their personal possessions and emoluments—The conduct of the
royal family, and its terrible effects, with regard to a feast at the
palace-Conduct of La Fayette-The king removed to Paris-
The national assembly followed—Old division of the kingdom
abolished, and eighty-three new departments established-All
distinction of ancient dignities, ranks, and titles of honour, whe-
ther civil or ecclesiastical, destroyed_Confiscation of all Church
lands-New constitution formed-All monastic establishments
suppressed, and their estates confiscated_Oath of Ecclesiastics,
Manifesto from the grand lodge at Paris to those in all the res-
pectable cities in Europe— These lodges very numerous in the
Austrian states, and in Vienna itself-Reference to the prophetic
declarations of John in the Revelations Persons appointed to
take the oaths of the clergy-Great numbers refuse-Royal assent
given to the constitution—Assembly dissolved and succeeded by
the legislative national assembly-Avignon and Venasin taken
from the Pope-Clergy and nobility expelled the assembly—Tho-
mas Paine chosen a member-Fraternal society formed of whom
it consisted-All the nonjuring clergy banished on the petition of
twenty citizens--Abolition of royalty, and the term republic de-
creed-All hereditary titles abolished—Next all ecclesiastical
authority-Then all kingly power— Jacobin society increase in
power-Dependant clubs established in every town and village
in France-Santerre's mob-Massacre of 10th Aug.-A remarka-
ble day in the annals of history-Royal family take refuge in
the national assembly-Mob destroys the palace and massacre near
all the Swiss guards of one thousand men; with fifteen hundred
gentlemen and the servants of the palace-About two hundred es-
cape-The suspension of the royal authority immediately decreed

- The royal family imprisoned, and a convention to form another
constitution decreed-Rapid approach of the combined armies-
People summoned en masseThey first proceed to the champ de
Mars--thence to the several prisons in Paris, and massacre the
princess de Lambale, the residue of the Swiss guards, and many
of the non-juring Clergy~One thousand persons suffered— The
remaining Clergy ordered to be transported—Sale of all ecclesias-
tical property decreed--Another massacre of about twelve thou-
sand on the 20 Sept. 1792–National convention organized
Paine and Priestly members—The last refuses to accept-Eternal
abolition of monarchy-Conduct of Girondists and the Moun-
tain-Boards of justice dissolved-Sans culottes put in their room
-The French armies under the direction of the Girondists every
where successful—The trial and death of the king-Dupont, a
blasphemous atheist- The armies of the new republic beaten-All
riot and confusion-The government in the mob-The whole na-
tion put in requisition-New tables for weights and measures-A
new calendar of time changing the beginning of the year and the
names of the months—The week of seven days changed to de-
cades of ten days-Supernumerary days beyond 360 days in the
year, nicknamed sans culotides-Évery means used to enforce the
new oath of the Clergy-Only four out of one hundred and thirty-
six of the bishops submit-The convention vote themselves a per-
manent body, contrary to the constitution-Trial and death of the
queen--The duke of Orleans and twenty-one Girondist members,
with priests and nobles, quickly followed her-The southern de-
partments revolt--The city of Lyons taken and decreed to be ra-
zed, and its name changed to Villa Affranchié--A number of per-
sons and communities come to the convention and declare their
hatred of religion and their attachment to the principles of liber-
ty and equality--The Clergy encouraged to renounce their sacer-
dotal character--List of some of them with their addresses-The
Sans culottes thus cast off the knowledge and fear of God, as re-
vealed through Jesus Christ-By confiscation, seizure, &c. seven
tenths of the national territory come into the hands of the

ment-Festival of reason celebrated in a blasphemous manner-
Chaumet's address--A crowd of priests deposit and reject their
letters of priesthood_ This feast celebrated in like manner in al-
most every city in France-At Lyons, the festival of an ass was
celebrated–The students of Du Pont's new republican school and
that of the section des Areis, detest God--The blasphemous con-
duct of a comedian in the habit of a priest-A number of these in-
stances-Speech of Abbey Seyes-- The convention adjourn to at-
tend the worship of Liberty--Danton votes in favour of salaries to
the Clergy--The reason—These attacks on the Clergy on account
of the government's hatred of the Gospel—The Lord's day cried
down and decades preferred–The magnificent Church of St. Ge-
nevieve in Paris, changed into a pantheon--remarkable declaration
of an unknown person in the midst of their idolatrous worship-On
finishing, the most extravagant effusions of joy break forth, with
mutual congratulations on their success--Bible taken from the
tail of an ass and burned--Notwithstanding, a chosen few, like
Elijah's seven thousand men are preserved in secret, mourning be-
tween the porch and the altar--Toulon taken--Civil war in La
Vendee-Destroyed and 300,000 persons lost their lives-Opinion
of Carriere-French again successful every where-Estes's jour-
ney from Lovaine to Liege--Mountain party triumphant-Admi-
nisters the government with fury and terror-The hearts of men fail
them for fear-In Germany the distress intolerable and universal
-Jacobins split among themselves, Robertspierre commands with
unlimited sway-Sends thirty-two of his old associates to the gul-

lotine-Einigrants murdered, said to be 2700_Takes 60,000 pri.

soners -Madame Elizabeth and multitudes of others sent to the

guillotine-Robertspierre, in his turn, becomes an object of fear

and jealousy-He is charged and executed in a few hours, without

trial—The convention new modelled, and the system of terror

gives way to one of greater moderation-Lyons restored – The

Jacobin society dissolved-Surprising success in Spain-She for-

sakes her allies and joins with France The United Provinces in.

vaded and subdued— The convention pass a decree for tolerating

all religions—The war continues and is translated into Italy un-

der Gen. Buonaparte--The Pope threatened with destruction in

his ancient city-By a humiliating submission he diverts the

storm for the present-Venice with her feet and arsenals

seized, under the mask of friendship-Bartered away to the em-

peror of Austria--Letter describing their sufferings—The empe-

ror alarmed, delivers up the key of Italy to the directory- Italy

formed into two republics, and constitutions given them by Buona-

parte-Bad example of the emperor of Austria-Buonaparte finds

excuses to seize the city of Rome-Dethrone and imprison the

pope and some of his cardinals, &c-Projects an invasion of Great

Britain- Preparative to which, he invades the Swiss cantons and

revolutionizes Switzerland-Extract of a letter describing their

distresses-A letter from the celebrated Lavator_Official note,

delivered by the Swiss minister plenipotentiary--The war exten-

ded to the cities of the nations which fell-Ecclesiastical hierar-

chy of France-An awful instance of the uncertainty of all human

things-Particulars of its numbers, riches, and importance-This

mighty mass laid in ruins— The enmity of the French government

was manifestly against the whole Christian system--The massacre

of the Carmes-Report of deplomatic committee-Acts and prin-

ciples of this strange and uncommon government, called a republic

A Frenchman's description of the distress of his country—The

great events of this government are thus brought down from 1760

to 1798, though very imperfectly-The concentration of the marks

or signs, designated by divine wisdom and foreknowledge Itan.

swers the predictions of Sacred Writ, as if a history of facts since

their rise-Particulars enumerated-Loss of Italy in inen and mo-

ney-By the policy of this government many have been destroyed

-Craft has prospered-But the most unequivocal mark, is, by

peace it has destroyed manyThis is an uncommon and unnatural

mark of character, peculiar to this government-Can scarcely be

mistaken- The same government of a fierce countenance, called

by Daniel the king of the north-Recapitulation-Character of

Gen. Buonaparte The Scripture denunciation verified-Extract

from Bishop Hurd-Four consequences still to follow-Roman

editors of Bible, substitute Greece or Cuthith, instead of Rome-

Resurrection of vitnesses to be expected-France the dekaton-

Archbishop Usher, Mons. Jurieu, Mr. Willison of Dundee, Vi-

tringa and Dr. Goodwin, their opinions--Acts of this government

in a manifesto of the emperor of Germany-Nobility and clergy
reduced to beggary-The empires of the world, carrying on the
secret designs of Almighty God-forming a prophetical chronolo-
gy, when the promissed kingdom of Christ begins and ends-
False Messiahs-Archduke Charles of Austria, his character of
Bounaparte-Here the work is left.


Difficulties in chronology-Arise from the copies of the Penta-

teuch and the Hebrew Bible--Mistakes in the genealogies of the

Jews from Abraham-Obviated by the zeal of archbishop Usher,

in obtaining the Samaritan pentateuch-State of the reckoning of

each—The world rather older by one than the other-Mr. Faber's

work on prophesy.


The judgment day, &c. &c. all Jewish terms—Most of the ex-
pressions in the New Testament taken from the same source
The kingdom of Christ and of God have the same meaning and
refer to the second advent of Christ–The Jewish liturgy-Chal-
dee paraphrase, Talmud, the Jewish writers and their traditions,
with the house of Elias confirm the same-The Jewish opinions,
manifest from the questions by the disciples, particularly James
and John-Peter calls it the times of refreshing and the restitu-
tion of all things-Confirmed by the writers of the Apocrypha-
The opinion of the whole orthodox ancient Christian Church, by
Justin Martin in his dialogue with Trypho the Jew-Enoch and

the descendants of Noah held the same doctrines-Must have been

handed down to their children after the flood–Thus the heathen

received it—Origen in his tract against Celsus mentions it-Se-

veral instances from Heathen writers—So the whole system of

Divine Clevelation-Polycrates's Observations-Edward King's

do.- The doctrine confirmed by John-Extract from Warner on

the common prayers.

signs of the times—The children of God to share in these suffer-

ings-Yet encouraged to hope-Awful address of St. Paul to the

Thessalonians-The destruction coming on the world to be poli-

tical as well as religious-Therefore, every character to consider

-Address to friends of the Roman hierarchy-Mr. Mede on the

the seventh trumpet-When this beast destroyed, the rest will

soon follow-The great day of the battle of Armageddon—The

great city divided into three parts—The cities of the nations fall

_The beast and the kings of the earth make war against him who

sat on the throne- The Old Testament bears witness to this aw-

ful period—Mr. Mede on the fourth and fifth vial-How far this

prophesy has been fulfilled-Particulars of the destruction of Rome

by John-Mystical Babylon to have her Euphrates—These facts

sufficient to alarm European governments—Protestant nations

also deeply concerned- These governments belong to the Heaven

and earth of Papal Rome–They have the mark of the beast-

Slave trade-Observations of a pious writer, The United States

of America have also reason to fear-Congress establishing their

seal and flag-America has greatly departed from original prin-

ciples-Address to her citizens-William Penn, a servant of

Christ-Maryland settled by the persecuted—They also to an-

swer for the slave trade-Antichrists in America—The latter

times of the Roman government nearly accomplished— They have

the free use of Revelation- The witnesses of God with them in a

living state--Blessed with political freedom-The ordinances of

the Gospel-Public worship a most complete example of genuine

freedom and equality-Mrs. Barbauld's elegant description of it-

Are favoured with the Scriptures and Men of piety and learning-

Prophesies now closing to a point-What prophesy is Jerusalem

trodden down of the Gentiles-State of the Jews—The times of

the Gentiles drawing to an end-Pretended philosophers laugh

at these doctrines- Peter's admonition to them—The question

of the second advent herein fully established-Porteus, bishop of

London, his opinion-No pretensions to determine the time with

precision further than it will not exceed the year 6000—Have no

knowledge but from the Scriptures-Sufficient has appeared to

assure us that many of the preliminary steps have taken place-

The Roman government the fourth kingdom-Jerome's assertion-

Mr. Mede has put the question out of doubt-Rome has received

her death wound-Extract from Sharpe's essays–Events to come

on very fast till the seventh vial - Agree with bishop Newton re-

lating to the unfulfilled prophesies—The doctrine of the Mille-

nium, steers clear of extremes-Address of Christ to his people,

the nations of Europe particularly interested in these events-

Calculated to rouse the friends of Zion, both Christian and Jew

-The last deeply interested-Jonathan Ben Uzziel's opinion of

the four kingdoms--The present generation no excuse for infi-

delity-Christ the prince of the kingdoms of this earth-Address

to the Jews-Philo's character of the Messiah_Objections to

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