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should at least be enriched and adorned with some of the loveliest productions of the English Parnassus; and if, in traversing a region so luxuriantly replete with flowers of transcendent worth and beauty, he has chanced to call a few which must he esteemed inferior to others left untouched on their banks, he trusts that the various tastes of Those, into whose hands it may fall, will yet be gratified by some in the collection ; and that, if Ihe whole should not please their fancy, the part which shall meet their approbation will be sufficient, both in number and excellence, to induce them to overlook with candour the defiency of taste or judgement, which may be discovered in the insertion of the remainder.

The editor enbraces this opportunity to acknowledge bis obligations to Mrs. J. Cobbold, and the Rev. Mr. CLUBBE, polite and acceptable communications.

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Prior 58


The Pig and Magpie

Pindar 41 The Love of the World detected Cowper 42 Agur's Prayer Paraphrased Rer. W. Clubbe 44 To some Children listening to a Lark Cotton 45 To a little Girl

Cotton 46 To a Lady on her Birth Day Rev. W. Beloe 47 On the same Subject

Rev. W. Beloe 48 False Greatness

Watts 49 Happiness

Miss Carter 51 The dying Kid

Shenstone 53 The affectionate Heart

Cottle 55 Time

Mrs. J. Tunter 57 The Lady's Looking Glass The Garland

Prier 60 Verses accompanying a Nosc-gay Anon. 62 To a Lady with a Ring

Anon. 64 On receiving a Bouquet of Cotton Grass from a Friend

Mrs. J. Cobbold 65 To my Boat

Mis J. Cobbold 66 The Winter's Day

Anon. 67 Human Life

Sir W. Jones 69 The Being of a God

Rev. E. Moore 70 Love to God

Barvauld 74 Ode to Adversity

Gray 76 Ode to Content

Barbațld 78 Hymn to Contentment

Parnell 81 Pleasures of Retirement

Pope 84 The Happy Man

Anon. 85 The Passions

Collins 86

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