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Lore fram'd with Mirth a gay fantastic rounde
Loose were her tressesseen, her zone unbound?

And he, amidst his frolic play,
As if he would the charming air repay:
Shook thousand odours from his dewy wings:

O Music, sphere descended maid,
Friend of pleasure, wisdom's aid,
Why Goddess, why to us denied ?
Lay'st thou thy ancient lyreaside ?
As in that lov'd Athenian bower,
You learn'd an all-commanding power,
Thy mimic soul, 0 nymph endear’d,
Can well recall what then it heard.
Where is thy native simple heart,
Devote to virtue, fancy, art?
Arise, as in that elder time,
Warm, energic, chaste, sublime !
Thy wonders, in that goulike agez
Fill thy recording sister's page-
Tis said, and I believe the tale,
Thy humbleșt reed could more prevail,
Had more of strength, diviner rage,
Then all which charms this laggard agez
Ev'n all at once together found
Cæcilia's mingled world of sound
O, bid our vain endeavours cease,
Revive the just designs of Greece,
Return in all thy simple state!
Confirm the tales her sons relate!


Daughter of Heav'n! fair lovely child I Of manners pure, of temper mild !

Where art thou pleas’d to stray?

quit thy lov'd, and still retreat! Thy quiet, and sequester'd seat;

And guide my dubious way!

Come, with thy beauteous smiling train!
Pudaunted Truth that knows no stajn!

And young immortal Health !
With undisguis’d Simplicity!
And Modesty with downcast eye;

Suspicious of herself!

deign, with me and peace, to dwell! My frugal board, my humble cell,

Bless with thy chearing smiles ! Pale Fear shall fly, and anxious Care: And treach'rous Vice in vain prepare

Her captivating wiles,

My lowly roof shall ne'er resound,
With Riot's loud, and vulgar sound,

And mad intemperate joy.
My days shall know no bitter woes ;
My nights be crown'd with soft repose;

Thy dreams my hours employ,

Peace shall her downy wings extend,
My humble cottage to defend,

And scatter blessings rare.'
Eternal greens shall clothe the ground;
Eternal sweets shall breathe around;

And lasting spring be there.

Each morn shall then, with artless note,
The red-breast swell its little throat,

Perch'd on the straw-built shed:-
And ost, to purer bosoms dear!
With hospitable faith draw near,

And peck the scatter'd bread.

Say in what lone and silent vale,
Thou hear'st the wood-dove's plaintive tale,

From crowded cities far!
Where Luxury keeps no splendid court!
Where Pride, and Avarice ne'er resort :

The guilty fiends of War.

Or dost thou love iu pairs to bind,
With flow'ry wreath, the fleecy kind?

Or nurse them in thine arms ?
Or else in harmless play enfold,
The spiral serpent's scales of gold?

Or venom'd tooth disarm?

Or on the morning's violet bed,
D lamb of peace ! lean'st thou thy head,

To catch the luscious gale ?
Ør where the summer heats disclose,
The jasmine fair, the bucding rose,

And lily of the vale ?

Or dost thou seek the hoary sage,
Within his moss-grown hermitage,

Where simple nature reigns?
For whom no slaughter'd victims bleed;
Whose drink the spring, whose couch the reed;

Whom hope resign’d sustains ?

With thee, thro' varied life I'll go ;
Nor, pain, nor fear, can ever know,

Tho' Danger stalk in view :
Tho' livid lightnings shoot around;
Or awful thuuder shake the ground;

A steady path pursue.

Stern Justice, rob’d in dread array,
Unmov'd I'll view without dismay;

With fix'd unalter'd face:
Though accusation quick v'erspread
My glowing cheeks with modest red,

Resenting virtue's grace.

And if the wilderness I tread,
And solemn shades around me spread,

Oh be thou ever nigh!
Thy presence shall dispel the gloom!
The heath shall blush with sudden bloom!

And brightness beam from high !

And when this pulse shall cease to beat,
This bosom lose its vital heat,

And wearied nature die;
Guided by thee to realms above,
Ďty soul enlarg'd shall freely move,

And reach thy native sky.

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