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KEY. What ANALOGIES between What INSTRUCTIONS are im. sensible and spiritual things may


parted in this parable? or in this bere be traced?

metaphor? What is their prac. What prophecy is here ACCOM

tical tendency? PLISHED? Where is it found? What KNOWLEDGE, or want How many years had it been k of knowledge of human nature is written?

here particularly manifested? What BLESSING is here sought; What statute, rite, service, or or acknowledged; or promised?

L pendage of the LEVITICAL How great? How durable? For DISPENSATION is here meno

whom sought? By whom acknow- tioned? Why appointed ?
ledged? To whom promised? On

What LOFTY FLIGHTS of dewhose account was this blessing

votional fervour? What longI promised, or received ?


ings after intimate communion What trait of moral CHARAC- with God are here manifested ? TER is here given? Is it morally

What MIRACLE is here recordgood or evil? Does it belong to a

ed? By whom, and for what natural, or to a renewed state?

purm pose wrought? In whose name, What advantages or disadvan

and by whose authority? What tages attended it?

effect had it on the witnesses ?
What DUTY is here enjoined?
On whom? Is it taught by pre-in

What is worthy of particular no

tice in this NAME?
cept, by example, or by infer-
ence? How enforced?

What ORIENTAL or ancient
What DIFFICULTY attends theo

custom may here be learned? or

what do you know of one which D

exposition of this passage? How
can it be reconciled with some

will elucidate this passage?
other passages?

What PROHIBITION is here What EVANGELICAL EX- directly or indirectly made ? Why


is this deed, or word, or thought TATION, is here given?

forbidden? What particular strain of ELO- What prophecy is here REE QUENCE can you point out in

CORDED? At what period of this paragraph?

time? Has it been fulfilled? What FACTS are here related ?

How? When?
Is any doctrine or duty connect-

What affecting SCENE is here ed with them?

exhibited? What feelings should f What can you discover here that is

it produce? commendable or censurable in What SUBLIMITY of thought or deed, word, or motive? What ads

of language is here? What invantages or evils attended ?

ference follows? What GEOGRAPHICAL infor- What doctrinal TRUTH is here mation is known of this country, inculcated? Is it directly or inprovince, city, or river, &c. ?


directly taught? How illustratWhat HEAVENLY DISPOSI- ed? How applied? What pracTION is here manifested?

tical influence should it have ? h What corresponding affections

What TYPE of Christ, or typidoes it demand?


cal transaction, can be distinctly What INSTITUTION or ordi- traced here? nance

was here appointed of What UNJUSTIFIABLE acGod? was here recognized

tion in a virtuous character? Or as previously appointed of him? u What was its nature and design?

what unusual excellence in one I and how was it to be observed ?

not pious, is here recorded ? Who were under obligations to

What VISION is here described? observe it? Is it still obligatory

To whom and why given?
on any? Is there any connexion What Wo is here denounced or
or correspondence between this executed? or warning given?

and any other institution or ordi- What is its import? Against whom

denounced, or to whom given?
* Denotes the propriety of profound attention.

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