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An ESSAY on MILTON'S Use and



[ First published in the Year MDCCL. ]

IT is now more than half a century since the Para

DISE Lost having broke through the clouds with which the unpopularity of the author, for a time, obscured it, has attracted the general admiration of mankind; who have endeavoured to compensate the errour of their first neglect, by lavish praises and boundless veneration. There seems to have arisen a contest, among men of genius and literature, who should most

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66 * It is to be hoped, nay, it is expe&ted, that the elegant and " nervous writer, whose judicious sentiments, and inimitable stile " points out the author of Lauder's Preface and Poftfcript, will no “ longer allow one to plume himself with his feathers, who appears • so little to have deserved his assistance; an assistance which I am “ persuaded would never have been communicated, had there been “ the least suspicion of those facts which I have been the instru.

ment of conveying to the world in thefe sheets.". Milton vindicated from the charge of plagiarism brought against him by Mr. Lauder, and Lauder himself convicted of several forgeries and gross impositions or the publick. By John Douglas, M. A. Rector of Eaton Constantine, Salop, 8vo. 1751, p. 77. Vol. VIII.



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