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Mr. Yard, of my staff. There seems to have been some firing to-day on the left of the infantry, though as to what extent I can't tell. seut for my wagons, and also sent an officer to report to Sheridan, knowing it would be some time before you could communicate. Very respectfully, your obedient servant,




August 25, 1864-10 p.m.

The command will move to-night across the bridge at Harper's Ferry and take the road through Pleasant Valley, in the following order: First Brigade, with Fitzhugh's battery; Second Brigade, with Pennington's battery; ambulances and ammunition train; regimental and supply trains. Pickets will be called in at once. The quartermaster, commissary, and ordnance officers will move their respective trains loaded with supplies, as soon after the division has passed as practicable, across the bridge at Harper's Ferry, and join the division without delay near the South Mountain Gap, between it and Boonsborough. By command of Brigadier-General Wilson:

L. SIEBERT, Assistant Adjutant-General.


Brigadier-General STEVENSON,

Halltown, August 25, 1864—6.45 p. m.

Commanding at Harper's Ferry:

GENERAL: Brigadier-General Torbert's cavalry, all except one brigade, fell back toward this place; one brigade, it is supposed, has crossed at Shepherdstown. I desire that you will send scouts down to the ford at Shepherdstown and ascertain if the enemy make any crossing at that point or elsewhere in that vicinity during the night. Send the earliest reports received to these headquarters at once. Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

P. H. SHERIDAN, Major-General, Commanding.


No. 68.


HDQRS. DEPT. OF WEST VIRGINIA, Camp near Halltown, W. Va., August 25, 1864. I. All enlisted men within this department serving without proper authority away from the brigade, military district, or division in which their batteries or regiments may be, will be at once returned to their companies and regiments for duty, and officers are hereby empowered to seize their men absent without such authority wherever they may find them. Men thus absent, who do not return as above required within a reasonable period after the promulgation of this order, will be reported as deserters.

II. General officers and colonels commanding divisions and brigades within this department will select their staff officers from their own 58 R R-VOL XLIII, PT I


commands, and will at once relieve all officers now on duty with them belonging elsewhere, except the aides-de-camp general officers are authorized by law to have.

By order of Brevet Major-General Crook:


P. G. BIER, Assistant Adjutant-General.

No. 154. 3 Camp near Halltown, W. Va., August 25, 1864.

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2. After complying with Special Orders, No. 14, current series, headquarters Middle Military Division, Brig. Gen. A. N. Duffié, commanding First Cavalry Division, will proceed overland with the remaining regi ments of his division, via Hagerstown, Md., to Hancock, Md., and from thence by rail to Cumberland, Md., and there establish a camp of instruction, where he will remount his division by regiments as rapidly as pos sible, the quartermaster's department supplying the necessary horses. The quartermaster's department will furnish the necessary transporta



By order of Brevet Major-General Crook:

P. G. BIER, Assistant Adjutant-General.

POINT OF ROCKS, MD., August 25, 1864-8.35 p. m.

Brigadier-General STEVENSON:

All quiet along my line. No enemy in Loudoun County. Will leave this place to-morrow at 6 a. m.

A. N. DUFFIE, Brigadier-General, Commanding.

SPECIAL ORDERS, HDQRS. 1ST. CAV. DIV., ARMY OF W. Va., Point of Rocks, Md., August 25, 1864.

No. 35.

[blocks in formation]

VIII. In accordance with Special Orders, No. 14, extract 10, headquarters Middle Military Division, the following-named regiments are hereby detached from this division and will report as designated below: First New York (Lincoln) Cavalry to Brig. Gen. W. W. Averell, at Fair Play, near Williamsport, Md.; Twelfth Pennsylvania Cavalry to Brig. Gen. J. D. Stevenson, commanding Military District of Harper's Ferry, W. Va.

By command of Brigadier-General Duffié:

E. W. CLARK, JR., Assistant Adjutant-General.


Halltown, Va., August 25, 1864-6.30 p. m.

Brig. Gen. W. W. AVERELL,

Commanding Cavalry Division:

GENERAL: When I sent you directions this afternoon I was under the impression that Merritt would cross at Shepherdstown, which is not

the case; Custer's brigade may have crossed there. The enemy, who now have Shepherdstown, will perhaps cross, in which case I want you to keep close in on their left flank and pitch into them. It is reported that Fitz Lee has gone by way of Martinsburg, in which case you must look out for him. If Custer has crossed he can join his division, as I will send it toward South Mountain Pass; please inform him. Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

P. H. SHERIDAN, Major-General, Commanding.

If you and Custer are pressed by Fitz Lee's cavalry pitch into it; you must defeat him if possible.




Bvt. Maj. Gen. B. F. KELLEY,

Halltown, W. Va., August 25, 1864.

Cumberland, Md.:

Please send at once by rail to Hancock, Md., and from thence overland via Hagerstown to this place, the stragglers belonging to this command that you have collected at Cumberland. By order of Brevet Major-General Crook:

P. G. BIER, Assistant Adjutant-General.

[blocks in formation]

III. In pursuance of orders from the major-general commanding the department, the One hundred and fifty-sixth Regiment Ohio National Guard, Col. C. Marker, will proceed to Camp Chase, Ohio, for the purpose of being mustered, their term of service having expired. The quartermaster's department will provide transportation. By order of Brevet Major-General Kelley:

C. A. FREEMAN, Lieutenant and Acting Assistant Adjutant-General.

HANCOCK, August 25, 1864.

General KELLEY:

(Received 6.03 p. m.)

I have reliable information from citizens from Bloomery, Oakland, and Sleepy Creek Valley, who report no rebels in that vicinity; none have been there since the raid. I also have reliable information from Martinsburg and line of road this side; no rebels there.





Cumberland, August 25, 1864.

Comdg. 154th Ohio National Guard, New Creek, W. Va.: The term of service of your regiment having expired, and being ou the eve of your departure for Ohio, preparatory to being mustered out of service, I accept the opportunity offered of expressing to yourself and the officers and men of your regiment my thanks for the eminent service you have rendered the country while in my command. Always ready, your faithfulness has only been equaled by your willingness on being called upon to pass through the ordeal of battle. Even in your short term of service your bravery and unfaltering courage were nobly attested. You can return, colonel, to your homes with the proud satisfaction of knowing that while you relieved the veteran troops for duty in the front, it was your pleasant duty to be participants at New Creek, W. Va., August 4, 1864, in administering to the enemies of our Government one of the most disastrous repulses in the history of the war. I regret very much, colonel, that the requirement of the service would not permit of your departure for your homes at the expiration of your term, but gladly bear testimony to the willingness with which you remained at your country's call. I trust, colonel, to soon learn that there are many members of your regiment again in the service nobly battling for the common cause.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Secretary of War:

Brevet Major-General.

COLUMBUS, OHIO, August 25, 1861.

General Kelley's course with the 100-days' men is creating great annoyance and dissatisfaction. I telegraphed you about the One hun dred and fifty-fourth Regiment, but have no reply. The One hundred and fifty second, One hundred and fifty-sixth, and One hundred and forty-fifth have a messenger here this morning with complaints. He reports from General Kelley direct that he pleads orders from General Crook to hold all troops in his command until further orders. I cannot say how far this is true; I know the regiments are being held overtime and the result is injurious. Please advise me on this point; the men look to me for some explanation on the subject.

Governor of Ohio.

CITY POINT, VA., August 26, 1864-2.30 p. m.

Major-General SHERIDAN,

Halltown, Va.:

(Received 12.10 a. m. 27th.)

I telegraphed you that I had good reason for believing that Fitz Lee had been ordered back here. I now think it likely that all troops will be ordered back from the Valley except what they believe to be the minimum number to detain you. My reason for supposing this is based upon the fact that yielding up the Weldon road seems to be a blow to the enemy he cannot stand. I think I do not overstate the

loss of the enemy in the last two weeks at 10,000 killed and wounded. We have lost heavily, mostly in captured, when the enemy gained temporary advantages. Watch closely, and if you find this theory correct push with all vigor. Give the enemy no rest, and if it is possible to follow to the Virginia Central road, follow that far. Do all the damage to railroads and crops you can. Carry off stock of all descriptions, and negroes, so as to prevent further planting. If the war is to last another year, we want the Shenandoah Valley to remain a barren waste. U. S. GRANT, Lieutenant-General.

WASHINGTON, August 26, 1864—11.40 a. m.

Major-General SHERIDAN: It is reported that General Kelley is keeping several Ohio regiments after the expiration of their time, which is creating great dissatisfaction in Ohio. Moreover, after the expiration of their term the troops are useless and will not fight. Please direct that they go home. H. W. HALLECK, Major-General and Chief of Staff.



August 26, 1864. Respectfully referred to Brevet Major-General Crook, commanding Department of West Virginia, who will order all regiments whose term of service has expired to their place of rendezvous to be mustered out in accordance with within directions.

By command of Major-General Sheridan:

A. F. HAYDEN, Assistant Adjutant-General.

[AUGUST 26, 1864.-For Sheridan to Halleck, reporting operations, &c., see p. 21.]

HARPER'S FERRY, VA., August 26, 1864-9_p. m.
(Received 10 p. m.)


Secretary of War:

A reconnaissance this evening in front of General Crook's corps captured eight officers and about eighty men of the enemy. He is still in our front in force. Breckinridge's move yesterday toward Shepherdstown turns out to have been an attempted decoy, as he is back again in camp on Early's left. No enemy at Shepherdstown. Some skirmishing at Williamsport to-day, but no serious attempt to cross. Averell is at Williamsport. Wilson in that vicinity and below. Custer at Shepherdstown. Torbert on our right, connecting with Custer. No movement of enemy toward Snicker's Gap. He seems nonplussed and in doubt what to do.

N. P. CHIPMAN, Colonel and Aide-de-Camp.

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