A Discourse at the Induction of the Rev. Frederic D. Huntington: As Preacher to the University, and Plummer Professor of Christian Morals in Harvard College, on Tuesday, September 4, 1855

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J. Bartlett, 1855 - 36 pages

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Page 17 - Give tongues of fire, and hearts of love, To preach the reconciling word ; Give power and unction from above, Where'er the joyful sound is heard. 3 Be darkness, at thy coming, light ; Confusion — order, in thy path ; Souls without strength, inspire with might ; Bid mercy triumph over wrath. 4 Baptize the nations, far and nigh The triumphs of the cross record ; The name of Jesus glorify, Till every kindred call him Lord.
Page 16 - But here the main skill and groundwork will be, to temper them such lectures and explanations upon every opportunity, as may lead and draw them in willing obedience, enflamed with the study of learning, and the admiration of virtue; stirred up with high hopes of living to be brave men, and worthy patriots, dear to God, and famous to all ages.
Page 17 - SPIRIT of the living God, In all thy plenitude of grace, Where'er the foot of man hath trod, Descend on our apostate race. 2 Give tongues of fire and hearts of love, To preach the reconciling word; Give power and unction from above, Where'er the joyful sound is heard.
Page 9 - Let your soul,' says the philosopher, ' receive the Deity as your blood does the air ; for the influences of the one are no less vital than the other. This correspondence is very practicable ; for there is an ambient, omnipresent Spirit, which lies as open and pervious to your mind as the air you breathe does to your lungs : but then you must remember to be disposed to draw it : if,
Page 3 - EXCEPT the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it : except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.
Page 18 - O Spirit of the Lord, prepare All the round earth her God to meet : Breathe Thou abroad, like morning air, Till hearts of stone begin to beat. 5 Baptize the nations ; far and nigh The triumphs of the cross record: The name of Jesus glorify, Till every kindred call Him Lord.
Page 12 - God's worship, and settled the civil government, one of the next things we longed for and looked after was to advance learning and perpetuate it to posterity; dreading to leave an illiterate ministry to the churches, when our present ministers shall lie in the dust.
Page 15 - Except ye be converted and become as a little child, ye cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven...
Page 12 - And withal to make the whole world understand that spiritual learning was the thing they chiefly desired, to sanctify the other and make the whole lump holy, and that learning being set upon its right object might not contend for error instead of truth, they chose this place, being then under the Orthodox and soul-flourishing ministry of Mr. Thomas Shepard...
Page 21 - Fellows, and on the basis of Christian faith and love, to enlighten all who are or may be engaged in the education pursued there, whether governors, instructors or students, in the manner of discharging their respective duties, so as best to promote generous affections, manly virtues and Christian conduct, and more especially, to aid and instruct the students in what most nearly concerns their moral and physical welfare, their health, their good habits, and their Christian character, acting towards...

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