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F.S.A. F.R.S. F.G.S. &c.




Auctioneers of Literary Property and Works illustrative of the fine Arts,


On MONDAY, the 18th of MAY, 1874, and Five following Days, and

on WEDNESDAY, the 27th of MAY, and NiNE following Days,



Dayden Press: J. Davy and Sons, 137, Long Acre.

[blocks in formation]

1. The highest bidder to be the buyer; and if any dispute arise between

bidders, the lot so disputed shall be immediately put up again, provided

the seller cannot decide the said dispute. II. No person to advance less than 6d.; above ten shillings, 1s.; above five

pounds, 28. 6d.; and so on. III. The purchasers to give in their names and places of abode, and to pay

down 10s. in the pound, if required, in part payment of the purchasemoney; in default of which the lot or lots purchased to be inmediately

put up again and resold. IV. The lots to be taken away, at the buyer's expense, immediately after

the conclusion of the sale ; in default of which Messrs. SOTHEBY, WILKINSON & Hodge will not hold themselves responsible if lost, stolen, damaged, or otherwise destroyed, but they will be left at the sole risk of the purchaser. If, at the expiration of One Week after the conclusion of the sale, the books or other property are not cleared or paid for, they will then be catalogued for immediate sale, and the expense, the same as if re-sold, will be added to the amount at which the books were bought. Messrs. SOTHEBY, WILKINSON and Hodge will have the option of reselling the lots uncleared either by public or private

sale, without any notice being given to the defaulter. V. All the books are presumed to be perfect, unless otherwise expressed; but

if upon collating, any should prove defective, the purchaser will be at liberty to take or reject them, provided they are returned within One Week after the conclusion of the sale, when the purchase-money will

be returned. VI. The sale of any book or books is not to be set aside on account of any

stained or short leaves of text or plates, want of list of plates, or on account of the publication of any subsequent volume, supplement, appendix, or plates. All the manuscripts, autographs, all magazines and reviews, all books in lots, and all tracts in lots or volumes, will be sold with all faults, imperfections, and errors of description. The sale of any illustrated book, lot of prints or drawings is not to be set aside on account of any error in the enumeration of the numbers stated, or errors

of description. VII. No IMPERFECT Book will be taken back, unless a note accompanies

each book, stating its imperfections, with the number of lot and date of

the sale at which the same was purchased. VIII. To prevent inaccuracy in the delivery, and inconvenience in the settle.

ment of the purchases, no lot can on any account be removed during the

time of sale. Ix. Upon failure of complying with the above Conditions, the money required

and deposited in part of payment shall be forfeited; and ij any luss is sustained in the reselling of such lots as are not cleared or paid for, all charges on such re-sale shall be made good by the defaulters at this sale.

Gentlemen who cannot attend the Sale may have their Commissions faithfully

executed by their humble servants,

Wellington Street, Strand.

[blocks in formation]


1 Aberdeen (G. Earl of) on Grecian Architecture, 1822—Burgess (R.)

on the Circus on the Via Appia, plates, 1828
calf extra

post Svo. in one vol. Zuaritch 2 Accorde (C. Tabourot, Seigneur des) Ses Bigarrures et Touches, avec les /19 morocco extra, 9. e. by Trautz-Bauzonnet

12mo. Paris, 1662
From this scarce and curious book of drolleries Swift took many of

and from the same source Sterne drew several of bis best
hits in Tristram Shandy.
3 ACKERMANN (R.) Microcosm of London, 3 vol. proof and coloured /6 10

plates by Rowlandson and Pugin, with the ORIGINAL DRAWINGS BY

A. PUgIn added,

half red morocco extra, 9. e. A. Pugin's own copy, roy. 4to. 1808-9 Qasiteh 4 ACTES OF THE DISPUTACION IN THE COWNCELL OF THE EMPIRE HOLDEN 8

AT REGENSPURG (Ratisbon), &c. Translated owt of Latyne into

Englissh by Mylys Couerdale,

black letter, morocco extra, by F. Bedford, VERY SCARCE, 16mo. M.D.XLII

AMAZONAS, fine copy in red morocco, super extra, g. e. by F. Bedford, 19

small 4to. Madrid, 1641
* This work was rigidly suppressed as soon as published, in order to

prevent any copy falling into the hands of the enemy, who had just
wrested the province from Spain, and probably not a dozen copies
escaped destruction. Col. Stanley's sold for £16 and this copy for
£14 at these Rooms in March, 1864.

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2 8 6 Adam (R.) Ruins of the Emperor Diocletian's Palace at Spalatro, plates Frej

atlas folio. 1764
7 Adams (J.) Analysis of Horsemanship, 3 vol. portrait and plates, Quarite
half bound

8vo. 1805

6 8 Adams (J.) Anatomy and Diseases of the Prostrate Gland 8vo. 1853 Mertelt

9 Adams (J. W. Writing Master, Deptford) Opus Præcipuum, or Com. Gariten

plete Set of Alphabets, ancient and modern, 2 vol.

MANUSCRIPT, a curious specimen of caligraphy, calf gilt, Svo. Sæc. xix

10 Addison (J.) Evidences of the Christian Religion, 1730—Remarks on

Italy, russia, 1736—Miscellaneous Works, 3 vol. calf, 1753—

Dictionary of the Bible, 1796—Towgood (M.) on Dissent, portrait,


12mo. (5)

13 11 Addison's AUTOGRAPH. Casa (Giovanni della) Rime et Prose, having to 12


on titlepageJ. Addison, Sep?. 28, 1700," and on fly-leaves 8} pages

in his AUTOGRAPH, Venetia, 1563—Casæ (J.) Galateus, numerous

passages marked by Addison and quoted in Tatler, Guardian, fo.

Hanovia, 1619,

red morocco, g. e. in red morocco case

small 8vo. in ono vol.

A most interesting memorial of England's chief essayist.


6 12

12 Adelung (J. C.) Auszug aus dem grammatisch-kritischen Wörterbuche Warten

der Hochdeutschen Mundart, 4 vol.

calf extra

roy. 8vo. Leipzig, 1793-1802

14 13 Adelung (J. C.) Mithridates oder allgemeine Sprachenkunde mit dem


Vater Unser als Sprachprobe in bey nahe 500 Sprachen und

Mundarten, 4 vol. calf

8vo. Berlin, 1806-17


14 Adolphus (J.) Memoirs of John Bannister, Comedian, 2 vol. portrait,

with 5 autograph letters of Adolphus and his portrait added, 8vo. 1839

15 Adventures of a Valet, 2 vol. calf extra

12mo. 1752 Cirihar
6.16 Advice to Julia in Rhyme

foolscap 8vo. 1820
6 17 Adye (W.) Musical Notes

post 8vo. 1869 siesteú


18 Alfric Society's Publications, 3 vol.

half morocco, uncut, top edges gilt

8vo. 1843-46 daitek

19 Asop's Fables, with Life, 2 vol. very fine impressions of the 112 plates, Mitchell

green morocco extra, g. e. by F. and 7. Aitken imperial 8vo. 1793

8! 6 20 Asop's Fables in Chinese, by Mun Mooy Seen-Shang, with a free and a Waiter

literal Translation by his Pupil Sloth, half calf, folio. Canton, 1840
21 Agassiz (L.

) and A. A. Gould, Principles of Zoology, woodeuts, 12mo. Saltid

Boston, U.S. 1848-Agassiz (L.) and A. A. Gould, Outlines of

comparative Physiology, 390 woodcuts, tree-marbled extra, fcap. 8vo.



22 Ainger (A.) on Cast-Iron Trusses, plate, 8vo. 1825–Building Act, with fl lehele

Notes and Cases by A. Ainger, plate, fcap. 8vo. 1836

calf gilt

8vo. in one vol.

23 Akerblad (J. D.) sur l'Inscriptian de Rosette, plates, 8vo. Paris, 1802 laurice

24 Akerman (J.Y.) Tales of other Days, with illustrations by G.

half morocco, uncut, top edges gilt

crown 8vo. 1830

25 Alberti (L. B.) Architecture, Painting and Statuary, translated by J. Blitetit


Leoni, engravings by Picart, calf

folio. 1755

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child 26 Albin (E.) Natural History of English Song.Birds, part of Ei in MS. calf, sold with all faults

small 8vo. 1779 Vestele

8vo. 1791

2 2 27 Alciphron's Epistles (translated by W. Beloe) Luuritel 28 Alcoran des Cordeliers en Latin et en François, 2 vol. plates by Picart,

fine copy in green morocco, g. e. by Derome 'i2mo. Amst: 11734 7 10 Maurice 29 Aldrich (H.) Elements of Civil Architecture in Latin, with English / 6

Translation by Rev. P. Smith, portrait and plates, russia

roy. 8vo. Oxford, 1789 > lavoro 30 Ale. The Ex-Ale-tation of Ale (in Verse),

6 fine copy in red morocco extra, g. e. by F. Bedford small 8vo. 1671

* Rare. This copy sold for £2. 6s. in G. Smith's sale. Hauriec 31 Alfieri (V.) Vita scritta da esso, 2 vol. port. half calf, 8vo. Firenze, 1822 ittuli // km232 Alfred (King) Will in Anglo-Saxon and English, 1828-—Boethius?

Metres in Anglo-Saxon by King Alfred, with English Translation
and Notes by Rev. S. Fox, 1835, calf gilt

8vo. in one vol. R Suitt 33 Alfred's (King) Poems in English Metres by M. F. Tupper

, 12mo. 1850 34 Allies (J.) on the Ignis fatuus and Fairies, half morocco 8vo. 1846 Salkeld

35 ALLOT (R.) ENGLAND'S PARNASSUS : or the choysest Flowers of our 3 & thur

Moderne Poets, slightly cut in margins, but has at end the rare leaf
“Fames windy trump,mentioned by Lowndes as frequently wanting
(and justly so, as it is undoubtedly inserted from some other work by

a totally different printer),
calf, sold with all faults, very scarce

16mo. 1600
Containing extracts from Shakespeare, Spenser, Gascoigne, Dekker,

Lodge, Marlowe, Ben Jonson, Daniell, Drayton and other eminent Poets. The Roxburghe copy sold for £21, G. Smith's

for £14. 58. and Col. Stanley's for £13. 13s. Waniteh 36 ALLOTT (R.) England's Parnassus: or the choysest Flowers of our

Moderne Poets, with the rare dedication signed Robert Allott, red morocco extra, g. e.

16mo. 1600 rthdrawn 137 Alphabeta varia, scilicet ; Brammbanicum, Roma, 1771-Indica, ib. 1791

-Armenum, ib. 1781-Æthiopicum, ib. 1789—Cophtum, ib. s. a.Chaldaicum (Estranghelo), ib. 1636-Hebraicum et Samaritanum, ib. 1771–Grandonico-Malabaricum, ib. 1772—Barmanorum Regni Arensis, ib. 1787-Illyricum et Slavonicum, ib. 1783–Græcum, ib. 1771-Etruscum, ib. 1771–Arabicum, ib. 1715—Persicum, ib. 1783

small 8vo. in 2 vol. leshlite S. Amadis de Gaule, written in French by the Lord of Essars Nicholas /o 12 6

de Herberay, and Englished by A. Munday, 4 vol. in 1,
title mended, else fine copy in blue morocco extra, g. e. a very rare
romance of chivalry in prose

folio. N. Okes, 1618-19 Nitchell 39 Amadis of Gaul, by Vasco Lobeira (translated by R. Southey), 4 vol. calf extra

12mo. 1803 Lracitch

40 AMERICA. MUNDUS Novus, Albericus Vespucius Laurentio Petri de 4 2 10

Medicis salutem plurimam dicit,
beautiful copy of a very rare edition of the Latin version of Vespucius's

celebrated letter, red morocco extra, g. e. by F. Bedford
small 4to. Magister johānes otmar: vindelice impressit Auguste, 1504

2 95

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