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Studies of Christian Character.

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By Bitha Fox, Author of “ Pictures of Heroes,” “The Yews," &o
With Illustrations by JAMES GODWIN, printed on toned paper.

The Lamp in the Cell.
Bignal Fires,
Watchers for the Dawn.
The Friendships of the Reformation.
The Artists of the Reformation,


The Cobbler Poet of Nuremberg.
“The Tenth Muse."
The Red Silk Banner.
The Fair Pietist.

Crown 8vo, cloth, full gilt, price 58.,

The Brave Old English Confessors.

With Illustrations by L. HUARD, printed on toned paper.

CONTENTS. John Wycliffe : his Life, his work, and his Creed. Thomas Ellwood : the Autobiography of a Genial William Tyndale : with some Incidents in the hearted Scholar. Lives of the Early Reformers.

The Story of James Nayler. Cranmer and his Times.

Andrew Marvell, the Witty Patriot. Nicholas Ridley, the Calm and Resolute Confessor. John Roberts : Rural Life two Centuries ago. The Life and Doings of Master Hugh Latimer. The Trials and Aspirations of Richard Baxter. Bunyan, the Dreamer in Bedford Jail.

John Locke, the Advocate of Toleration.

Third Edition, Revised,
Two Volumes, Fcap. 8vo, cloth, full gilt, price 58. each,

Mornings with Mama ; or, Scripture The Book of Drawing-Room Plays and

Dialogues for young Persons from Ten to Fifteen years of Age. By
Mrs. GILLESPIE SMYTH, Author of “ Selwyn,” “ The Life and Times

of Olympia Morata," Probation,” &c. > Various eminent Clergymen encouraged the preparation of these favourite Dialogues ; and the late Dr. Chalmers (to whom, by permission, the volumes were originally dedicated) made Daily Use of them in his own Family.




• Each Volume is illustrated by eight full-page highly-finished Engravings on Wood by DALIEL, (printed on toned paper), chiefly from choice compositions of the Old Masters, including RAPHAEL, POUSSIN, CLAUDE LORRAINE, RUBENS, SALVATOR ROSA, VANLOO, and JOUVENET. Also Specimens of several eminent Modern Masters, British and Foreign- COPLEY, REYNOLDS, WOODTORDE, HAMILTON, STRAR UBER, and SCHNORR.

London: James HOGG & Sons, 9, St. Bride's Avenue, Fleet Street, LO.

Evening Amusements. A comprehensive Manual of In-door Recrea-
tion, including all kinds of Acting Charades-Mute, Comic, Poetic,
Fairy, Dramatic, Historic, and Classic; Proverbs, Burlesques, and
Extravaganzas; comprising Novel and Original Ideas, numerous
Skeleton Plots and Dialogues; Descriptions of Continental Court
Tableaux hitherto unnoticed in this Country; Intellectual, Active,
Catch, and Trick Games; Forfeits, Board Games, Puzzles, and
Parlour Magic. The whole interspersed with Practical Directions
concerning Costume, and Hints on Management and Accessories.
By HENRY Dalton. With Scenic Illustrations by CORBOULD and
DU MAURIER, and upwards of One Hundred and Twenty Diagrams
op Wood. Accompanied by a copious Index.
In One thick Volume, with Twelve full page Illustrations

on toned paper, price 58.,

Every Boy's Stories: a Choice Collection

of Standard Tales, Rhymes, and Allegories.

Complete Edition of Sandford and Merton. By The Vision of Mirza By ADDISON.

The Journey of a Day. By Dr. JOHNSON.

The Contented Man. By WASHINGTON IN Chevy Chase.

VINO. The Whistle: a True Story. By FRANKLIN.

The Handsome and Deformed Leg. By FRANK The Brahmin's Well. By Howison.

Tarlton and Loveit. By MARIA EDGRWORTH. Llewellyn and his Dog Gelert. &c. &c.

Crown 8vo, cloth, full gilt, price 58., Fit to be a Duchess ; with other Stories

of Courage and Principle. By Mrs. GILLESPIE SMYTH, Author of

Selwyn;" “ Life and Times of Olympia Morata ;" “ Probation ;'! Tales of the Moors,” &c. With Illustrations by CORBOULD and Absolon, printed on toned paper.

In small Crown 8vo, cloth extra, price 38. 6d.,

Noble Traits of Kingly Men; or, Pic

tures and Anecdotes of European History, with a Bird's-eye View of the Grander Movements and their Leaders. With Eight Illustrations by S. A. GROVES.

European Life-The Original Elements of European Life-The Christian Element-The Crusades-The
Hecret of Mahommedan Conquest-The Influence of the Crusaddes-Europe Ecclesiastical-The Church of
Rome-Hildebrand- The Church of Rome in another aspect-Luther-Europe spreading Westward-
Oolumbus-The Pilgrim Fathers-The Modern Emigrant.

The Last Sigh of the Moor.
The Famous Order of the Knights Templars.
The Coucil of Constance.

London : JAMES HOGG & Sons, 9, St. Bride's Avenue, Fleet Street, E.O.

With Illustrations on Toned Paper,

Men who were Earnest : the Springs

of their Action and Influence. A Series of Biographical Studies.

CONTENTS. Dr. Arnold-The Earnest and Intrepid Teacher, Albert Durer-The Artist of the Reformation, Dr. Chalmers-The Religious and Social Lander. Blaise Pascal-The Witty Casuist. Robert Hall-The Earnest and Eloquent Preacher. Fenelon-The Affectionate Bishop. John Foster, and Decision of Character.

Neander-The Learned Theologian. Thomas Clarkson-The Champion of Negro Eman- Perthes the Publisher, and Literary Germany. cipation.

Andrew Fuller-A Story of Religious Life Sixty Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton-An Example of Patient

Years ago. Energy.

Dr. Andrew Thomson-The Advocate of Pure William Allen-The Philosophic Philanthropist. Bible Circulation. Hilmar Ernst Rauschenbusch- A Picture of Patri- Bernard Gilpin-The Apostle of the North.

archal Simplicity.

In Foolscap 8vo, Cloth Extra, Full Gilt, price 5s.,

The Art of Doing our Best, as seen in

the Lives and Stories of some Thorough Workers. By HALWIN CALDWELL. With Eight Illustrations by John Absolon, H. K. Browne, and the Brothers Dalziel.

CONTENTS. “ Read and you will know;" or, the Story of a Great John Flaxman; or, the Life of a Great Sculptor. Linguist.

Francis Huber and his Wife; or, the History of a The Story of Bernard Palissy, the Potter.

Blind Naturalist. Macaulay, the Historian.

Inigo Jones-Great Ends from Small Beginnings. “ Labour overcomes Everything;" or, the Story of Izaak Walton, the Complete Angler. William Gifford,

Thomas Holcroft; or, the Ups and Downs of Life. James Brindley, the Founder of Canal Navigation Heber, the Good Bishop. in Britain.

The Invincibles of Common Life-Carey, Ledyard, William Tyndale, Translator of the Bible.

Count Rumford, and Drew.

Small Crown 8vo, Cloth Extra, Price 38. 6d.

Hints on the Culture of Character.

PART I. The Cultivation of the Intellect, a Divine Duty of Man. By the Rev. GEORGE CROLY,

LL.D., Rector of St. Stephen's, Walbrook, and St. Benet's. Christian Bearing at Home and in Society. By the Hon. and Right Rev. Tas BISHOP

OF DURAAM. The Principle of Christian Stewardship. By the Rev. Thomas DALE, M.A., Canon

Residentiary of St. Paul's. Christian Membership. By the Rev. HENRY MELVILL, B.D., Chaplain in Ordinary to the Queen, and Principal of the East India College.

PART II. Selections from the Works of Divines of the Church of England : embracing Readings

from Sumner, Whately, Tait, Blomfield, Thirlwall, Wilberforce, Hampden, Wordsworth, Trench, O. J. Vaughan, Moberly, Hare, Gleig, Hussey, Jelf, Milman, Sydney Smith, Warter, Berens, Whewell, Arnold, Heber, Robinson,

Crown 8vo, Cloth Extra, Gilt Side and Edges, price 4s. 6d., The Young Poet's Guide. Hints on the

Structure of English Verse. Accompanied by Examples from the Works of different Authors, together with a Rhyming Dictionary, and Explanatory Observations on the Selection and Use of the Rhymes.

London: JAMES HOGG & Sons, 9, St. Bride's Avenue, Fleet Street, E.C.


In One Handsome Small Crown 8vo Volume, Full Gilt, Price 5s., A TREASURY OF TALES FOR YOUNG PEOPLE

With Illustrations by ZWECKER, Printed on Toned Paper.

Rockbourne Hall, introducing the Young Arabella Hardy.

Folks' Readings, and their Conversa- The Conjugating Dutchman.

sations about Old Favourite Tales. The Early Years of Henry, Earl of MoreSome Account of Robin, Dicky, Flapsy,

land. and Pecksy.

King Lear. The New Robinson Crusoe.

The Comedy of Errors. The Inquisitive Girl.

The Solitary Family of Normandy. The Trial of Careful v. Luckless.

The History of a Surprising Cure of the The Trial of Sally Delia.

Gout. Keeper's Travels in Search of his Master. The Bank Note. King Alfred.

My Lord Snowdrop. A New Acquaintance.

Simple Susan. The Little Heroine.

The Noble Acts and Heroic Deeds of Sir Sandy Wright and the Orphan.

Galahad. Lady Grizel Baillie.

Moral Conversations and Stories. Travels of Baron Munchausen.

Beauty and the Beast.

Uniform with the above, Small Crown 8vo, Full Gilt, Price 5s., A TREASURY OF TALES FOR YOUNG PEOPLE


CONTENTS. The Lords of Wyven.

The Chimæra. My Little Lizzie.

Red-Headed Andy. The Secret Society.

A Rainy Day, and what came of it. The Little Peacemaker.

The Beautiful Gate. Some Passages from the Life of Jonas on Making Something. a Farm.

The White Violet. The Story of the Grey African Parrot. The Boat Club, or the Bunkers of RippleThe Travelling Tinman.


Looking at my young audience with affectionate regard, and seeing amongst them boys and girls, youths and maidens, of all classes, of all tastes and dispositions, I have endeavoured to find something suited for all; for the elder ones, whose maturer minds require food of a more varied and elevated character; and for the little ones, to whom the fairy-tale will never lose its attractions. Stories for all such are within theso pages; are the flowers which compose my nosegay, and which have been selected with thoughtful care, and bound together with a loving hand, as an offering to that great and interesting portion of the public, its JUVENILE READERS; the children now-the men and women of a few years hence. To them, therefore--the generous, warm-hearted, pure-minded, and affectionate youthful generation, which has its ranks filled up in never-ceasing succession-these volumes are inscribed.


London : JAMES HOGG & Sons, 9 St Bride's Avenue, Fleet Street, E.C.

are specified, these are on Tinted Paper, full size of page..

Men who have Risen : a Book for Boys. .

With Eight Illustrations.

The Rise of the Peel Family.
The Beginning of the Rothschildg.
Stephenson the Railway Pioneer.
Davy the Chemist.
Oberlin the Pastor.
Franklin the Navigator.
Astor the Millionnaire.


Hutton the Bookseller.
Linnæus the Naturalist.
Smeaton the Engineer.
Wilson the Ornithologist.
Eldon the Judge.
Wilhelm the Knife-Grinder.
The Story of Hugh Miller's Early Days.

Pictures of Heroes, and Lessons from


their Lives. With Eight Illustrations.

CONTENTS. An Imperial Convert; or, the Youth and Man- Brother John of Vicenza. hood of Constantine.

Northern Lights. The Moslem's Dream; or, the Crescent on the The Snow King. Loire.

Scenes in the Life of William the Silent. King Alfred; or, a Thousand Years Ago.

The Polish Wizard. Frederick Barbarossa, the Redbeard" of the Innsbruck and its Echoes; or, the Rescue, the Rhine,

Run, the Bribe, and the Ruin.

The Habits of Good Society: a Hand

Book of Etiquette for Ladies and Gentlemen. With Thoughts, Hints, and Anecdotes concerning Social Observances, Nice Points of Taste and Good Manners, and the Art of Making One's-self agreeable. The whole Interspersed with Humorous Illustrations of Social Predicaments, Remarks on the History and Changes of Fashion, and the Differences of English and Continental Etiquette.

CHAP. I.-The Dressing-Room.

II.-The Lady's Toilet.
IV.-Lady's Dress.


CHAP. V.-Accomplishments.

VI.--Feminine Accomplishments.

Manners, Carriage, and Habita.
VIII.--The Carriage of a Lady.


1 CHAP. X-In Private.

PART III.-THE INDIVIDUAL IN COMPANY, CRAP. XI.-Dinners, Diners, and Dinner-Parties. CHAP. XIV.-Morning and Evening Parties. XII.-Ladies at Dinner.

XV.-Marriage. XIII.-Balls.

XVI.-Presentation at Court.

A Handy Book of Medical Information

and Advice. Containing a Brief Account of the Nature and Treatment of Common Diseases; also, Hints to be followed in Emergencies; with Suggestions as to the Management of the Sick-room, and the Preservation of Health, and an Appendix, in which will be found a List of the Medicines referred to in the Work, with their Proper Doses and Modes of Administration. By a PHYSICIAN.

In addition to the simple every-day knowledge, which is useful to all, and particularly to the Head of à Household, this little Volume is specially intended as a safe and Ready Guide to those Resident in Country Places, and generally under circumstances where Medical Advice is not instantly available.

London : JAMES HOGG & Sons, 9, $t. Brido's Avenue, Fleet Street, E.C

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