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A few days had passed after the N.I. which arrived at the station Grand Mustaphabad Steeplechase, this morning, and to convey the during which Yorke was casting same to the Residency. The officer about in vain to discover some to report himself at the Brigade opportunity for obtaining a glimpse Office for instructions at 3 P.m. of the one person who now made

“By order. up his world, uneasy and restless at getting no news of her, yet not ADJUTANT'S OFFICE, 76th N.I. venturing to present himself at the “With reference to the foregoing Residency lest he should be thought extract from Brigade Orders, Ensign to be presuming too much on the Spragge is directed to take charge sympathy Miss Cunningham had of the detachment, which will be shown on that occasion; when one furnished by Nos. 3 and 4 commorning Mr Spragge, returning panies in equal proportions, and from the mess a little later than will parade at 3 P.M. his chum, came across the little

“By order. garden towards the veranda where

"J. POYNTER, Yorke was sitting in his easy

Lt. and Adjutant." chair, waving a piece of paper in his hand, and calling out, “Don't “ What do you think of that, you wish you were me, my boy! my boy, for an opportunity for Here's a start !” handed the paper making the running?" said Spragge, to Yorke to read.

while the other read the extract follows:

with eager face; “cut you out,

old fellow, and no mistake. No, BRIGADE OFFICE, February

no, Arty, it's only my chaff," he “The 76th N.I. will furnish a continued, seeing that Yorke's eye detachment of one European officer glared on him with a ferocious exand 80 sepoys to receive charge of pression quite unusual to it. “I treasure from the detachment -th shan't aspire to the lady herself,


It ran



you I shall make up to the you are the best fellow that ever little French girl - Mademoiselle lived." Justine, isn't her name? I shouldn't The detachment of the 76th duly know a bit what to say to the marched into the Residency grounds mistress; never was a lady's man. a little before sunset, the senior naI wish I knew a little French, tive officer with drawn sword leading though. I couldn't make love in the little column, the tumbrils with English, if you paid me for it; but the treasure in the midst, Yorke on I feel as if I could do the thing horseback in the rear. They were in French at a tremendous pace, met at the entrance gate by one if I only knew how to talk it." of the Commissioner's red - coated

“ You are very glib with your servants, who led the way to a anticipations,” said Yorke, who had clump of trees on the right just risen from his chair and was pacing within the enclosure wall, which up and down the veranda; “but was to be the site for their encampyou won't have too much time to ment. In answer to Yorke's inquiry display your accomplishments. I why the tent he had sent on in adsuppose you will be back again to- vance was not pitched and ready, night?"

the man explained that the Com“ Back to-night! not a bit of it. missioner had ordered the officer's It's the Nawab's stipend, don't you things to be taken to the house, see, that's come from the lower pro- where a room was prepared for him, vinces. It has to be made over to and his servant was now waiting ; his people, and there will be count- and while the man was speaking, ing, and weighing, and receipt-tak- Yorke descried the Commissioner ing, and what not, which will take and his daughter advancing from a precious lot of time. Sure to be the house towards him. Yorke had kept waiting one day, if not two. never seen Miss Cunningham on Oh yes, I hope to punish the Com- foot, except when close by in a room, missioner's champagne at dinner to- or surrounded by people: as she now night, and no mistake. But I say," came across the lawn, attired in a he continued, noticing Yorke's eager, light muslin dress — for the days anxious face, “I had forgotten about were getting warm-he had time to you all the time. What a selfish notice the grace of her light step, chap I am, to be sure ! Now, you the easy movement of her tall figure; needn't look so fierce, Arty; of while from her dainty boots to her course I've got eyes in my head, broad-brimmed garden bat, everyeven if I can't see through a stone thing about her seemed equally wall ; why shouldn't you go instead tasteful and refined. of me? No, I don't want to go a bit, parasol she carried, he thought, was I was only humbugging about the like the wand borne by a goddess little French girl—in fact I'd much to enchant and subdue mortals. rather stay at home. The thing's The Commissioner, after greetdone in a moment. I'll just step over ings, explained that he had taken and tell the adjutant that I have a the liberty of assuming that Yorke particular engagement, and ask him would be their guest while at the to alter the roster. So I have, I Residency, and so had ordered his want a game of rackets this evening baggage to the house; and when most particular;" and so saying the the latter objected, with sore misgood-natured fellow set off on his givings lest he should be taken at errand, hardly waiting to hear his his word, that duty required him friend's hearty—“I declare, Jerry, to sleep with the men by the trea

The very

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