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from death. Human nature says Longfellow, “is like the shudders at it the world over. setting of the sun. The But the pain of losing the brightness of our life is gone, great hope is in some respects shadows of the evening fall greater than this. Which is around us, and the world the greater pain to a loving seems but a dim reflection mother, her own death, or the itself a broader shadow."

— death of all hope concerning But when all hope is gone

recovery of her only son, “hope, the beauteous sun the object of her love, and the which colcurs all it shines stay of her heart? David's upon"--what is there, then, great parental hope departs; in the soul but a shivering, and listen to his heart. howling, desolate midnight! breaking lament, “O my Secondly : In death the body son Absalom! my son, my loses all its beauty. The most son Absalom!” &c. Which lovely frame soon becomes is the greatest agony to the hideous after the departure of sinner, the mere death of his the spirit. “Give me a place body, the departure of his that I may bury my dead out soul from his body, or the of my sight." But what a departure from his soul of all glooiny, ghastly, hideous the hope that made his life wretch a spirit must be withpleasant, and even tolerable

out hope.

A soul without to him? Oh, the agony of hope is a soul without love, the hour when the resistless and a soul without love is a hand of destiny hurls the sun soul destitute of every virtue, of hope from the firmament the cage of all the noxious of the soul, and leaves it in reptiles of vice. Thirdly: Isa black despair. The loss of death the body loses all its use the dominant hope is like fulness. When the soul dedeath

parts, the body can render no II. IN RESPECT

more service; the tongue of As the exit of the the orator, the pen of the soul from the body ruins the author, the brush of the body, the exit of hope from painter, the chisel of the the soul ruins the soul. sculptor, the tool of the First : In death the body loses workman, all silent and still all its enjoyments. The eyes

for ever and for ever. When are closed to beauty, the ears hope takes her exit from the to music-all sensibility is soul, all the power of usefulgone. When hope leaves the ness is gone. A mind under soul, all its joys are gone. despair can render no service “The setting of a great hope," | to the creation.



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CONCLUSION: The grand CHRISTIAN CONSCIOUSNESS AS concern of all men should

A WITNESS. be to get an enduring hope, "Ho that believeth on the Son

hope that shall last of God hath the witness in himas long as the soul lasts.

self."-1 John v. 10. God knows that the most We acquire knowledge by confiding and sanguine of us

different witnesses. There are losing some hopes every

is (1)

the witness of day. There are hopes that


Our physical are like meteors in the sky senses assure us of certain of our being, they light us

facts external to ourselves. for the moment and are gone.

There is (2) the witness of Oh! for a great, grand, testimony. All history is but present hope. Where is it a collection of human testito be got? Nowhere but in mony regarding past events. Christianity. The hope of Thus, too, we reach a knowthe Gospel is a "good hope;"

ledge of all scenes and cirgood in its object, “an in- cumstances that have not heritance incorruptible," &c.; come within the range of our good in its foun:lution; the own observation. There is promise of a God who cannot (3) the witness of logic. There lie; good in its duration. is a class of truths, a species “ God willing more abun- of knowledge which we reach dantly to show unto the by conclusions drawn from heirs of promise the immuta- known facts. Thus mathemability of his counsel,” &c. “Itical, metaphysical, and ethihave read our holy books,"

cal knowledge is chiefly, if not said a poor Hindoo. “I hayo entirely, attained. There is long respected and invoked (4) the witness of consciousthe name of my guardian

ness. Consciousness assures deity. I have visited holy us of the reality of all our places. I have bathed in the mental impulses and states. Ganges. I have performed .

This consciousness is for many rites. I have submitted many reasons the best witness, to many sufferings ; but I indeed, without this witness

I peace, no_hope.

we should have no knowledge Where, 0 where, am I going of anything like O

certitude. when I die? Into what new The text brings under our body is my soul to pass ? Or notice the witness of Chrisinto what dreadful gulf am I

tian consciousness. I offer to be plunged? Die I must,

three remarks

remarks concerning but in death I can have no

this witness. hope."


find no







PORTANT OF ALL WITNESSES. hopes, but knouos in whom he
Why is it the most important! has believed.
Because it bears witness to II. IT IS THE MOST INCON.
the most momentous realities. TROVERTIBLE

ALL I shall notice two great NESSES. The evidence of the points which it attests to the senses, which often deceive; soul's conviction. First: The of human testimony, which is truth of the Gospel. Fully fallible; of logic, which often acknowledging the value of errs, is all controvertible. other evidences in favour of Doubts may be raised at all Christianity, such as that of the statements of these withistory, prophecy, miracle,

But what consciousand success, none to ness attests is at once placed be compared in value to beyond argument, beyond that of consciousness. The

debate, beyond doubt. It existence, unity, holiness, never lies, it never mistakes. and fatherhood of God; the Why do men believe in the depravity and guilt of existence of an external humanity; the existence of a world ?-in the being of 3 future state of retribution ; God ?-in the freedom and rethe divinity of the person sponsibility of the soul l-ins and work of Christ, such coming retribution ; logic has points as these, which consti- denied all these over and over tute the very essence of the again; it is because universal Gospel, are so congruous with consciousness attests them. the reason, instincts, needs, Systems, which consciousness and aspirations of the soul, cannot attest, have constantly that consciousness sets its seal oppeared in the world, and to them as divine. The lo ften, too, with all the pomp Gospel “commends itself to und pageantry of philosophy every man's conscience.” This and reasoning, but they pass is the witness that gives to as gorgeous clouds from the the majority of believers in sky of thought. What conChristianity their


sciousness attests, lives, desSecondly: The souls interest | pite the antagonism of all in the Gospel

. The man who philosophy and logic The believes, knows that he is the verities attested by conscious“child of God, and an heir of ness burn as imperishable the kingdom of heaven." No stars in the mental hemiother witness but that of con- sphere of the mind. Because sciousness can testify to these consciousness attests the truth glorious realities. The Chris- of Christianity, Christianity tian knows, not thinks, not | lives, and thrives, and spreads,

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notwithstanding the oppo- into the thunderstorm to fly sition of scepticism, and the the kite, which was to test inconsistencies of churches. his theory of electricity, he The true Christian may be was agitated by indescribable confounded by sceptical hopes and fears. But when reasoning, but he cannot be the critical moment arrived deprived of his faith.


“One and passed, when (quivering thing I know, that whereas I with trepidation) he applied was blind, now I see.” his knuckle to the key, and

III, IT IS THE MOST AVAIL- the lightning flashed forth, ABLE OF ALL WITNESSES. In then all doubt was at an end. some cases, logic, through the Then he felt the truth of natural feebleness of the under- what before he had but standing, and, in other cases, believed. And the flashing through the lack of data, of the light which reveals the without which, however natu- truth of “God's word written" rally strong, it cannot speak, in the heart of a believing is not always available, even Christian, is as much more with its feeble testimony. certain as it is more abiding. But the witness of It is no transient phenomenon. sciousness is always in the It is a Paraclete that comes court, and always prepared to to abide with him for ever. give its decisive testimony.

It makes him a witness to Subjective Christianity con- wbom God Himself appeals.* sists in hopes and fears, and And the appeal is not in loves and hates, in volitions, vain. It is answered from thoughts, aspirations; and the depths of desolation these are all matters of con- and misery in the cry of the sciousness. The availableness hoary patriarch, “I KNOW of the witness, it must be re- that my Redeemer liveth !” membered, depends upon the “As many as are led by the possession of personal Chris Spirit of God, they are the tianity. If we have it not, con

sons of God. For ye have sciousness cannot attest it. not received the spirit of Brothers, have we this wit-bondage again to fear; but ye ness? If we have, we may

have received the spirit of well rejoice, for we are the adoption, whereby we cry, children of God, delivered Abba, Father !” “The spirit from the bondage and con- itself”—the Christian state demnation of sin, and brought of mind" beareth witness into the enjoyment of the with our spirit”-- by conglorious liberty of the Gospel. When Franklin went out * Isa. xliii. 10-12; xlix. 8.

sciousness that we are the the divine will-philosophy children of God; and if can return no other answer. children, then heirs ; heirs of First : Our moral intuitio.. God, and joint-heirs with urge us to holiness. There is Christ.

an ideal character which ou intuitions are constantly in

truding on our notice, urging HUMAN HOLINESS THE GREAT

us to cultivate. Moral souls OBJECT OF THE DIVINE WILL.

everywhere on earth feel that “This is the will of God, even your sanctification." -1 Thess.

they should be true, honest, iv. 3.

generous, pure, and devout, in First: God has a


other words that they should Will implies reason ; God is

be holy. Secondly : Our infinite reason.

Will implies highest interest urges us to force; it is determination. holiness. The history of the God is infinite force. Will

, world shows that men have free, uncontrolled will, is the been prosperous and happy iq expression of the willer's proportion to their virtues, . nature. God's nature is holy,

And human consciousness benevolent, unchangeable. attests that men are only Secondly : God has a WILL inwardly happy as they feel concerning man. Insignifi. that they have lived and

. cant though man be, as com

done the thing which is right pared with the universe, and and true. So, then, the less than nothing as compared grand demand of the Bible with his Maker, he, never

instead of being in the theless, engages the mind and slightest incongruous with heart of God. Glorious truth

human nature or its interests, this! Thirdly : God's WILL

blends in with the strictest concerning man is his holi- accordance. “Your sanctification.”

If this be the WILL of This means holiness, and God concerning man, I conholiness is moral excellence

cludemoral assimilation to Himself. II. That MAN HAS AN INIf this be the WILL of FALLIBLE GUIDE TO DETERGod concerning man, two

SUCCESSFUL IS conclusions deserve special

AND EFFORT. He notice.

who goes with God's will, I. THAT MAN'S GRAND DUTY goes with Omnipotence, and CHIMES IN WITH HIS MORAL if he goes rightly must INTOITIONS

succeed. First : Successful INTEREST. What is the grand prayers are prayers for holiduty of man? Obedience to ness. He who prays for

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