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It will be seen that the following papers, or most of them, though not designed to recommend this book, were given to encourage certain other discourses and labors of the author, with which he has endeavored to make this work harmonize.

PHILADELPHIA, June 30, 1838.

The Rev. Henry Jones has preached several times in my Church, and at the Commissioners' Hall at Southwark, [District,] to solemn and respectable congregations. As near as I can learn, his views have led the people more thoroughly to investigate the scriptures, and to feel that their great business here, is to prepare for eternity.

His explanations of the kingdom of heaven, and of prophecy, seem to give great force to the Gospel system, and to bring new motives to christian action. Ministers who adopt them cannot but be powerful in their appeals.

Mr. Jones has also published a work on the "Principles of Interpreting the Prophecies," which shows much research, and which is highly spoken of by Ministers of all evangelical denominations. I have read it with much interest.

ALBERT JUDSON,* Pastor 1st Pres. Chh. Southwark.

The subject of Prophecy is one of deep interest to the Church of Christ, and has, I am convinced, been too much overlooked by ministers and people since the reformation. It is a matter of thankfulness to God, that he is exciting some of his ministers to preach on this subject, and to awake the attention of the churches to it. The downfall of "Anti-Christ"-"the coming of Christ," and "the kingdom of heaven is at hand,"-are subjects of deep and awful interest to all. I have heard Br. Jones preach-read his book and conversed with him, and can heartily bid him "God-speed," and recommend him in his work, to all that love our Lord, in his appearing and kingdom. WM. RAMSEY, Minister South-st. Pres. Chh. Philadelphia, June 30, 1838.“

From the [New-York] GOSPEL WITNESS, June 14, 1838.
[A Baptist Paper.]

By a letter from Philadelphia, we learn that the Rev. Henry Jones is engaged in delivering lectures on the kingdom of Christ and the

* Since dead.

duty of searching the Scriptures. Having been employed in the same business while in this city, he was heard with much interest, and we believe that many professors of religion were brought to feel that they had too much neglected the word of God. Being personally acquainted with Br. Jones, and appreciating the importance of his labors, which are wholly gratuitous, we are constrained to commend him to the attention and kindness of our Baptist brethren.

If there is an enterprise which, above all others, accords with the principles which have characterized our denomination, it is that of attempting to arouse the christian community to the great duty of searching and taking heed to the sure word of prophecy.

We never expect that any real union of the saints will be effected until they pay that supreme deference to the PURE WORD OF GOD, which its immense importance demands. Whoever labors to bring men to this point, labors in what we consider as emphatically the Baptist cause, or if the reader prefers a different phrase, he labors in the cause of God and truth.

WILMINGTON, Del., July 13, 1838.

I take pleasure in stating to my friends, and to my Baptist brethren especially, that I have been acquainted with Br. Jones for more than five years. I believe him to be emphatically a man of God.

In regard to his " Principles of Interpreting the Prophecies," I can only say, that so far as I have examined the work, I think well of it. My prayer is, that "the Oracles of God" it contains, may have free course and be glorified.

Br. Jones has now been a week in our city preaching and visiting from house to house. He has been well received by believers of all denominations. Of course we cannot precisely agree on all points, (for what two can?) but as an humble, prayerful, self-sacrificing servant of the Master, he may be sure of the prayers of His unworthy brother in a precious Redeemer, CHARLES W. DENISON, Pastor 2d Bap. Chh.

Having been personally acquainted with the bearer, Rev. H. Jones, for several years, and been permitted to listen to his preaching-to peruse his Principles of Interpreting the Prophecies," lately published, and his ten manuscript discourses on Christ's second coming, I feel prepared to bid him God-speed in his present labor of calling special attention to the faithful study of the prophetic, as well as other parts of the Bible; and would say, also, that having paid more than ordinary attention to these subjects myself for a few years past, that I believe his views, both written and printed, are in the main scriptural and correct, and such as I think have been too much overlooked and neglected by the Church for a long time past.

C. HAVEN, Pastor Bap. Chh. Lowville and Denmark. Denmark, Lewis Co., N. Y., Nov. 1. 1838.

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I have examined the twenty-four Principles laid down by the Rev. Mr. Jones, in his book for the illustration of the scriptural Prophecies. They appear to me reasonable, just, and scriptural.

I have also examined the manuscripts of four of his lectures on the second coming of Christ, and have been deeply interested with them. I think them plain, pointed and scriptural.

It has been my pleasure, also, to hear Brother Jones in my pulpit, on the above-mentioned subject-his manner of treating it was judicious and candid—and his arguments weighty and powerful. I have had some previous acquaintance with Br. Jones-and commend him as a worthy man, and faithful minister of Christ, of the Congregational denomination.

May the Lord bless and prosper his attempts to awaken attention to the coming of our Lord, which will be "as a thief in the night." JAMES L. HODGE, Pastor 16th Baptist Church. New-York, Nov. 20, 1838.

I fully concur in the above recommendation as far as it refers to the twenty-four Principles of Interpreting the Prophecies, by the Rev. Mr. Jones. The Lectures I have not seen, but having listened to a public address, I was satisfied his views were plain and scriptural.

WESLEY C. HUDSON, Minister Meth. Epis. Church. Bloomfield, N. J., Jan. 16, 1839.

Having had an interview with the Rev. Mr. Jones at my house, and fully and freely examined his views of the Holy Bible respecting the Prophecies; Promises; Millenium; second coming. of Christ; Day of Judgment, &c., I am happy to say, that they perfectly harmonize with my own-so that I am prepared to give a hearty approval, and bid him God-speed in his sacrificing labor of love.

By request, Mr. Jones delivered two lectures in our church on the above subjects, which were highly interesting to myself and people, and, as I believe, unanimously approved.

I have read his "Principles of Interpreting the Prophecies," and am much pleased with the work. Several of the most respectable persons in our congregation and village have obtained the book; and I would recommend it as an excellent help to the reading and understanding of the Scriptures, to all, especially to Christians and Minis


I have examined several of his lectures in manuscript form, on the coming of Christ; the “Signs of his Coming," &c., which I believe are much called for, and will be valuable to the church of God. I really hope that Br. Jones may find a cordial reception among the dear people of Christ, of every name, and in every place, where Divine Providence shall direct him in the work of the Lord."

J. MORRIS PEASE, Pastor Meth. Epis. Church. Fair Haven, Ct., Jan. 28th, 1839.

Having read the Rev. Mr. Jones' book, entitled "Principles of Interpreting the Prophecies;" attended two of his public discourses, and also having had several short interviews with him at my own house, I heartily concur in the sentiments expressed by Mr. Pease in the above: and feel a confidence in recommending the above named work to all, as an excellent help to the reading and understanding of the sacred Scriptures, and heartily wish him God-speed in his sacrificing labor of love. J. B. BEACH, Pastor Meth. Epis. Church. Woodbury, Ct., April 5, 1839.

The Rev. Mr. Jones, from New-York, spent nearly a week in this place, and preached at different times on the Prophecies of Christ's second coming and kingdom. He was heard with interest, and a number of his books were purchased. He has ample testimonials from the Association to which he belongs, and from a number of Ministers in the cities of New-York and Philadelphia, as to his christian character and ministerial standing. On my short acquaintance with him he appears to be a devoted servant of Christ, and has evidently studied the Prophecies with intense interest. Whether his views are correct or not, his preaching and conversation may lead ministers and others to a more careful reading of the Bible, and study of the Prophecies, and may awaken a new interest in the different classes of hearers.

ZEPHANIAH SWIFT, Sen. Pastor Cong. Church. Derby, Ct., March 7, 1839.

This certifies, that the Rev. Henry Jones, has preached to the people of my charge, several times, upon the interpretation of the prophetical writings, and has been listened to with deep interest. His principles of interpretation are, in my opinion, worthy of careful and prayerful examination.

O. B. BUTTERFIELD, Pastor Congregational Church. South Britain, Ct., March 22, 1839.

This may certify, that the Rev. H. Jones, the author of a little work on the "Principles of Interpreting the Prophecies," has been spending several days in this vicinity, delivering lectures in illustration of his Principles, very much to the edification of many who love the word of God.

His scriptural mode of teaching, and reasoning, comparing scripture with scripture, has greatly interested those who have heard him in this place. I believe that all who listen to his instructions become convinced that he is a truly devoted and prayerful student of the Bible. As the result of his lectures to the people of my parish, I think that not a few will study the Holy Scriptures with increased interest, and to better advantage than heretofore.

W. H. WHITTEMORE, Pastor Congregational Chh. Southbury, Ct., March 21, 1839.

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