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of thought, as it will be proper and important to pursue. And if they shall be found to have done any thing, towards opening that fund of instruction and encouragement relative to the Missionary work, which the Scriptures contain, and which is at present but just beginning to be understood and felt; they will not be undeserving the more private study and attention of those who love the cause of the Redeemer.

In the preparation of these Discourses, it has been my principal endeavour to speak plainly and intelligibly to all classes of readers. With this view, I have forborne, almost entirely, criticisms upon the Scriptures, and have preferred to quote and apply them, in the commonly received translation and sense.

In discussing many of the subjects in the ensuing volume, I have found my path almost an untravelled one, and have been able to derive very little assistance from the labors of others. Wherein I have mistaken the truth, I shall thankfully receive the suggestions or corrections of my Christian friends. The subject of Missions obviously is a great one; the Scriptures seem to me to be full of it; what I have here done, towards illustrating and enforcing it, is but a little compared with what I think might be done; but whether I shall be ever able to pursue it farther, time and Providence only can disclose.

Whatever may be the effects of this publication, I shall have comfort in the consciousness that it was intended for good. Placed in cireumstances where I have little to bestow in religious charity, it will be to me a source of unfeigned satisfaction, if I may be able, by my pen, to contribute something, towards the advancement and ultimate triumph of the Redeemer's kingdom.

As I have not been able to inspect the press at all, any errors in printing I hope will be excused.

I conclude by committing my labors to God, whose cause and kingdom they are intended to subserve, praying that the Holy Spirit may . deign to accompany them, and make them an instrument of good.

WARD, MAY 13, 1824.

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