Memorials of Argyleshire: In Five Parts, with Appendices

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Page 190 - Know ye that we have given, granted and, by this our present Charter, confirmed to our...
Page 267 - The exhortations of the general diffused new vigour through the ranks, and the men, by mutual reproaches, inflamed each other to deeds of valour. They felt the disgrace of yielding to a troop of women, and a band of fanatic priests ; they advanced their standards, and rushed on to the attack with impetuous fury. The Britons perished in the flames which they themselves had kindled.
Page 228 - After the materials were collected," says he, " the next labour was to compare the different editions, to strike off several parts that were manifestly spurious,! to bring together some episodes that appeared to have a relation to one another, though repeated separately, and...
Page 266 - Britons, close embodied and prepared for action. Women were seen rushing through the ranks in wild disorder, their apparel funereal, their hair loose to the wind, in their hands flaming torches, and their whole appearance resembling the frantic rage of the Furies.
Page 237 - Shields sound and warriors fall. As a hundred hammers on the red son of the furnace, so rose, so rung their swords ! Gaul rushed on, like a whirlwind in Ardven. The destruction of heroes is on his sword. Swaran was ' like the fire of the desert in the echoing heath of Gormal ! How can I give to the song the death of many spears ? My ^word rose high, and flamed in the strife of blood.
Page 165 - removed them all from the land of their birth, and scattered them throughout the other districts of Scotland, both beyond the hills and on this side thereof, so that not even a native of that land abode there, and he installed therein his own peaceful people.
Page 167 - Sommerled for the Isles, which were properly his wife's right ; but, as for the lands of Argyle and Kintyre, he would have them restored to himself. Sommerled replied, that he had as good a right to the lands upon the continent as he had to the Isles ; yet...
Page 421 - ... her fathers race. Before the sun should withdraw his beams, she was to cover the spring with a stone, on which sacred and mysterious characters were impressed. One night this was forgot by the unhappy Bera. Overcome with the heat and chace of the day, she was seized with sleep before the usual hour of rest.
Page 236 - As waves, white bubbling over the deep, come swelling, roaring on ; as rocks of ooze meet roaring waves: so foes attacked and fought. Man met with man, and steel with steel. Shields sound, and warriors fall. As a hundred hammers on the red son of the furnace, so rose, so rung their swords!
Page 52 - Gregory sent us baptism, that was in the two and thirtieth year of his reign: and Columba, a masspriest, came to the Picts, and converted them to the faith of Christ: they are dwellers by the northern mountains. And their king gave him the island which is called li [lona]: therein are five hides of land, as men say.

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