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346 & 348 Broadway, New York, and 16 Little Britain, London,

Respectfully inform the friends of Literature and Science that they still continue the branch of their house in London, as established in 1830, and are prepared to execute all orders for single books or in quantities, by return of mail steamer. This agency is confined to the purchase of Books for the American market, which enables them to furnish to literary and professional gentlemen any book (whether published in Great Britain or the Continent of Europe,) at moderate prices, and with unusual dispatch. A large collection of manuals and catalogues of all the books published on sale in Europe, may be found at their Store in Broadway, additions to which are received by every steamer.

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Miscellaneous English and American Books.

All the preceding parts of our Catalogue, viz.:

Can still be had on application.

All the works are in cloth, unless otherwise expressed.

ABBATT, R. Principles and Practice of Linear Perspective, divested of all difficulty. 8vo. London, 1853. $1.75. ABBOTT, Jacob. The Corner Stone. Very greatly improved and enlarged. Illustrations. 12mo. N. Y. $1.

The Young Christian. New edit. $1. The Way to do Good. New edit. 12mo. N. Y. $1.

China and the English. 20 Illustrations. Royal 18mo. N. Y. $0.62.

Fireside Piety; or, the Duties and Enjoyments of a Family Religion. Royal 18mo. Engravings. N. Y. $0.56.

A Summer in Scotland. Engravings. 12mo. $1.

Franconia Stories. With engraved Title-pages, and numerous Illustrations. 5 vols., 16mo. N. Y. each $0.50. ComprisingMalleville, Wallace, Mary Erskine, Beechnut, and Stuyvesant,

Marco Paul's Voyages and Travels in the Pursuit of Knowledge. 6 vols., 16mo. N. Y. each $0.50. Comprising:-Marco Paul in New York, Marco Paul on the Erie Canal, Marco Paul at the Springfield Armory, Marco Paul in Boston, Marco Paul in the Forests of Maine, Marco Paul in Vermont.

Rollo's Tour in Europe. Rollo on the Atlantic. 16mo. Cuts. Bost. $0.50.

Rollo in Paris. 16mo. Bost. $0.50.

ABBOTT'S Jacob and J. S. C. Illustrated Histories. 18 vols., in uniform 16mo. vols., each $0.60. Comprising:-Alexander the Great, Alfred the Great, Cleopatra, Cyrus, Charles the First, Charles the Second, Darius, Hannibal, Josephine, Julius Cæsar, Mary Queen of Scots, Maria Antoinette, Nero, Queen Elizabeth, Mad. Roland, Romulus, William the Conqueror, Xerxes. ABBOTT, J. S. C. The Mother at Home; or, the Principles of Maternal Duty familiarly Illustrated. 16mo. N. Y. $0.60.

The Child at Home; or, the Principles of Filial Duty familiarly Illustrated. Woodcuts. 16mo. N. Y. $0.60.

Kings and Queens; or, Life in the Palace: consisting of Historical Sketches of Josephine and Maria Louisa, Louis Philippe, Ferdinand of Austria, Nicholas, Isabella II., Leopold, and Victoria. With Illustrations. 12mo. N. Y. $1.

A'BECKETT. G. A. The Comic History

of England. Illustrated with 20 Colored Etchings, and 240 humorous Wood-cuts. 2 vols., 8vo. London. $5.

The Comic History of Rome. Illustrated with Colored Etchings, and numerous Wood-cuts. 1 vol. 8vo. London. $250. ABEKEN. An Account of the Life and Let

ters of Cicero, translated from the German. Edited by the Rev. C. Merivale, 12mo. London. $3.

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Miscellaneous Essays. Consisting of the Harmony of Christian Faith and Christian Character; the Culture and Discipline of the Mind; Think on these Things; The Contest and the Armor; The Messiah as an Example. 18mo. N. Y. $0.37. ABERNETHY. Memoirs of John Abernethy, F. R. S. With a view of his Lectures, Writings, and Character. By Geo. Macilwain. 12mo. N. Y. 1853. $1. ABRAHAM, Rev. C. J. The Unity of History; or, Outlines of Lectures on Ancient and Modern History, considered on the Principles of the Church of England. 8vo. Eton. $1.50.

ACHILLI, G. Dealings with the Inquisition; or Papal Rome, her Priests, and her Jesuits. With Important Disclosures. 12mo, $0.75 ACKERMAN'S History of the University of Cambridge, its Colleges, Halls, and Public Buildings. With finely colored drawings. 2 vols. 4to. London. Large paper: scarce, half morocco, gilt top, $30. ACTING CHARADES, or Deeds not Words. A Christmas Game, to make a long evening short. By the Brothers Mayhew. Illustrated by H. G. Hine. Small 4to. London. $1.00. ACTON, Eliza. Modern Cookery in all its branches, reduced to a System of Easy Practice. 12mo. Phila. $0.80. ADALBERT'S, Prince. Travels in the South of Europe, and in Brazil, with a Voyage up the Amazon and the Xingu. 2 vols. 8vo. Engravings. London. Half-calf. $5. ADAM, Alex. Roman Antiquities, or an Ac

count of the Manners and Customs of the Romans. New edition, improved by Dr. Boyd. 100 engravings. 12mo. sheep, $1.75. ADAMS, C. Edgar Clifton; or, Right and Wrong. A Story for Boys. With numerous illustrations. 16mo. 1854. $0.75.

ADAMS, C. The Boys at Home. Illustrated. 16mo. N. Y. 1854. $0.75.

ADAMS, J. The Life and Writings of John Adams, Second President of the United States. New and Complete Edition. 10 vols. Large 8vo. Bost. 1851-54. $22.50.

The same, on large paper. $30.

Defence of the Constitutions of Government of the United States of America. 3

vols. 8vo. London: scarce, half calf, neat. $6.

ADAMS, J. Q. Lives of James Madison, and James Monroe, fourth and fifth Presidents of the U. S. 12mo. Buff. $1.25.

-Letters of John Quincy Adams to his Son, On the Bible and its Teachings. 18mo. $0.34.

-Life of John Quincy Adams, Sixth President of the United States, by WILLIAM H. SEWARD, portrait, 12mo. Buffalo. $1.25. ADA MS, Mrs. Letters; with an Introductory Memoir by her grandson, C. F. Adams, 4th edition, revised and enlarged, with the Letters of J. Q. Adams to his Son, on the Study of the Bible. Portrait. 12mo. Boston. $1.63.

ADAMS, Miss. Journal and Correspondence of Miss Adams, niece of John Adams. 2 vols. 12mo. N. Y. $1.50

ADAMS, Neh. The Friends of Christ in the
New Testament. 1 vol. Bost. 1853. $1.
ADAMS, W. Warnings of the Holy Week.
12mo. London, 1854. $1.50

Shadow of the Cross. 16mo. $0.63.
The Cherry Stones. $0.63.

The Old Man's Home. 16mo. $0.63. King's Messengers. 16mo. $0.63. Distant Hills. 16mo. N. Y. $0.63. ADAMS, Thomas. The Three Divine Sisters; or, Faith, Hope, and Charity. 12mo. $0.60.

Mercy to Babes. A Plea for the Christian Baptism of Infants. 12mo. $62 ADDISON, C. G. On Contracts, and on Parties to Action ex contractu. 8vo. sheep, Phil. $4.

ADDISON, J. Complete Works, with the notes of Bishop Hurd. 4 vols. post 8vo. London, 1854. $4.

Complete Works. Including the whole contents of Bishop Hurd's Edition, and several additional pieces now first collected. with an Essay on the Life and Writings of Addison, by T. B. Macaulay. The whole edited with copious notes, by George Washington Greene. Five thick vols. small 8vo. Engravings. N. Y. 1854. $6.00.

Collected Works. 3 vols. 8vo. Sheep. N. Y. $4.50.

The Spectator. A new and carefully

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revised edition, with Prefaces, Historical and Biographical. By ALEXANDER CHALMERS, A. M. 6 vols. 8vo., fine large type, cloth, $9; half calf ex., $15; calf ex., $20. ADDISON, J. The Spectator. A new edition, with Biographical Notices of the Contributors. Portraits. 8vo. London. $2.25.

The Spectator. Six neat vols. 8vo. Phila. $3.

-Life of Addison, by Lucy Aikin. 12mo. Phila. $0.75.

ADLER, G. J. A New Dictionary of the German and English Languages. Indicating the Accentuation of every German Word, containing several hundred German Synonymes; together with a Classification and Alphabetical List of the Irregular Verbs, and a Dictionary of German Abbreviations. In two parts. I. German and English; II. English and German. One elegant volume, of 1400 pages, large 8vo. N. Y. half bound. $5.

An Abridged German and English Dictionary. In Two Parts:-I. German and English. II. English and German. One vol., 12mo.; of 844 pp. N. Y. Bound. $1.75.

ADORNO, J. N. Introduction to the Har-
mony of the Universe; or, Principles of
Physico-Harmonic Geometry. 1 vol. large
8vo. London, 1851. $3.50.
ADVENTURE, of a Salmon in the River
Dee, by a Friend of the Family. With
Notes for the Fly-Fisher. 12mo., with illus-
trations. London, 1853. Paper, $1.
ADVENTURES of a Younger Son.
London. $0.75.
ADVENTURES of Captain Blake; or, My
Life. 12mo. London. $0.75.


ELFRIC'S Anglo-Saxon and English Homily. Edited by Thomson. 18mo. London. $1.50.

ESCHYLI TRAGEDIE, (Gr. et Lat.) cum Notis Variorum, Scholiis, et Var. Lect. edidit Butler. 6 vols., 8vo. London. $6.00.

Tragediæ quæ supersunt deperditarum fabularum fragmenta et Scholia Græca ex editione Stanleii. 6 vols., 8vo. London. $10.

Quæ supersunt omnia recensuit et brevi commentario instruxit Fredericus A. Paley, M.A. 2 vols., 8vo. London. $6.50. ESCHYLUS. Tragedies. Translated by the REV. R. POTTER, M.A. To which is prefixed an Essay on the Grecian Drama. 18mo. N. Y. $0.45.

Verse. By J. S. Blackie. 2 vols., post 8vo. London. $4.50. ESCHYLUS. Agamemnon. From the Greek, by Wm. Peter. 24mo. Phila. $0.75.

Tragedies, literally translated, with Notes by Buckley and Burgess. 2 vols., 12mo. London. $2.

Lyrical Dramas, translated into English

The Prometheus and Agamemnon of. Translated into English Verse, by W. H. Herbert. 12mo. Cambridge. $0.75.

Lexicon to. By the Rev. Th. Linwood. 2d edition, 8vo. London. $3.50. ESTHETIC PAPERS. Edited by E. P. Peabody. 8vo. paper. Boston. $1.25. (To be published occasionally.) ESOP'S FABLES. New Version, by


Rev. T. James, with 50 illustrations.
N. Y. $2.

12mo. Engravings. N. Y.


Fables. 18mo. Illustrated by 250 cuts. Edited by Croxall. N. Y. $0.60. AGASSIZ, L. Lake Superior: its Physical character, Vegetation, and Animals. 1 large vol., 8vo. engravings, post. $3 50.

Principles of Zoology. Part 1. Comparative Zoology. 12mo. Bost. $1. AGE OF THE WORLD. Conversation on-in connection with Prophecy. 12mo. Alb. 1853. $1. AGINCOURT. History of Art; by its Monuments, from its Decline in the Fourth Century to its Restoration in the Sixteenth. Translated from the French of Seroux d'Agincourt. With 328 plates, comprising 3,325 subjects. The three volumes of the French work complete in one vol., large folio. London, 1848. $30.

AGNEL. The Book of Chess: Containing the Rudiments of the Game, and Elementary Analysis of the most Popular Openings, exemplified in Games actually played by the great Masters; including Staunton's Analysis of the Kings and Queens, Gammits, Numerous Positions, and Problems on Diagrams, &c. With illustrations, by R. W. WEIR. 12mo. N. Y. $1.25. AGRICULTURAL WORKS. A gen

eral assortment, including the best works published in England, as well as all that are valuable issued in the United States.

AGUILAR, Grace. Home Influence. A Tale for Mothers and Daughters. 12mo. N. Y. $0.90.

The Mother's Recompense. A Story. 12mo. N. Y. $0.75.

Woman's Friendship. A Story of Domestic Life. 12mo. N. Y. $0.75.

The Vale of Cedars; or, The Martyr. A Story of Spain in the Fifteenth Century. 12mo. N. Y. $0.75.

The Women of Israel. Two vols., 12mo. N. Y. $1.50.

AGUILAR, Grace. The Days of Bruce. A Story from Scottish history. 2 vols. 12mo. N. Y. $1.50.

Home Scenes and Heart Studies. 12mo. N. Y. $0.75.

Essays and Miscellanies; choice cullings from her MS. Selected by Sarah Aguilar. 12mo. Phila. 1853. $0.75.

AIKEN, P. F. Comparative View of the Constitutions of Great Britain and the United States. 12mo. London. $1.

AIKEN, Dr. The Works of the British Poets. From Chaucer to the present time. Selected and Chronologically arranged; with Biographical and Critical Notices. By DR. AIKEN and others. 3 large vols., 8vo. with 30 fine Steel Engravings. N. Y. Extra cloth, new style, $7.50; sheep, $7.50; morocco extra, $15. AINSWORTH. Latin Dictionary. Reprinted from the best folio edition; with numerous Additions, Emendations, and Improvements, by the Rev. B. W. Beatson, A. M. Revised and corrected by W. Ellis, Esq. A. M. Imp. 8vo. London. $6.50. For the use of Abridgment of Do. Schools. 8vo. N. Y. Sheep, $2. AINSWORTH, W. F. Researches in Babylonia, Assyria, &c. 1 vol., 8vo. London. $3.

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ALCOTT W. A. Gift Book for Young Ladies; or, Woman's Mission; being Familiar Letters to a Young Lady on her Duties, &c. 12mo Boston. $0.75.

ALDINE Edition of British Poets. Elegantly printed and uniform in style; consisting of-Akenside, 1 vol. Beattie, 1 vol. Burns, 3 vols. Butler, 2 vols. Chaucer, 5 vols. Churchill, 3 vols. Collins, i vol. Cowper, 3 vols. Dryden, 5 vols. Falconer, . 1 vol. Goldsmith, 1 vol. Gray, 1 vol. Milton, 3 vols. Parnell, 1 vol. Prior, 2 vols. Pope, 3 vols. Shakspeare, 1 vol. Spenser, 5 vols. Surry and Wyatt, 1 vol. Swift, 3 vols. Thomson, 2 vols. Young, 2 vols. White (H. Kirke), 1 vol. 53 vols. 12mo. Each author sold separately; cloth, $0.75; half calf, extra, $1.50. calf, extra, $2. ALEXANDER, A. History of the Israelitish Nation. 8vo. Phila, 1853. $2.

History of Colonization on the West Coast of Africa. 8vo. Phila. $2. ALEXANDER, Arch. D. D. Outline of Moral Science. 12mo. N. Y. 1852. $0.75. Memoir of, by J. W. and J. A. Alexander. Large 8vo. N. Y. 1854. $2.50. ALEXANDER, Prof. J. A. and Later Prophecies of Isaiah. one, 8vo. London. $3.50.

The Later Prophecies of Isaiah. Royal 8vo. $2.50.

Isaiah Illustrated and Explained. An abridgment of the author's Critical Commentary on Isaiah. 2 vols. 12mo. $2.

The Earlier 2 vols. in

The Psalms Translated and Explained for English Readers. 3 vols. 12mo. $3.75.

Essays on the Primitive Church Offices. Reprinted by permission from the Princeton Review, with Corrections and Additions by the writer. 1 vol. 12mo. N. Y. $0.63. Universal DicALEXANDER, J. H. tionary of Weights and Measures, Ancient and Modern, reduced to the Standards of the U. S. of America. 8vo. Balt. $1.50. ALEXANDER, J. W. Consolation: in

Discourses on Select Topics, addressed to the Suffering People of God. 12mo. $1.25. ALEXANDER THE GREAT. Life of, by Abbott. 18mo. N. Y, $0.60.

Life of, by Rev. J. Williams. 18mo. N. Y. $0.45. ALEXANDRE, A. Encyclopédie des Echecs, ou Résumé comparatif des meilleurs ouvrages écrits sur ce jeu. 4to. hf. bd. $6. ALFRED THE GREAT. His Life and Anglo-Saxon Works. By Dr. Pauli. Edited by Thorpe. 1 vol. post 8vo. London, 1853. $1.25. ALFRED'S King Poems: now first turned into English Metres, by Tupper. 1 vol. London. $0.88.

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