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THE IMPRECATORY PSALMS. Six Lectures, with other Discourses,

delivered at Bacup, Lancashire. By the Rev. R. A. BERTRAM.

London: Elliot Stock, Paternoster Row. The Imprecatory Psalms are puzzles to the critical student, and often stumbling-blocks to the common reader of the Holy Book. The attempt which our author has made in these lectures, to show that they contain nothing that is contradicted, or condemned by anything in the New Testament, whether satisfactory to all, or not, is most praiseworthy in motive, and able in effort. The volume contains not only six lectures on the Imprecatory Psalms, but also six discourses on other important subjects. Every page teems with vigorous thoughts, and rings the notes of an intelligent, honest, and athletic soul.


Mrs. HUME ROTHERY. London: F. Pitman. This is a tale written with skill and in a good spirit. It is very unpleasant to have the company of nasty and unnatural creations even in books. This is the great complaint we have against some of the many tales of the day, particularly those issued by a certain eminent authoress in her fashionable monthly. The absence of low views of human nature and the presence of right principle entitle Mrs. Rothery's novel to respectful consideration. Her views on her own sex are excellent and commendable.

CHAMBERS’s ENCYCLOPÆDIA: a Dictionary of Universal Knowledge

for the People. Vol. IX. London: W. and R. Chambers, 47,

Paternoster Row. This makes the ninth large and handsome volume of this most valuable work. We have frequently called the attention of our readers to it, indicated its characteristic merits, and heartily commended it. We expect the next volume will complete the undertaking, which constitutes, in truth, a library in itself. Every known thing and person of any interest whatever, are not only brought into notice, but described with historic accuracy, and in a scientific spirit. We have been astonished to find the immense amount of light which is thrown upon a subject from the space of a single column. There are no waste words whatever. Every word stands for a thing. The illustrations too, which are very numerous, are so life-like that their rough sketch brings the subject which they illustrate clearly before the eye. The maps are the most accurate and artistic productions of the kind which we have ever seen in a work. In this volume we have no less than nine maps. We have a map of Spain and Portugal, of Sweden and Norway, of Switzerland, of Tasmania, of Turkey in Europe and Greece, of Turkey in Asia, of the United States of North America, and also of Victoria.

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London: F. Pitman. This little work is dedicated by Mr. E. Jones to the Bishop of St. David's, as the President of the Philosophical Society. It is intended as a guide to the spelling of doubtful and difficult words, and is for the use of printers, authors, examiners, teachers, and students generally. The subject is one of very great and of ever-increasing importance; and Mr. Jones has treated it in a logical, careful, and clever manner. His book is altogether very interesting, and will well repay an attentive perusal, and a critical examination.


London: Hamilton, Adams, & Co. On several occasions we have had pleasure in noticit g the works of Mr. Hughes, and in recording our appreciation of then.. The present one is worthy its predecessors. The occasion of its publication was the death of the Rev. Dr. Wesley Ethridge. In addition to the funeral sermon which Mr. Hughes preached for that gentleman, it contains a brief memoir of his life. Interesting and valued as this little book will be to those who were connected with its inimediate subject, its value will not be confined to them alone. Its contents will be profitable to any reader. Mr. Hughes is no common-place thinker.

THE CLUSTER CRUSHED : An Exposition, Doctrinal, Experimental,

and Practical, of the last chapter of Hosea. By John Dawson, Hull, B.A. London : William Macintosh, 24, Paternoster

Row. Here are fourteen short, plain, and practical discourses on the last chapter of Hosea. There is a spirit and an unction in this little volume that will make it very acceptable to a large class of Scripture readers. It has also much good thinking and vigorous writing in it.

A BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH, with Sermon Notes, of the late Rev. C. J.

Collinson, M.A. London: William Macintosh, 24, Paternoster

Row. This book contains a biographical sketch of a very excellent clergyman, who for many years laboured hard and well in our own neighbourhood. All loved him and not a few were blest by him. Though dead he yet lives. The sermon notes are simple, brief, evangelic. Whilst those who attended his ministry will value them, others may derive great profit by their perusal.


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