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I have long been an admirer of Susan Sontag. Her skills as a writer, her writing style, and the vitality of her spirit as it continues to endure through the gift of her legacy-even in these years since she has died. I’ve missed her publications; I long to find a great woman who can match her intellect, beauty and malice as an ethicist. Susan - you left me bleeding and injured by your brutal exposure in this essay of the cruelties men can level upon each other. This was a short, cunning and razor sharp blade you’ve left us in this exit from our world. I like to re-read this essay occasionally, when I find myself too optimistic, hopeful or lacking in my demonstration of empathy. 

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I loved this essay on regarding the atrocities of ourselves and others, by Susan Sontag. This was my introduction to her writing, though I've heard her name mentioned many times before. I've read on this subject quite a lot over the years, and it's a subject I think abo...ut often -- a recurring theme in my life. From Stephen King to Clive Barker to J.G. Ballard to Michael Foucault... There are some excellent resources to dive into, but this is one of the most clearly-constructed arguments surrounding the subject of atrocity I have ever encountered. Foucault would be proud, I think. 

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