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tion of the work. At dark it retired to a position on the left flank of the Fifth Corps, where it remained in line until noon of the 27th, when it was withdrawn to the present location before Petersburg.

October 1.-Early in the morning the brigade relieved part of the Second Division in the front line of works.

October 5.-This brigade was placed in reserve in rear of Forts Haskell and Stedman.

October 24.-At dark we relieved the Third Division and placed garrisons in Batteries Nos. 21 and 24, Forts Sedgwick, Davis, and Hays.

Fourth Brigade, First Division.

August 12.-The brigade received orders to march, and moving toward City Point arrived there about 10 p. m.

August 13.-The command embarked at the landing, and at 10.30 p. m. moved up for Deep Bottom, landing at the latter place about 9 a. m. next day.

August 14.-Moved up about four miles and formed in line of battle on the New Market road. The brigade, not being engaged with the enemy, was held in reserve as a support the greater part of the time.

August 20.-The command fell back at night across the James River, and arrived at its old camp the next morning at 8 a. m.

August 21.-After a halt of about four hours the command moved toward the Weldon railroad, arriving near the Fifth Corps about 3 p. m. August 22.-Moved for the railroad and commenced destroying the same, and at the same time moving down to Reams' Station. Halted there for a short time, and proceeded to the destruction of the railroad about four miles below the station.

August 25.-In the morning the enemy commenced an attack on our left, and about 3 p. m. the fight began, lasting until dark, our loss being 8. After night the brigade fell back to the Williams house and remained there until the 27th, when the brigade, in connection with the rest of the division, moved up to the Avery house and went into camp. September 5.-The command moved to the left and encamped near the Jones house; the troops employed chiefly on fatigue duty.

September 24.-Moved to the right and relieved Colonel Abbott's brigade, of the Tenth Corps, on the front line.

September 26.-The line was moved to the right, extending from Fort Stedman to Fort Haskell, where it remained at the close of the month. [October.]-During the month the command occupied a portion of the line of works in front of Petersburg. There were no engagements during the first part of the month.

October 15.-Colonel Mulholland, One hundred and sixteenth Pennsylvania Volunteers, assumed command, relieving Lieutenant-Colonel Glenny, Sixty-fourth New York Volunteers.

October 27.-In the evening a portion of the command-One hundred and forty-eighth Pennsylvania Volunteers, assisted by Capt. H. D. Price, One hundred and sixteenth Pennsylvania Volunteers, and acting aidede-camp of the brigade-stormed a rebel work in front of Fort Morton, capturing the entire works, a colonel, lieutenant-colonel, 2 line officers, and a small number of enlisted men as prisoners. In half an hour afterward, our support failing to come up, the rebels rallied and attacked the small number of men, compelling them to retire, with 1 commissioned officer and 19 men captured and Capt. H. D. Price killed. It was a very gallant affair, and too much credit and praise cannot be rendered to the officers and men participating in it.


October 30-During the night the brigade was relieved and ord to the Southall house on reserve.

November 29.The command moved from its camp in front of Pe burg in the morning to the left of the line near the Weldon railr where it halted and went into camp.

December 9.—The command marched with the division in the m ing and participated in the reconnaissance to Hatcher's Run. December 10.— Returned without loss.

Second Division.

August 1 to 12.—The division was in reserve camp, at which t in obedience to orders, it broke camp and with the corps proceed City Point; embarked on transports.

August 14.—Disembarked at Deep Bottom and participated in engagement at that place.

August 20.—Recrossed to the south side of the James River du the night and returned by way of Bermuda Hundred to the lin

front of Petersburg, and massed in rear of the Ninth Corps; rema there until the afternoon of the 23d.

August 23.-Ordered to Reams' Station; bivouacked at nigh White Oak Church.

a. m.

August 24.—Resumed march at 4 a. m., arriving at the station August 25.-Took part in the engagement at that place, and at returned to reserve camp.

October 25.-The division occupied the line and garrisoned for front of Petersburg up to this date, when it accompanied Third Div of corps on reconnaissance to the extreme left.


October Heavily engaged with the enemy during the da Hatcher's Run and Burgess' farm; during the night fell back. October 28.-Returned to Fort Bross, and at night reoccupied

and forts.

November 29

The division garrisoned forts and batteries and pied works before Petersburg up to the night of this date, when i relieved by a portion of the Ninth Corps.

November 30.Moved to the left in the vicinity of Yellow T

and went into camp.

August 1


on transports.


Third Brigade, Second Division.

in obedience to orders, it broke camp, and with the corps proceed City Point, where it remained until the 13th instant, when,it emb August 14.-Disembarked at Deep Bottom and participated in

-The brigade was in reserve camp, at which

mishes near that


place, but had no general engagement wit

brigade being on picket on the left of the line, it was the last August 20.-The corps recrossed the James River at night. withdrawn, and returned by way of Bermuda Hundred to the 1 front of Petersburg.

August 21.-Arrived about 10 a. m., massing near the Aiken in rear of the Ninth Corps, remaining until the afternoon of t instant, when, with the division, it was ordered to Reams' St bivouacked at night at White's house, 4 BR-VOL XLII, PT I

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August 24.-Resumed the march at 3 a. m., reaching the station about 9 a. m.

August 25.-Took part in the engagement at that place, suffering a loss of 232 in killed, wounded, and missing; also lost the acting assistant inspector general (Capt. William H. Hawley) of the brigade, who was killed while in the performance of his duties at the extreme front. At night the brigade returned to its reserve camp, arriving on the following morning. A portion of the brigade now occupies a position in the front line of works near the Jerusalem plank road, and the remaining part is encamped in rear of line of works connecting with fort on the left.

[November.]-This command was assigned to a position on the main line in front of Petersburg about the 1st of the month. A portion of the command garrisoned Fort McGilvery; also Battery No. 5, on the extreme right of the line, resting on Appomattox River. The command remained in this position until the night of the 29th, when it was relieved by the Ninth Corps and transferred to the left of the line, near the Vaughan road, where it is now [November 30] encamped.

Third Division.

August 12.-The division broke camp at 3 p. m. and marched to City Point, Va.

August 13.-Embarked from that place at noon.

August 14.-Reached Deep Bottom at 1 a. m.; remained in that vicinity until the night of the 18th, when it recrossed the James River and marched to the trenches before Petersburg, relieving a portion of the Ninth Army Corps, where [August 31] it still remains.

[September.]-The division lay in front of Petersburg during the mouth. Nothing of note occurred.

October 1.-The division was relieved from the front line and ordered to move up to the extreme left of the army near Peebles' house.

October 2.-An advance was made to feel the enemy's position; after some skirmishing the enemy were driven from their first line of works near the South Side Railroad.

October 5.-The division returned at night, and assumed its old position in the front line of works. Up to the 24th heavy details for working parties on the forts were furnished.

October 24.-The division was again relieved from the front line and massed near the Southall house.

October 26.-Marched toward the Weldon railroad and participated in a reconnaissance in force of Second Corps near Boydton road. October 28.-Returned to the same position previously held in front line.

The command remained in the trenches in front of Petersburg. November 5.-The enemy made an attack on the picket-line of the Third Brigade and was handsomely repulsed with considerable loss. Nothing of importance occurred since.

November 29.-The division, with the remainder of the corps, was relieved from the trenches by the Ninth Army Corps.

November 30.-Marched to the left, taking a position formerly occu

pied by the Ninth Corps, near the extreme left of our line.

December 6 [7].-Moved from camp in front of rear line of works by way of Jerusalem plank road to the Nottoway River. December 7 [8].-Moved to Chambliss' farm,

December 8 [9]-



commenced the destruction of the track.
-Moved to Jarratt's Station, on Weldon railroad, and
December 9 [10].Moved toward the intrenchments on the return.
December 10 [11].-Reached Nottoway River and bivouacked on the

north side.

December 11 [12].-Reached present camp, in front of Fort Clarke and Fort Siebert, between Vaughan and Halifax roads.

First Brigade, Third Division.

August 12.-The brigade broke camp at 1 p. m. and marched to City Point.

August 13.-Went on board of transports at noon, and at 10 p.m. sailed to Deep Bottom, where it disembarked at daylight next morning and immediately advanced skirmishers, and was soon engaged with the enemy's outposts. It remained in the vicinity of Deep Bottom, doing its share of skirmishing, until the night of the 18th.

August 18-Recrossed the James and marched to the trenches before Petersburg, relieving a division of the Ninth Corps in a position formerly occupied by the Fifth Corps, where it now [August 31] remains. The brigade has remained in the trenches during the month.

September 10———It captured a portion of the enemy's picket in our front and established a better line for ourselves. Otherwise, nothing of importance has occurred.

Second Brigade, Third Division.

August 1—Brigade was commanded by Col. H. J. Madill and was encamped near Petersburg, Va.

August 5A part of the Sixty-third Pennsylvania Volunteers was mustered out of service by reason of the expiration of their time, and the remainder were transferred to the Ninety-ninth Pennsylvania

Volunteers, First Brigade, Third Division, Second Army Corps. The number mustered out was 18 commissioned officers and 206 enlisted men; transferred, 5 commissioned officers and 350 enlisted men. August 11.-Colonel Madill, commanding brigade, received a leave One hundred and fifth Pennsylvania Volunteers, assumed command. of absence on surgeon's certificate of disability, and Col. C. A. Craig, August 12.Command received marching orders and proceeded to August 13.-Embarked at City Point, going up James River to Deep August 14.-Arrived in the morning and disembarked.

City Point, Va., the same day.

Bottom, Va.

August 15.

(General D. B. Birney), and were sent on a reconnaissance to Charles City road. We met the enemy and drove them one mile and a half, -We were temporarily transferred to the Tenth Corps taking position on the road as ordered; withdrew the same evening and rejoined the Second Division, Tenth Corps.

the brigade sustained a loss of our commanding officer (Col. C. A. Craig) August 16.-Participated in the battle of this date. In the two actions men killed, 98 wounded, and 81 missing. After the action of the 16th killed, 8 commissioned officers wounded, and 3 missing; 12 enlisted Col. John Pulford, Fifth Michigan Volunteers, assumed command. August 17-Rejoined our own division and corps.

August 18.-Crossed to the south side of the James River and marched to the vicinity of Petersburg, a distance of over twenty miles.

August 19.-Arrived in the morning; relieved one division of the Ninth Corps, bringing nearly the whole command on the picket-line, where we remained in nearly the same position until the 25th.

August 25.-A portion of the brigade was relieved and went, together with the Third Brigade, the whole under command of Col. Robert McAllister, of the Third Brigade, to the support of the Second Corps, which was engaged with the enemy near Reams' Station, on the Weldon railroad. We were placed in position to protect their left flank, remaining until after midnight, at which time the brigade was withdrawn and marched back to the position that we occupied in the morning.

August 26.-General B. R. Pierce arrived and assumed command of the brigade. Our lines were shortened after returning and the command strengthened our earth-works. We occupy the same position at the present time.

[September.]-This brigade has been in position during the month along the breast-works between Forts Hays and Davis, furnishing heavy details for picket and fatigue duty.

October 1.-The regiments of this brigade occupied the line of breastworks on either side of Fort Alexander Hays, except the First Massachusetts Heavy Artillery, which garrisoned Fort Bross, on the Norfolk railroad. The brigade picketed its own frout and furnished large fatigue details for working on Fort Sedgwick, covered ways, corduroy roads, &c.

October 24.-In the evening the brigade was withdrawn from the front and massed in the open field near the Southall house, where it remained until the afternoon of the 26th.

October 26.-About 2 p. m. this brigade, in conjunction with the First and Third Brigades, marched to the Vaughan house, on the Weldon railroad, and bivouacked for the night.

October 27.-At 4 a. m. the brigade marched via the Halifax and Vaughan roads to the Boydton plank road and participated in the engagement at that place, suffering a loss in killed, wounded, and missing of 265. At 11 p. m. the brigade withdrew, marching on the plank road it advanced on in the morning; bivouacked for the night near the Wyatt house.

October 28.-About 12 m. the brigade resumed its march and arrived at the Southall house about sunset.

October 29.-In the evening, under cover of darkness, the brigade moved to the front and now garrisons Fort Davis, Fort Alexander Hays, and Battery No. 24. The balance of this brigade now occupies the curtains between Fort Davis and Battery No. 24.

November 1.-This brigade garrisoned Fort Davis and Fort Alexander Hays and occupied the line between the curtain of these two forts and as far to the left as Battery No. 24. It remained in this position, doing the usual amount of picket and fatigue duty required to be done on this portion of the line, until the evening of the 29th.

November 29.-Being relieved by a brigade of the Ninth Corps, was withdrawn from the trenches and massed near the Southall house.

November 30.-At 7 a. m. this brigade, in conjunction with the balance of the Third Division, marched to the left to a position in the rear line, near the Peebles house, this brigade occupying the line between Forts Siebert and Emery.

December 1.-This brigade occupied the line of breast-works between Forts Siebert and Emery, on rear line of works, in vicinity of Peebles' house.

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