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October 1.-The Third Division was relieved from the front line and moved to the extreme left, under orders to report to Major-General Parke, to operate with his command in a reconnaissance near the South Side Railroad.

October 5.-The division returned and resumed position in the front line. The First Division occupied the line in front of Petersburg from Fort Spring Hill to Fort Meikel from the 1st to the 5th, when it was relieved by the Second Division. The First Division then held the line from Fort Morton to the river, with reserves in rear of Forts Haskell and Sullivan.

October 24.-At night the entire line was broken up as far as Battery No. 24 by the First Division.

October 26.-At 2 p. m. the Second and Third Divisions, with twelve pieces of artillery, moved forward, and at night were massed near Fort Dushane.

October 27.-They were marched toward the South Side Railroad, and were heavily engaged during the day with the enemy's forces near the Boydton road, retaining their position until after midnight, when the troops retired under orders from the commanding general Army of the Potomac.

October 28.-The troops returned. During the next three days the Second and Third Divisions resumed positions on the front line, relieving the First Division, which was then massed near the Southall house. During the absence of the Second and Third Divisions on the 26th, 27th, and 28th a small command of the First Division attacked the enemy's works near the Crater, and for a time succeeded in occupying the same, capturing several prisoners, including two field officers, but finally had to retire with small loss.

[November.]-The Second and Third Divisions garrisoning forts, batteries, and intrenched works before Petersburg until November 29, with the First Division in position to support line of works.

November 30.-The divisions of the corps were relieved in their respective positions by the Ninth Army Corps and marched to the extreme left, taking the position formerly occupied by the Ninth Army Corps, with corps headquarters at the Peebles house.

December 6 [7].-The Third Division moved from camp in front of rear line of works by way of Jerusalem plank road to the Nottoway River. December 7 [8].-Moved to Chambliss' farm.

December 8 [9].-Moved to Jarratt's Station, Weldon railroad, and commenced destruction of the track.

December 9 [10].-Commenced return movement and arrived at present camp, in front of Fort Clarke and Fort Siebert, between Vaughan and Halifax roads, on the 11th [12th]. The above movement in conjunction with Fifth Army Corps. The First Division [December 91 marched at daylight on the Vaughan road toward Hatcher's Run; there encountered enemy's pickets and drove them across the run; forced crossing of the run and advanced to Armstrong's Mill on reconnaissance. December 10.-Returned to present camp. Four batteries of the corps are located on the line occupied by the Ninth Army Corps.

First Division.

August [12] 13.-Struck camp and marched to City Point; embarked and sailed up the James River to Deep Bottom.

August 14.-Landed at Deep Bottom and pushed out to the New Market road, skirmishing all day. At night took up position opposite enemy's works and intrenched.

August 16.-First Brigade made reconnaissance to White's Tavern, on the New Market road.

August 20.-Recrossed James and Appomattox Rivers, returning to position in front of Petersburg.

August 21.-Marched to Gurley's house.

August 22.-Marched to the Weldon railroad and commenced its destruction.

August 23.-Destroyed railroad to Reams' Station.

August 25.-Fought the enemy at Reams' Station and marched to Williams' house.

August 27.-Took position in reserve near Avery's house, in front of Petersburg.

Re-enforcements: Fourth New York Heavy Artillery-57 commissioned officers and 1,557 enlisted men; one company of the Seventh New York Volunteers-3 commissioned officers and 91 enlisted men.

Reductions: Capt. J. M. Faville, Fifty-seventh New York Volunteers, Company F, August 11; Captain Jones, Fifty-seventh New York Volunteers, Company I, August 13.

September 5.-Division moved from camp at Deserted House to Jerusalem plank road, where it built a line of works.

September 9.-Moved into camp near the Jones house.

September 24.-Moved into line of works from the Appomattox to Fort Meikel, headquarters at the Friend house.

October 1.-Division occupied line in front of Petersburg from Fort Spring Hill to Fort Meikel; headquarters at Friend's house.

October 5.-Were relieved by Second Division from Fort Meikel to Fort Morton, inclusive.

October 25.-Relieved by Second and Third Divisions, taking up the line as far to the left as Battery No. 24; moved headquarters to Avery's house; occupied this line on October 31.

November 4.-Moved into position to support line of works. Remained until November 30, when the division moved to line of works on left of Fifth Corps.

December 9.-Broke camp at daylight and marched on the Vaughan road toward Hatcher's Run; encountered the enemy's pickets, which were driven across the run; forced a crossing and advanced to Armstrong's Mill; remained until 1 p. m. of the 10th, when the division returned to present camp. No other movements.

First Brigade, First Division.

August 12.-We remained in our old camp near Petersburg up to present date, when we broke camp and marched at 4 p. m. to within 2 miles of City Point and encamped over night.

August 13.-At 11.30 a. m. moved down to the landing and commenced to embark. At 3.20 p. m. the brigade was embarked, and at 10 p. m. we started for Deep Bottom.

August 14.—At 1 a. m. we arrived at Deep Bottom; disembarked and formed near the place in the open field where we encamped July 27. At 10 a. m. we moved forward and occupied the New Market road. At 1 p. m. we captured a rifle-pit and had sharp skirmishing all afternoon. August 15.-We moved down the New Market road toward the right to support the cavalry.

August 16.-At 4 a. m. we were ordered to make a reconnaissance out on the Charles City road in conjunction with Gregg's cavalry. We met the enemy in force at White's Tavern. At-3 p. m. we feil back and formed on the right of Birney's troops (Tenth Corps).

August 18.

and remained until 7 p. m., when we moved out to support Gregg's We fell back about one mile on the New Market road cavalry, which was hard pressed by the enemy. At 11 p. m. we moved back to our former position on the New Market road and threw up


August 20.marched to our old camp near Petersburg. At 8 p. m. we recrossed the James and Appomattox and

August 21.—At 11.30 a. m. the brigade marched to near the Weldon

railroad and bivouacked.

August 22

August 23.-
August 24.

We commenced destroying the railroad toward Reams'

-Moved toward Reams' Station at 10.30 a. m.

We continued to destroy the railroad three miles beyond

works and were repulsed. About 4 p.m. they attacked again and were August 25.—About 2 p. m. the enemy made an attack on our breastrepulsed likewise. The third attack of the enemy was made about 5 p. m., when they succeeded in forcing back the troops on our left, leav

ing our left flank exposed.

our works.

For a time we were compelled to abandon The brigade rallied, however, and recaptured the portion

of the works occupied by it before the attack of the enemy. At 9 p. m. the Williams house at 10.30 p. m. and bivouacked for the night. were ordered to fall back, which was done in good order, arriving near

August 26.

-We threw up breast-works near the Williams house.
At 9 p. m. we received orders to fall back to near our old

position before Petersburg, where we remained in reserve for the rest

of the month.

house and built breast-works in the rear and left of the Ninth Army September 8.—Returned to near Hancock's Station and encamped

About 6 p. m. we moved to the left to near Williams'

along the railroad.

September 16.port the cavalry September 17September 20.


September 23.-
September 25.

-At 12 m. we moved out toward Reams' Station to sup

Returned about 2 p. m.

At 8 p. m. we moved again out to near the Williams

-Returned to our camp near Hancock's Station.
Moved to the right and relieved a portion of the

Tenth Army Corps.

October 1.—THe brigade moved to the left about one mile and a half,


front line and inclosed works from Fort Meikel to the relieving that portion of the Second Division and partly

of the Third Division.

October 5.October 25. and inclosed

October 31.

e returned to our former position.

We again moved to the left, occupying the front line orks from Fort Morton to the river.

the Southall ho

November 1-


as relieved by the Second Division and moved to near


Eighty-first Pennsylvania Volunteers, was relieved from the front line

The brigade, in command of Col. William Wilson,

Fort Stedman by the Second Division, Second Corps, rear of line near Fort Bross; went into camp and comquarters.

of works near and moved to the menced building

November 3.-Col. William Wilson, Eighty-first Pennsylvania Volunteers, was relieved from command of the brigade by Bvt. Brig. Gen. George N. Macy.

November 4.-The brigade, with the division, was reviewed by Brig. Gen. Nelson A. Miles.

November 5.-The division was reviewed by Major-General Hancock. In the evening we received orders to be ready to move; struck tents and moved shortly after dark, and took position in the ravine in rear of Fort Stedman, arriving there about 12 o'clock at night, and remaining there until November 16, when the Twenty-sixth Michigan Volunteers and One hundred and eighty-third Pennsylvania Volunteers were moved in rear of the crest, a quarter of a mile farther back, and commenced building quarters.

November 28.-Received orders to move; broke camp about 12 o'clock at night and marched to the rear line, near Fort Blaisdell.

November 29.-We halted at 4 a. m. and rested until 8 a. m., when we marched and came into our present camp, near Fort Welch, arriving at about 11 a. m., where we have since remained and commenced to build quarters.

December 9.-We received orders to be ready to march at 6.30 a. m.; started from camp at that time, and marched down the Vaughan road, preceded by cavalry, which skirmished with the enemy until we reached Hatcher's Run, where the enemy were strongly intrenched on the south bank. The One hundred and fortieth Pennsylvania Volunteers had been deployed as skirmishers, and lost considerably in regard to the strength engaged, when the Second New York Artillery and two companies of the Sixty-first New York Volunteers were ordered to cross the stream, which they did in a very excellent style. They plunged in the water in spite of the extreme cold, crossed the run swimming, and on reaching the other bank drove by a gallant attack the enemy out of their works, and took possession of the same, notwithstanding the many obstacles which had obstructed their way. The Sixty-first New York Volunteers was then placed on picket, and remained there until 2 p. m. of the 10th.

December 10.-We received orders to withdraw. While so doing the enemy attacked our line with vigor, but were driven back with slight loss on our part. We then marched back to our old camp, which was done in good order, and arrived there about dark, nothing of importance having occurred since that time.

Second Brigade, First Division.

November 1.-This brigade was reorganized, in compliance with Special Orders, No. 555, headquarters First Division, Second Army Corps, Col. Robert Nugent assuming command. Camp was formed and headquarters established in the field near the Smith house, where it remained until the 6th.

November 6.-The command moved to the left and rear of Fort Davis, near the Chieves house, where it was employed in drills and military instruction until the 28th.

November 28.-Received orders to march to the left and relieve a portion of the Ninth Corps. This brigade moved and encamped in the rear of Fort Gregg, since which time it has been employed in picket duty.

[December.]-Since last report this brigade has remained in camp near Fort Gregg, engaged in drill and military instruction, having


brigade and battalion drills as often as weather and other circumsta 16th, 23d, and 30th of the month, and have furni This brigade was paraded to witness the executi picket.

would permit. deserters on the daily details for

Third Brigade, First Division.

November 5—Moved a portion of the brigade to the support of Rice, on the front line of works.

November 30.

This brigade moved with the division to relieve

Ninth Army Corps. During the month the brigade garrisoned I Bross, Blaisdell, Patrick Kelly, and Stevenson.

December 9Broke camp, leaving the Fifty-seventh and One dred and twenty-sixth New York Volunteers behind, and moved the division to Hatcher's Run. The brigade was kept in reserve on the right Hatcher's Run, skirmishing with the enemy. of the position. The advance of the division cro

December 10. In the afternoon we returned to our original enc ment, skirmishing with the enemy as we retired, the brigade cove the rear of the division; still in camp, the brigade being in reserv the remainder of the division.

Consolidated Brigade, First Division.

August 12.—In compliance with orders from division headquar this command broke camp at 4.30 p. m. and marched to City Poin maining there all night.

August 13.—At 11.30 a. m. embarked aboard transports, drop down the river a few miles, and remained at anchor until midn when we were ordered to Deep Bottom.

August 14.

formed line of battle near the New Market road. Engaged with enemy immediately after forming line, fighting until late in the ever when the brigade was withdrawn, after capturing a portion of

We debarked at Deep Bottom at 6 a. m. At 1

enemy's works.

August 15.

right of the the brigade

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Early in the morning the command was ordered t line, which movement was executed. Being in sup across the James and Appomattox Rivers to its former position in lay encamped until 8 p. m. of the 20th, when it mar

of Petersburg.

August 21.

-At 11 a. m. it was ordered to the left of the Fifth C

on the Weldon railroad.


stroy the track, which was done, in conjunction with a detachme August 23.—At 8 p. m. was ordered to move on the railroad an cavalry, as far as Reams' Station. The brigade occupied a part o old works thrown up by the Sixth Corps that night. At dusk moved back to Reams' Station, occupying a portion of August 24.-Proceeded early to destroy the track south of the sta parallel to the railroad until 10 a. m. the next day. August 25.—Our skirmishers were attacked by the enemy; th gagement soon became general, the enemy charging three times, charge being signally defeated. About 5 p. m. he charged in whelming force, and finding the enemy had turned both flanks brigade was forced to retire, losing a number of prisoners. The bri Soon rallied, and attacking the enemy in turn recaptured a large

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