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First Brigade, Second Division.

August 26.-Command moved from the front before Petersburg to near Point of Rocks.

Second Brigade, Second Division.

[August.]-The brigade lay in the trenches before Petersburg (participating in the engagement of the 5th instant) until the 25th, when it moved across the Appomattox and now [August 31] lies encamped near Point of Rocks, Va. It has become during the campaign much reduced in numbers.

September 1 to 28.-This brigade was stationed on the line of trenches between the James and Appomattox Rivers.

September 29.-In the morning took up our line of march, crossing the James River at Jones' Landing, where we soon met the enemy and participated in the assaults and carrying of the enemy's works on that day, and the repulse of the enemy's charges on the 30th.

The colonel commanding takes pleasure in saying that he cannot be stow too much praise upon the officers and men of this brigade for their courage and fidelity.

[October.]-This brigade has for the last month been stationed in the trenches on the north side of the James, upon the left of Fort Burnham. October 26.-The brigade was withdrawn from the line.

October 27.-Took up their line of march, crossing at the head of White Oak Swamp, striking the Williamsburg turnpike at Fair Oaks, where we met the enemy. A portion of the Eighth Maine, deployed as skirmishers and led by Lieutenant-Colonel McArthur, charged the enemy's works, losing over 50 men and 1 officer. Too much praise cannot be bestowed upon the gallant McArthur and the men and officers under him.

Third Division.

August 3.-Brigadier-General Paine relieved General Carr in command of the division, and the division was reorganized same date by orders from headquarters Department of Virginia and North Carolina, as per report of organizations on the back of this return.

The Second Brigade remained on duty before Petersburg until the 25th, when, with division headquarters, it was removed to Deep Bottom, Va. The headquarters of the First Brigade are near Petersburg, The Thirty-seventh Regiment, of the First Brigade, is on detached service at Wilson's Wharf. The headquarters of the Third Brigade is at Deep Bottom. The brigade is on detached service-the Tenth Regiment at City Point, and the Fourth and Sixth Regiments at Dutch Gap. The headquarters of the Second U. S. Colored Cavalry is at Deep Bottom. The First U. S. Colored Cavalry was ordered to Fort Monroe, Va., by the order reorganizing the division.

September 29.-The entire division, with the exception of the Tenth U. S. Colored Troops, moved from Deep Bottom, and was successfully engaged in the assault on the enemy's works, losing heavily in officers and men.

The division now [September 30] occupies the left of the line held by the Eighteenth Army Corps, near Chaffin's Bluff.

[October.]-The division occupies the extreme left of the line on the north side of the James.

October 27.-The First and Second Brigades of the division moved to the right with a portion of the Eighteenth Corps. The Second Brigade was temporarily attached to the Second Division. The First Brigade, under command of Col. J. H. Holman, engaged the enemy in their works on the Nine-Mile road. The command withdrew from their advanced position on the evening of the same day, and on the following day returned to their former position, which it now [October 31] occupies.

[November.]-The division occupies the same position on the line as at last report.

First Brigade, Third Division.

August 3.-The division reorganized and announced in General Orders, No. 90, headquarters Third Division, Eighteenth Army Corps, the First Brigade to consist of the First, Twenty-second, and Thirtyseventh U. S. Colored Troops. The First and Twenty-second went into camp near the signal tower on General Butler's line, and the Thirtyseventh was on picket on the south side of the Appomattox River, headquarters near the signal tower.

August 25.-Brig. Gen. William Birney assumed command of the Third Division, Tenth Army Corps, and designated the First aud Twenty-second Regiments as his Second Brigade. He crossed the Appomattox and the regiments lay in the trenches near the mine until the 28th, when they were relieved and went into the trenches near the Hare house.

The Thirty-seventh was ordered to Wilson's Wharf, and on the night of September 1 the brigade headquarters were moved with the First Regiment to Harrison's Landing.

September 1.-Brigade headquarters, with the First U. S. Colored Troops, were ordered to Harrison's Landing, James River, Va., by orders from headquarters Third Division, Tenth Army Corps. General Birney, having assumed command of the Third Division, Tenth Army Corps, designated the First and Twenty-second Regiments U. S. Colored Troops as his Second Brigade, leaving the Twenty-second Regiment U. S. Colored Troops behind in General Birney's command. The Thirty-seventh remained at Wilson's Wharf, Va., until the 28th, when it joined the First U. S. Colored Troops at Harrison's Landing, and, with brigade headquarters, proceeded to Deep Bottom, arriving on the morning of the 29th, where the Twenty-second U. S. Colored Troops, having been previously relieved from duty with the Third Brigade, Tenth Army Corps, joined us, and our brigade formed in line on the right and participated in the fight all day. At night the First Brigade was ordered to the left and worked all night, throwing up works in rear of the fort on Chaffin's farm.

September 30. In the morning the enemy charged our line and the fort. Our loss was slight.

[October. The troops of this brigade remained in the trenches in their old position on the left until the morning of the 26th, when they were withdrawn and marched to the rear some two miles, for the purpose of getting rations and ammunition.

October 27. Starting at 5 a. m., marched for the enemy's works in front of Richmond in rear of the column. Arriving at the Williamsburg road, we found the head of the column already engaged. The brigade was soon ordered to proceed to the right across the York River Railroad, and advanced up the Nine-Mile road until within sight of the

enemy's fortifications, which we found about one mile above Fair Oaks Station. We attacked and carried a redoubt, but were unable to hold it and soon fell back to the Williamsburg road.

October 28.-Marched back to our old position on the left and still remain there [October 31].

Second Brigade, Third Division.

[September.]-The entire brigade has been encamped at Deep Bottom, Va., during the month.

September 29.-It advanced, assaulting the works of the enemy at New Market Heights, carrying them.

September 30.-Occupied a position on Chaffin's Bluff during the attempt of the enemy to retake that position, but took no immediate part in that action. In the afternoon moved to a position below Chaffin's Bluff and intrenched.

[October. The brigade has occupied the same position during the entire month, excepting an absence of three days on the reconnaissance of this corps on the 26th, 27th, and 28th at Seven Pines and Fair Oaks, Va., during which it took part in no engagement.

[November.]-The brigade has occupied the same position in the trenches since last return, without any new operations.

Third Brigade, Third Division.

August 3.-The brigade was relieved in trenches in front of Petersburg; marched to and encamped near Point of Rocks.

August 16.-The Fourth and Sixth Regiments U. S. Colored Troops ordered to Dutch Gap, Va.

August 25.-The Tenth Regiment U. S. Colored Troops marched across the Appomattox, and was assigned to position in trenches in front of Petersburg; brigade headquarters moved to south side of Appomattox, near Petersburg front.

August 26.-Brigade headquarters moved to Deep Bottom.

August 27.-The Tenth U. S. Colored Troops ordered to City Point. August 31.-Brigade headquarters remain at Deep Bottom. The Fourth and Sixth U. S. Colored Troops remain at Dutch Gap. The Tenth U. S. Colored Troops remain at City Point.

September 1.-The Fourth and Sixth U. S. Colored Troops at Dutch Gap, Va.; brigade headquarters at Deep Bottom, Va.

September 10.-Brigade headquarters moved to Dutch Gap.

September 28.-The Fourth and Sixth U. S. Colored Troops moved to Deep Bottom on transports.

September 29.-The Fourth and Sixth U. S. Colored Troops moved out of the works at Deep Bottom and advanced toward the New Market road; met the enemy at daylight; drove in his pickets and charged his line of rifle-pits at New Market Heights; advanced to Laurel Hill Church; then mårched to Chaffin's Bluff and bivouacked. September 30.-Moved into the works on the right of Fort Harrison. In the afternoon moved down the Varina road and bivouacked on Chaffin's farm, about a quarter of a mile east of Fort Harrison; threw up breast-works during the night. The Tenth U. S. Colored Troops was at City Point during the month, doing provost guard duty.

[October.]-The Fourth and Sixth U. S. Colored Troops were on duty in the intrenchments on Chaffin's farm, Va., during the month.

The Tenth U. S. Colored Troops were on duty at City Point, Va., during the month.

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[November.]-The Fourth and Sixth U. S. Colored Troops were in the intrenchments on the left of the line of the Eighteenth Army Corps until the 4th, at which time they went into camp in reserve near the center and a short distance in the rear of the line of the Eighteenth Army Corps. The Tenth U. S. Colored Troops have been doing provost duty, &c., at City Point, Va., during the month.

Provisional Brigade.

November 3.-Sent the One hundred and seventh Regiment U. S. Colored Troops to the front at Fort Brady.

November 7.-Left camp at Cox's field and occupied the new line in front of Deep Bottom with two regiments by order of Major-General Weitzel, commanding Eighteenth Army Corps.

November 27-Assigned command of post at Deep Bottom, with detachments of 150 men and 3 officers of the Two hundred and third Pennsylvania Volunteers, on provost duty, and with the One hundred and ninth U. S. Colored Troops, on duty in the lines in front of the post, by order of Major-General Terry, commanding Tenth Army Corps.


First Division.

December 4.-The First Division, Twenty-fourth Army Corps, organized under instructions from department headquarters.

December 10.-The enemy made a reconnaissance in force on the right of this division, but retired without any serious attack after driving in the pickets.

First Brigade, First Division.

[December.]-The brigade has been lying in works near Richmond, Va., on the New Market road, performing picket and fatigue duty.

Second Brigade, First Division.

[December.]-During this month the brigade has remained in its position at the angle of the line of intrenchments just on the right of the New Market road, near Cox's, where it fought October 7, without any incident in its history, save the going home of the men of the Seventh New Hampshire, whose three years' term had expired, and the arrival of a moderate percentage of the substitutes sent from home. Building huts and corduroy roads, picket duty, and drill occupied the time.

Fourth Brigade, First Division.

December 10.-Field's division, of Longstreet's corps, of the enemy, appeared in our front on a reconnaissance. After the cavalry pickets were driven in the Eighth Maine became slightly engaged, and slight skirmishing continued during the day, during which Capt. Henry E. Tozier, Eighth Maine Volunteers, and 6 enlisted men of that regiment were killed and 4 wounded. The enemy retired after dark.

Organized by the consolidation of the white infantry troops of the Tenth and Eighteenth Army Corps, in accordance with General Orders, No. 297, War Department, Adjutant-General's Office, December 3, 1864; commanded by Maj. Gen. E. O.

C. Ord.

Second Division.

December 1 to 7.-This division was encamped at Chaffin's farm, when it received marching orders; marched to Bermuda Hundred. December 8.-Embarked on transports for Fort Fisher, N. C. December 28.-The expedition proving unsuccessful, the division returned to its old camp at Chaffin's farm, where it now [December 31] remains.

Second Brigade, Second Division.

[December. The monthly report for November left this brigade in the intrenchments near Chaffin's farm, Va., where it remained until the 7th.

December 7.-About 4 p. m. the brigade was formed into line and proceeded to Bermuda Hundred.

December 8.-Reached Bermuda Hundred at 8 a. m. and immediately embarked on board the steamers Perit, Eliza Moore, and Idaho, and proceeded down the James River to Fort Monroe, where the fleet remained at anchor until the 13th, when the vessels were got under way and proceeded up the Potomac River to Matthias Point; then turned back and proceeded to sea and sailed southward.

December 15.-Arrived off Wilmington, N. C., and remained there until the morning of the 19th, when the vessels were ordered to Beaufort, N. C., for the purpose of taking in coal and water.

December 24.-Got under way and steamed back to old position off Wilmington, and at about 12 m., while the gun-boats were bombarding the fort, a part of the brigade was landed, but was ordered to re-embark before engaging the enemy.

December 27.-Started for Fort Monroe; arrived there about sunset on the 29th.

December 30.-Proceeded up the James and landed at Deep Bottom at 7 p. m., and marched back to old position near Chaffin's farm, Va., where the brigade remains at the present time.

Third Brigade, Second Division.

December 7.-The brigade broke camp, excepting the Ninth Maine Volunteers, and marched to the Bermuda Hundred front; bivouacked for the night.

December 8.-Marched to Bermuda Landing; embarked on board transports and sailed for Fort Monroe. After being on board the transports about one week, and suffering the usual hardships incident thereto, received orders to get under way and put to sea; sailed for the coast of North Carolina. Disembarked on the beach on Federal Point, N. C., about two miles from the rebel work Fort Fisher.

December 25.-Commenced to advance on that work; when within about one mile received orders to re-embark immediately; commenced the work at once, but owing to the very heavy surf on the beach did not complete the re-embarkation until the 27th instant.

December 27.-Sailed for Fort Monroe, Va.; thence up the James River to Jones' Landing; disembarked and marched to our old camp, arriving there on the 30th.

First Division, Department of West Virginia (attached).

December 19.-The division left Camp Russell, near Winchester, Va.; went to Washington by cars; thence to this point by transports.

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