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August 1-December 31, 1864.



Ang. 1-Dec. 31, 1864.—The Richmond (Virginia) Campaign.
Sept. 9, 1864.-Capture of Steamer Fawn and skirmish at Currituck Bridge, Va.

29, 1864.-Action in Scuppernong River, N. C.* Oct. 11-13, 1864.–Scout from Camp Palmer to Gum Swamp, Ņ. C. 15-17, 1864.-Expedition from Bernard's Mills to Murfree's Station, Va., and

skirmish (16th) at the Blackwater. 16-18, 1864.- Expedition from City Point into Surry County, Va. 27–28, 1864.—Destruction of the Confoderate ram Albemarlo, at Plymouth,

N. C.t
Dec. 5, 1864.-Capture of the tug-boat Lizzie Freeman, near Smithfield, Va.

6-10, 1864.-Expedition from Portsmouth, Va., to Hertford, N. C.
7–27, 1864.-Expedition to and operations against Fort Fisher, N. C.
10–15, 1864.–Scout from Core Creek to Southwest Creek, N. C., and skir-

11-19, 1864.–Operations about Broadwater Ferry and Chowan River, Va.

15, 1864. —Expedition from Fort Monroe to Pagan Creek, Va. 20-22, 1864. —Engagement at Poplar Point, N. C.

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AUGUST 1-DECEMBER 31, 1864.-The Richmond (Virginia) Campaign. I



1, 1864.–Skirmish at Deep Bottom.
3, 1864.-Action near Wilcox's Landing.
4, 1864.-Action near Harrison's Landing.t
5, 1864.-Explosion of Confederate mine in front of the Eighteenth Army

Skirmish at Cabin Point.

* For Union naval reports, see Annual Report of tho Secretary of the Navy, December 4, 1865.

+ For Union naval reports, see Annual Report of the Secretary of the Navy, Deceinber 5, 1864.

Continued from Vol. XL, and, in addition to the separate events here enumerated, embracing the siege of Petersburg and Richmond.

♡ Of some of the minor conflicts noted in this Summary no circumstantial reports are on file. 1 R R-VOL XLII, PT


Aug. 7, 1864.—Maj. Gen. Philip H. Sheridan, U. S. Army, assigned to temporary

command of the Middle Military Division. 9, 1864.-Explosion at City Point.

Affair near Sycamore Church.
13, 1864.-Actions at Four-Milo Creek* and Dutch Gap.
13–20, 1864.-Demonstration on the north bank of the James River, at Deep

Bottom (including combats at Fussell's Mill, Gravel Hill,
Bailey's Creek, Deep Run (or Creek), White's Tavern, Charles

City Road, New Market Road, &c.).
14, 1864.—Maj. Gen. John G. Parke, U. S. Army, in command of the Ninth

Army Corps.
18-21, 1864.–Battlo of the Weldon Railroad (including combats at Globe

Tavern, Yellow House, and Blick's Station).
22, 1864.–Skirmish on the Vanghan Road.
23, 1864.-Action on the Dinwiddie Road, near Reapıs' Station.
24, 1864.–Skirmish near Reams' Station.

Action on the Vaughan Road, near Reams' Station.
25, 1864.–Battle of Reams' Station.
27, 1864.-Maj. Gen. Edward 0. C. Ord, U. S. Army, in temporary com-

mand of the Army of the James. 31, 1864.–Skirmish near the Davis House. Sept. 2, 1864.-Reconnaissance beyond Yellow Tavern, on Weldon Railroad.

3, 1864.—Affair near Sycamore Church.
4, 1864.- Maj. Gen. John Gibbon, U. S. Army, in temporary command of

the Eighteenth Army Corps.
5, 1864.–Maj. Gen. Davil B. Birney, U. S. Armuy, in temporary command

of the Army of the James.
5-6, 1864.—Reconnaissance to Sycamore Church.
7, 1864.–Maj. Gen. Benjamin F. Butler, U. S. Army, resumes command of

the Army of the James.
10, 1864.—Assault on Confederate works at the Chimneys.
13, 1864.–Scout to Poplar Spring Church.

15, 1864.–Reconnaissance toward Dinwiddie Court-House, and skirmish. 16–17, 1864.-Affair at Coggins' Point (16th) and pursuit of the Confederates.

19, 1864.–Scout to Lee's Mill and Proctor's House.
22, 1864.—Maj. Gen. Edward 0. C. Ord, U. S. Army, resumes command of

the Eighteenth Army Corps.
29–30, 1864.–Battle of Chaflin's Farm (including combats at Fort Harrison,

Fort Gilmer, New Market Heights, and Laurel Hill). 29-Oct. 2, 1864.–Battle of Poplar Spring Church (including combats at Wyatt's,

Peebles', and Pegram's Farms, Chappell House, and Vaughan

Road). Oct. 1, 1861.-Bvt. Maj. Gen. Godfrey Weitzel, U. S. Army, in temporary com

mand of the Eighteenth Army Corps. 7, 1864.—Engagement on the Darbytown and New Market Roads (including

combats at Johnson's Farm and Four-Mile Creek).
8, 1864.–Reconnaissance on the Vaughan and Squirrel Lovel Roads.
11, 1864.—Bvt. Maj. Gen. Alfred H. Terry, U. S. Army, in temporary command

of the Tenth Army Corps.
11-12, 1864.--Scout toward Stony Creek Station.

13, 1864.—Engagement on the Darlıytown Road.
17, 1864.-Lieut. Gen. James Longstreet, C. S. Army, ordered to resume com-

mand of his army corps. 27, 1864.-Skirmish in front of Fort Morton and Fort Sedgwick. * For Union naval reports, see Annual Report of the Secretary of the Navy, December 5, 1864.

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