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Father, I've done thy justicc wrong,

Nor can deserve thy grace.”
4 He said, and hasten’d to his home

To seek his father's love;
The father saw the rebel come,

An 1 all his bowels move.
5 He ran, and fell upon his neck,

Embrac'd and kiss'd his son;
The rebel's heart with sorrow brake

For follies he had done.
6 “Take off his clothes of shame and sin,

(The father gives command,) Dress him in garments white and clean,

With rings adorn his hand.
T: A day of feasting I ordain,

Let mirth and joy abound;
My son was dead, and lives again,
Was lost, and now is found.”

C. M. 206. The converted Thief. Luke xxiii. 12. 1 AS

S on the cross the Saviour hung,

And wept, and bled, and died,
Ile pour'd salvation on a wretch

That languish'd at his side. 9 His crimes, with inward grief and shame,

The penitent confess'd;
Then turn’d his dying eyes to Christ,

And thus his prayer address'd;
3 “ Jesus, thou Son and heir of heaven!

Thou spotless Lamb of God!
I see thee bath'd in sweat and tears,

And weltering in thy blood.
+ “Yet quickly, from these scenes of wo

In triumph thou shalt rise, Burst through the gloomy shades of death, And shine above the skies,

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5 “Amid the glories of that world,

Dear Saviour, think on me, And in the victries of thy death

Let me a sharer be.' 6 His prayer the dying Jesus lears,

and instantly replies,
“To-day thy parting soul shall be
With me in Paradise."

C. M.
207. The leper healed. Matt. viii. 2, s.
THEN the poor leper's case I read,

My own describ'd I feel;
Sin is a leprosy indeed,

Which none but CHRIST can heal. 2 What anguish did my soul endure,

Tili hope and patience ceas'd! The more I strove myself to cure,

The more the plague increas'd. 3 While thus I lay distress'd, I saw

The Saviour passing by;
To him, though fill'd with shame and awe

I rais'd my mournful cry.
4 Lord, thou canst heal me, if thou wilt,

Oh, pity to me shew;
Oh, cleanse my leprous soul from guilt;

My filthy hcart renew.
5 He heard, and with a gracious look

Pronounc'd the healing word: “ I will-be clean,” and while he spoke

I felt my health restor’d. 6 Come, sinners, seize the present hour,

The Saviour's grace to prove; He can relieve, for he is pow'r He will, for he is love.

C. M. 208. Bartimeus's Prayer. Mark x. 46–50. 'L Ke Bartimeus, we are blind,

Inwi apt in naturo's night;

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The grossest darkness veils our mind,

For sin prevents the sight.
2 But lo! the Lord from heaven is come

To open sinners' eyes;
To make his wondrous mercy known,

And heal their maladies.
3 come then, ye blind, and beg, and pray,

And in the Lord believe;
For who can tell? perhaps to-day

You may your sight receive. 4 Jesus of Naz’reth passeth by

He is the sinner's friend;
Call on his name, and wait and cry,

He will your suit attend.
5 Should sinners-say, “Hold ye your peace,

“ Nor dare to make so free," Then cry the more, and never cease,

“ Have mercy, Lord, on me.
6 Your worthless garments leave behind;

Go to the Lord of light;
Trust in his name, however blind,

And he will give you sight.


L. M. (285.)

The beatitudes. 1 BLESS!D. are the humble souls, who see

Their ignorance and poverty: Treasures of grace to them are givin,

And crowns of joy laid up in heav'n.
2 Bless'd are the men of broken heart,

Who mourn for sin with inward smart;
For them divine compassion flows,

A healing balm for all their woes.
3 Bless'd are the meek, who stand afar
From rage and passion, noise and war:

God will secure their peaceful state,

And plead their cause against the great.
4 Bless'd are the souls, who thirst for grace,

Hunger and long for righteousness:
They shall be well supplied and fed

With living streams and living bread. 5 Bless'd are the men, whose hearts still more

And melt with sympathy and love;
They shall themselves from God obtain

Like sympathy and love again. 6 Bless'd are the pure, whose hearts are clear

From the defiling power of sin:
With endless pleasure they shall see

A God of spotless purity.
7 Bless'd are the men of peaceful life,

Who quench the coals of growing strife:
They shall be call'd the heirs of bliss,

The sons of God, the God of peace.
8 Bless'd are the suff'rers who partake

Of pain and shame for Jesus' sake:
Their souls shall triumph in the Lord,

Glory and joy are their reward. 210.

C. M. (284.)

The blessings of obedience:
BLEST are the undefii'd in heart,

Whose ways are right and clean;
Who never from thy law depart,

But fly from ev'ry sin.
2 Blest are the men that keep thy word,

And practise thy commands;
With their whole heart they seek the Lord,

And serve thee with their hands.
3 Great is their peaee, who love thy law;

How firm their souls abide!
Nor can a bold temptation draw
Their steady feet aside.

4 Then shall my lieart have inward joy,

And keep my face from shame,
When all thy statutes I obey,
And lionour all thy name.

L. M. 211,

Religion. 1 THROUGH shades and solitudes profoued,

The fainting traveller winds his way; Bewildering meteors glare around,

And tempt his wandering feet astray. 2 Welcome, thrice welcome, to his eye,

The sudden moon's inspiring light, When forth she sallies through the sky,

The guardian angel of the night! 3 Thus mortals, blind and weak, below

Pursue the phantom bliss, in vain; The world's a wilderness of wo,

And life a pilgrimage of pain! 4 Till mild religion from above,

Descends, a sweet engaging form, The messenger of heavenly love,

The bow of promise 'mid the storm. 5 Beyond the narrow vale of time,

Where bright celestial ages roll, To scenes eternal, scenes sublime,

She points the way, and leads the soul. 9 At her approach the grave appears

The gate of Paradise restor’d;
Her voice the watching cherub hears,

And drops his double-flaming sword. 7 Baptiz'd with her renewing fire,

May we the crown of glory gain: Rise when the hosts of heaven expire, And reign with God, for ever reign!

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