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Let all the world attentive hear,

And ev'ry soul rejoice.
2 Sinner, he kindly speaks to thee,

However vile thou art;
Here's grace and pardon, rich and frec-

My son, give me thy heart.
3 For thee, a traitor, Jesus bled,

And suffer'd dreadful smart;
For thee the Lord was crucify'd

My son, give me thy heart.
4 Tho' thou hast long my grace witlistood,
And said to me,

I claim the purchase of my blood-

My son, give me thy heart.
5 I'll form thee for myself alone,

And ev'ry good impart;
I'll make my great salvation known-

My son, give me thy heart.
6 Come, Lord, and conquer now my heart,

Set up in me thy throne:
Bid sin and satan hence depart,
And claim me as thine ownlo

C. M. 191.Whosoever will, let him come. Rey. xxii. 17 10

WHAT amazing words of grace

Are in the gospel found! Suited to ev'ry sinner's case,

Who knows the joyful sound. 2 Poor, sinful, thirsty, fainting souls,

Are freely welcome here; Salvation, like a river, rolls,

Abundant, free, and clear. s Come then, with all your wants and wounds,

Your ev'ry burden bring!
Here love, unchanging love, abounds,
A deep celestial spring!

4 Whoever will, (O gracious word!)

Shall of this stream partake;
Come thirsty souls and bless the Lord,

And drink for Jesus' sake!
5 Millions of sinners; vile as you,

Have here found life and peace; Come, then, and prove its virtues too, And drink, adore, and bless.

L. M. 192. I will in no wrse cast out. John vi. 37. HARK! 'tis the Saviour's voice I hear,

Come, trembling soul, dispel thy fear He saith, and who his word can doubt,

He will in no wise cast you out! 2 Doth satan fill you with dismay,

And tell you, Christ will cast away?
It is a truth, why


you doubt;
He will in no wise cast you out!
3 Doth sin appear before your view,

Of scarlet or of crimson hue?
If black as hell why should you doubt?

He will in no wise cast you out! 4 The Publican and dying Thief

Apply'd tu Christ, and found relief;
Nor need you entertain a doubt;

He will in no wise cast you out!
5 Approach your God, make no delay,

He waits to welcome you to-day;
His mercy try, nor longer doubt;
He will in no wise cast you out!

(124.) L. M. 193.

Christ's Invitation. 1 "COME hither, all ye weary souls!

Ye heavy-laden sinners! come; I'll give you rest from all your toils, And raise you to my heav'nly home.

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2 “They shall find rest, that learn of me;

I'm of a meek and lowly mind: But passion rages like the sea,

And pride is restless as the wind. 8 “Bless'd is the man, whose shoulders take

My yoke, and bear it with delight! My yoke is easy to his neck;

My grace shall make the burden light.” 4 Jesus! we come at thy command,

With faith, and hope, and humble zeal; Resign 'our spirits to thy hand,

To mould and guide us at thy will.

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(126.) C. M. 194.

Mercy for sinners who obey the cal of Jesús. 1 THE Saviour ealls; let ev'ry ear

Attend the heav'nly sound.
Ye doubting souls! dismiss your fear;

Hope smiles reviving round.
· For ev'ry thirsty longing heart,

Here streams of bounty flow;
And life, and health, and bliss impart,

To banish mortal wo.
3 Here springs of sacred pleasure rise,

To ease your ev'ry pain: Immortal fountain! full supplies!

Nor shall you thirst in vain.
4 Ye sinners! come, 'tis mercy's voice;

The gracious call obey;
Mercy invites to heavenly joys:-

And can you yet delay?
5 Dear Saviour! draw reluctant hearts;

To thee let sinners fly
And take the bliss thy love imparts,
And drink, and never die.




C. M.
Room at the Gospel Feast.
THE King of heav'n his table spreads,

And dainties crown the board:
Not all the boasted joys of earth

Could such delight afford.
2 Pardon and peaee to dying men,

And endless life are givin;
And the rich blood, which Jesus shed,

To raise the soul to heav'n.
3 Ye hungry poor, who long have stray'd

In sin's dark mazes, come;
Come from the hedges and highways,

And grace will find you room.
4 Thousands of souls, in glory now,

Were fed and feasted here;
And thousands more, still on the way,

Around the board appear.
5 Yet is his house and heart so large,

That thousands more may come; Nor could the whole assembled world

O’erfill the spacious room.
6 All things are ready: enter in,

Nor weak excuses frame.
Come, take your places at the feast,

And bless the Founder's name.


P. M. 196. «In that Day there shell be a Fountan opened for Sin and Uncleanness.Zeeh. xiii. I. SEE, from Zion's sacred mountain,

Streams of living water flow:
God has open'd there a fountain;
This supplies the plains below:

They are blessed,
Who its sov'reign virtues know.
2 Through ten thousand channels flowings
Streams of mercy find their way;


Life, and health, and joy bestowing,
Making all around look gay:

0, ye nations!
Hail the long expected day.
3 Gladden'd by the flowing treasure,

All-enriching as it goes:
Lo, the desert smiles with pleasure,
Buds and blossoms as the rose,

Every object
Sings for joy where'er it flows.
4 Trees of life the banks adorning,

Yield their fruit to all around;
Those who eat are sav'd from mourning,
Pleasure comes and hopes abound:

Fair their portion!
Endless life with glory crown'd.



L. M. 197.

The wonderfid love of Christ. 1 let me love, or is my

mind Harden'd to stone, or froze to ice? I see the blessed fair one bend,

And stoop t'embrace me from the skies! 2 Oh! 'tis a thought would melt a rock,

And make a heart of iron move,
That those sweet lips, that heav'nly look

Should seek and wish a mortal love!
S I was a traitor doom'd to fire,

Bound to sustain eternal pains;
He flew on wings of strong desire,
Assum'd my guilt and took my chains.
Infinite grace! almighty charms!
Stand in amaze, ye rolling skies!
Jesus, the God, extends his arms,

Hangs on a cross of love, and dies 5 Did pity ever stoop so low, Dress’d in divinity and blood?

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