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will require but little pains to show. Jeremiah gave us its direction “ from the tower of Hananeel to the horsegate,” along the front of Solomon's temple, and from the horse-gate, abreast of Zion, so as to “ include all the meadows to the brook Kidron.” Ezekiel gave us its length five hundred reeds, about an English mile: this, from the tower of Hananeel along the front of the temple, brings us somewhere in the neighbourhood of the fountain Rogel in the map. It is in this spot that most writers place “ the king's gardens ;” and where can we suppose his “ wine-presses” to be situated but near his gardens ? The prophecy before us tells us, the country “shall be elevated and built from the tower of Hananeel to the king's wine-presses.” I cannot but think the coincidence of these three prophecies, though couched in language so apparently different, as remarkable and satisfactory: and we shall not fail to compare with those passages the opening of the forty-eighth psalm.

Jehovah is magnified and greatly extolled,

In the city of our Elohim.
His holy hill is beautiful in elevation,

The joy of all the earth;
The hill of Zion with the northern quarters,

• Is' the city of the great King ;
Elohim is in her towers,

He is known as a Defence.


The New Division of the Holy Land: the Forty-fifth

and Forty-eighth Chapters.

We come next to notice the division of the land among the returned tribes of Israel.

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In this division of the country, so different from any former division, six tribes are stationed in the north, and six tribes to the south of an OFFERING of land, containing a square of twenty-five thousand reeds, lying in the midst. In the midst of this OFFERING, again, we are told, the sanctuary is placed. Now, as we know this sanctuary occupies the present site of Zion and Jerusalem, this, I conceive, should be our guide to the position of the several portions in this division of the land. From an inspection of the forty-eighth chapter, it will be evident that all the portions, both for the tribes and for

THE OFFERING,” are measured straight across, from east to west, from the Mediterranean to the river Jordan and its lakes. The former possessions of the two tribes and a half beyond the Jordan, are not mentioned: all the tribes have an allotment in the original land of Canaan. Now, if we measure in breadth from north to south, making Jerusalem the middle point, twenty-five thousand reeds, we shall find the boundary-lines will pass from east to west somewhere above the latitude of Joppa, or Jafta, on the north, and somewhere below the latitude of Hebron on the south : within these lines is THE OFFERING," in breadth about forty miles, and varying in its length, according to the line of the Mediterranean coast on the one side, and that of the Dead Sea, with the course of the Jordan, on the other. All the country to the north will be occupied by the six tribes, Dan, Asher, Naphtali, Manasseh, Ephraim, Reuben, and Judah. What is the breadth of their respective portions we are not told, only that they extend in length from Jordan to the sea, and Judah's allotment is next to " the offering."

The south of the offering is to be occupied in the

Chap. xlviii. 1–7.

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same manner by Benjamin, Simeon, Issachar, Zebulon, and Gad. * The great “ OFFERING”+ of land, then, which we are more particularly to consider, lies between the latitudes of Jaffa and Hebron, or latitudes to be taken some miles more to the north and south.

And here a remarkable coincidence must be pointed out. We learned from the prophecy of Zechariah already quoted, that " all the land was to be turned into a plain, from Geba to Rimmon, south of Jerusalem.” Now, it will be found, Geba is on the same parallel of latitude with Jaffa, and on the parallel of Hebron is Eremmon, which is, no doubt, “Rimmon, south of Jerusalem." Both are about the same distance from Jerusalem, north and. south, and both are in the middle point of the parallel of latitude, between east and west, showing clearly that the plain will nearly fill the whole space of the OFFERING.

It should seem, then, that all, or nearly all, this country included between these parallels of latitude and the seas on either side, is to be turned into a plain, in the midst of which “ the mountain of the Lord's house" is elevated, to contain the temple.

This new formed plain and “ OFFERING” of land contains, as we shall see, besides the square mile for the temple, a measured portion of land for the priests, another for the Levites, and another for the city and its suburbs. Here, too, are assigned the lauds which are to support the dignity of the prince and his family.

It will be surely most interesting, as far as we are able, to trace the different sites and respective proportions of these allotments, which are to support the establishment of that future THBOCRACY, the site of which

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