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· The Romans had also their festivals, and one in particular, which they called “ Quingualria.This was a festival of five days, as the name imports. In like manner, the republic has appointed a festival of five days, and called it les Sans Culotides, and, like the Romans, spend it in all manner of riot and debauchery. Thus, in direct compliance with the prediction, she has “ worshipped,” or paid such vene, ration to the policy of pagan Rome, as to revive both her civil and religionis cuftoms, after they had ceased upwards of a thousand years, and adopted them as her own, , ,

· Ver. 13.-". And he doeth wonders ; so that . he maketh fire come down from heaven upon ... " the earth, in the fight of men."

Here the prophet foretels, that the revolutionary spirit of the people of France, or the republic, shall 56. do wonders;" so that the shall make, or caufe fire (or the wrath of God) to come “ down from heaven 66 (or the throne of God) on the earth” (or on France in its ungodly and atheistical state), “ in the “ fight of men," or in the fight of the powers and princes of Europe, who were to be the mere fpeétators of them, without interfering to prevent their magic effects. I have thus translated the text into its literal meaning, from other parts of Scripture, where I find the word fire, the most defiructive and powerful of all the elements, made use of as a symbol of the dreadful wrath of God *, the word heaven, for the throne of God up; the word earth, for a sinful revolutionary, power, as I have before shown, from Jerem. xxv. 29, 30. Matth. xxiv. 30, &c.

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* Deut. iy. 24. Nahum, i, 6. Heb. xii. 29.
† Psalm xi. 4.


With regard to the “ wonders" here predicted, it seems impossible to consider the state of revolutiona ary France, withont perceiving a continued series of the most wonderful exploits; exploits and their effects so unnatural, so eccentrical, and apparently impoffible, that the utmost degree of credulity, had they been foretold feven years before, could not have been persuaded, were within the confines of pofsibility. Among the variety of these wonderful acts, we may reckon the rapid change in the mind of a great nation, consisting of upwards of 25,000,000 of people, enthusiastically devoted to their monarch and to their religion, from zealous loyalty to causeless rebellion, and from the most ardent superstition to the rankeft atheism ! the sudden captivity, dethronement, and murder of one of the most powerful monarchs, lately fo beloved by his people, and commanding all the military force in the kingdom; the utter extinction of all the principles of their an, cient government; of all the rights of the ancient nobility and clergy; of all civil order and subordination, which had continued for more than fourteen centuries; and the reduction of the people to a ftate of anarchy, worse than a state of nature ! To these may be added, the extreme injuflice and oppression of new laws, and the abject fubmisfion of the people! the wonderful effecis of fraudulent affignats, and of unjuft and arbitrary requisitions, of the properties and persons of the people! the unprovoked and sworn hatred and declaration of war against all the kings of the earth; their feeble refiftance, and inactive stupor'; and the amazing success of this irresistible enemy; the utter abolition of the national religion, and indeed of all divine truths, and of all the natural and moral obligations, which unite man fo the great Author of his existence, and man to man! and, laftly, the facility with which a system of atheism has been established in their stead, and


disseminated its poisonous contagion through the four quarters of the globe !


Such is only a part of the wonders foretold by the prophet, and actually performed by the revolutionary spirit and power of France ! Are we then to be sure prised, that such atrocious deeds should be the cause of " making fire," or the wrath of God, come down from heaven, even from the throne of God itself, ” upon the earth ?" upon such abandoned and daring perpetrators of all manner of evil ? or that he should withhold his divine grace and protection, and leave a nation, which has impiously rejected his providence, and even denied his existence, to the finful imaginations, or, as St. Paul expreffes it, to the " strong delusion" of their own wicked hearts ?

. What is man, when deserted by his Creator,“ in ” whom he lives, moves, and hath his being * ?" when the fear, grace, and Spirit of God, no longer reftrain him from evil? He is more wild, more voracious and insatiable, more fierce and terrible in the gratification of his ambition and his lusts, than the worst of the brute creation! The truth of this reflection has been fully manifested by those party diffenfions, which raged in the Convention itself, in the time of the general massacre, justly called " the reign s of terror.The most fierce and unrelenting of the bestial tribes will not devour one another; and yet it was in that period of terror, that the rulers of the republic, those demons of revolution, thus forsaken of God, after having wantonly murdered many tens of thousands of their innocent fellow-creatures, turned their fury against, and murdered one another. Nor did the wrath of an offended God, referred to in the text, end here. It was farther manifested in

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thunfic numeroide and our continued tumultu, faulters, and civil walang wlicki horske out in many pl the dupmu.nline with tradinti, and were praticiod willa more than halallan heighty and cucity, until that dcuoio countly became one thinking kene ut devam Italian and Lluwa.

Murkuvir, thucte jurenents, thus reprchenied by of pure, l' are fuid, in the 1141, to come down troin " bravens in the light of Inch'. The exprcinon here, in the fight of inen, mcans, within the view or knowledge of the hings, princeh, and nations of turpe, who have been Inhu fpcciaior's of this dicantul calaimies, which bod las permitted the trantic and imple ruicis and people of France, to intrict upon thieutelved. But why have they been Incre portaluit, and not partakers of thoi judet monts? Tic audwig Ilens trongly impled in this test ; and it is this, that it has been the divine pleaนะ, นนะ แนนแม่แ.. 11 1)มใwi142,d:13:12tir

ncrary, to waumptilein ai piciunt, tron fimilar milury, thal, La vitit Leon, al it' WIC, C/E-wilnetics of this dnadiul matute ottis wrath u niiden noodly, they might want, will honor, ilaca bla blous tenet, and liabilita practices; and, itpenting of their 1116, filmit, in f it and in fruit, to that bulyslue dilnce, which is due troin ail bit crcaturus to the elltal kiboko u kimes, the bo o k UNIVERS

Vur. 14--15 And he deceived them that s dwell on the curiti, by ile means of thoto "males which has had power to do in the s topshid of its locait : layimage unto then that

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in tus reric, the prophet foretels a great paliwa! deceivein, wuch * the event of the Carib* uhould pratite on the peone, and points out the wall., ular mcarıs lyp & lunch at thould be accompaghet. Ada tyr this trand a whole natiu, dcici bod be « them k that ducli an ihe carih," was to be delica, cleated, 170.1, it was to be, as St. 12 dokunabas åt *, replete with all drocirabicis uiurg * TOL!Hes," and on tive math cutene and raita cluct07.18 nattire. Let us the topire by what mcans de trench repulsic has lveen reared. A: here it will approat, In beruni bilan, that he was generated br artive a'r Dereptocolla mutlad in bror 1:arict, and contain citated by traucis, all of thom Icalı8 10 ciye arcat trad, er, as St. Haul calls an. * a lice" in the short eni's a traud ta art al anul m ulicruis, that it has notor tveco equalled, ty aun bercione te 17:1), ea man. hinch EXO that such Salaadim.cla ainuked on our tirti pare uts, by harcha they were prou putatod from a 11a. le of innocence and 1111marta... 1a that at Aulianng and death. Avd dood bye anak yay as 10

TRE, that St. Paul iniorms us, viven zure t411 the rur at "itve larte prvu or, that it hall cute i aficr 1YC « #Ching out Salant, with all pruer, m . men and € 111747 WXlcr: " Iloncvor, we all cumpare the two trauds 10 chor, that the recitatxo mar mote tulit atar.

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