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The State Bar Association
of Wisconsin


1919, 1920 and 1921








Meeting at the Court House, President L. L..Brown of the Minnesota State Bar Association presiding.

WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS, President of the La Crosse Bar Association, delivered the following welcoming address: Gentlemen of the Minnesota State Bar Association and of the Wisconsin State Bar Association here assembled in joint session:

As President and in behalf of our local Bar Association, it is my duty, and I assure you it is a pleasure, to welcome you to our city for you each to hold your annual meeting. And you may be assured that our Association feels itself gratified and doubly honored by the fact that you have chosen this city as the place for your joint meeting. Some may question whether or not such welcome as we can here extend is anything more than a mere formality, but if any of you are entertaining such ideas, let me ask that you patiently wait till you hear the evidence. And when we are through with you, if you do not think you have been welcome and that we are glad to see you here and have you here, then you may say my words are meaningless.

We feel highly honored that the Associations of the two great sister states, Minnesota and Wisconsin, should have chosen our little city as their place to jointly meet for the transaction of their annual business, and, following the custom, when your business is transacted, to have a good time, and it seems rather more than we could expect, and we may fall short in doing all that might be desired in the way of entertaining you, but we beg you to be assured that we at any rate in good faith and best of feeling, extend the glad right hand.

It has been suggested, and it seems to me as though this meeting of the Minnesota and Wisconsin Bars, and your

holding your session together, is very opportune, and may it not signify the coming of better acquaintance and greater cordiality between the lawyers of the two states so nearly joined together, whose interests and peoples, and their pursuits, are so alike. And may it not increase the feeling that between the two states there should be an effort to secure in just so far as possible, uniform legislation; that our bond of brotherhood may become stronger as the years go on, and that we may assist each other in carrying out plans and methods for the mutual benefit and advancement of the practice of our profession, and for the betterment of the laws.

But I had nearly forgotten to say that the La Crosse Bar Association most heartily welcomes you to our city upon this occasion, and promises to do its level best to make you glad you came.

The chairman then introduced Honorable John B. Winslow, Chief Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, who delivered the opening address as President of the State Bar Association of Wisconsin.

(See Appendix, p. 71.)


Tuesday, July 1, 3 P. M.

PRESIDENT WINSLOW: We shall do very little business this afternoon. We won't detain you long. I know you all want to get away. It was a great pleasure to me, and I am sure it must be to all of us, to see such a large representation here at our opening meeting. Tomorrow there will doubtless be a large addition to our number. I think it is a matter of general congratulation.

The first matter in our order of business is the report of the Committee on Membership and the Election of Members. Is that committee ready to report?

MR. B. L. PARKER: Mr. President, your Committee on Membership will recommend the election of the following


Elmer E. Barlow, Arcadia.

Walter Scott, Bartlett, Milwaukee.
Walter H. Bender, Milwaukee.
Walter T. Bie, Green Bay.
Emil Buehler, Alma.

William A. Campsman, Neillsville.

F. W. Chadbourne, Fond du Lac.

R. S. Cowie, La Crosse. Wis.

H. H. Dean, Glenwood City.

William T. Doar, New Richmond.
Timothy P. Donovan, Tomah.

Ole J. Eggum, Whitehall.

Albert W. Foster, Milwaukee.
John C. Gaveney, Arcadia.
Victor H. Glanz, Milwaukee.
R. B. Graves, Sparta.

Winfred G. Haddow, Ellsworth.
Stanley J. Hauxhurst, Milwaukee.

James E. Hughes, New Richmond.
Warren P. Knowles, River Falls.
John F. Kulig, Independence.
Herman Leicht, Medford.
William R. McCall, Tomah.
William Byron Naylor, Tomah.
Earl J. Plantz, Green Bay.
Lucien Taylor Reid, La Crosse.
Randolph A. Richards, Sparta.
W. H. Savary, Peshtigo.
Erich C. Stern, Milwaukee.

Harney B. Stover, Milwaukee.
Francis X. Swietlik, Milwaukee.
Armand J. Tuteur, Milwaukee.
Albert T. Twesne, Galesville.
Bert Vandervelde, Milwaukee.
W. S. Wadleigh, Galesville.
Frederick R. Wahl, Milwaukee.
F. M. White, River Falls.
Charles A. Wilson, Superior.
Peter J. Hayes, Milwaukee.
Frank E. Hebert, Arcadia.

Frank E. Withrow, La Crosse.

MR. P. H. MARTIN: Mr. Chairman, I move the report be adopted, and the members elected.

JUDGE HALSEY: I second the motion.

Motion carried uanimously.

THE PRESIDENT: Those persons named are elected as members. The next upon the order of business is the report of the secretary and treasurer.


To the Wisconsin State Bar Association:

The undersigned begs leave to make his report covering the period since the date of the last report, June 26th, 1918 and ending July 1st, 1919, as follows:


Balance as shown on last report, June 26th, 1918. .


Received for dues June 26th, 1918, to and including June 25th, 1919...


July 3, 1918 Moorfield Storey, refund of money over actual
expenses out of $185.00 advanced June 27th, 1918..
June 25, 1919 Interest on certificate for $500 dated June 25th,
1918, to June 25th, 1919..




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