The History of the Victoria Cross

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Page 381 - Cross," and shall consist of a Maltese cross of Bronze, with Our Royal Crest in the centre, and underneath which an escroll bearing the inscription " For Valour." SECONDLY. — It is ordained, that the Cross shall be suspended from the left breast, by a blue riband for the Navy and by a red riband for the Army. THIRDLY. — It is ordained, that the names of those upon whom We may be pleased to confer the Decoration shall be published in the London Gazette, and a registry thereof kept in the Office...
Page 381 - George the Second, by the Grace of God of Great Britain, France and Ireland King, Defender of the Faith, etc.
Page 381 - We have instituted and created, and by these presents, for Us, Our Heirs and Successors, institute and create a new Naval and Military Decoration, which We are desirous should be highly prized and eagerly sought after by the officers and men of Our Naval and...
Page 393 - Seeing the hospital burning, and the desperate attempts of the enemy to fire the roof of the stores, we converted two mealie bag heaps into a sort of redoubt, which gave a second line of fire all round ; Assistant- Commissary Dunne working hard at this, though much exposed, and rendering valuable assistance.
Page 131 - ... whose horses were near the place saddled. My guide advanced to the light, and I stayed a little back in the shade. After being told that we had come from Mundeon (our old cantonment, and then in the possession of the enemy), and that we were going into the city to our homes, he let us proceed. We continued on along the left bank of the river to the stone bridge, which is about eight or nine hundred yards from, the iron bridge, passing unnoticed through a number of sepoys and matchlockmen, some...
Page 381 - ... and are graciously pleased to make, ordain, and establish the following rules and ordinances for the government of the same, which shall from henceforth be inviolably observed and kept : First. It is ordained, that the distinction shall be styled and designated "the Victoria Cross...
Page 132 - Park, which was occupied by the enemy. I went within twenty yards of two guns to see what strength they were, and returned to the guide, who was in great alarm, and begged I would not distrust him because of the mistake, as it was caused by his anxiety to take me away from the piquets of the enemy.
Page 132 - ... or principal street of the city of Lucknow, which was not illuminated as much as it used to be previous to the siege, nor was it so crowded. I jostled against several armed men in the street without being spoken to, and only met one guard of seven sepoys, who were amusing themselves with some women of pleasure, " When issuing from the city into the country we were challenged by a chowkeedar or watchman, who, without stopping us, merely asked us who we were.
Page 393 - Regiment, being the last men to teavey holding the doorway with the bayonet, their own ammunition being expended. From the want of interior communication and the burning of the house, it was impossible to save all. With most heartfelt sorrow I regret we could not save these poor fellows from their terrible fate.
Page 79 - I went, however, at the fellow, and cut him on the shoulder ; but some ' kupra' (cloth) on it apparently turned the blow. He managed to seize the hilt of my sword, and twisted it out of my hand ; and then we had a hand-to-hand fight, I punching his head with my fists, and he trying to cut me, but I was too close to him. Somehow or other I i'ell, and then was the time, fortunately for me, that Tombs came up and shot the fellow.

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