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promovendam adcuratiorem fon- place in the ensuing year, A. D. tium considerationem disputation- 1791. To which is added a seibus subjecta. Lips. 1742, 4to. cond Epistle to the Chief Priests BAUMGARTENIUS, Siegmundus Jaco- and Elders of the Jews. London, bus. An Exposition of the book of 1790, 8vo. Joel. (German) Halle, 1756, 4to. BEGG, James-Letters to a Minister BAYFORD, John Esq. F. S. A. Mes- of the Gospel on his, and other, siah's Kingdom, or a brief enquiry interpretations of our Saviour's concerning what is revealed in

predictions of his return, recorded Scripture relative to the fact, the Matt. XXIII. XXIV. XXV.; containing time, the signs, and the circum- a minute examination of these stances of the Second Advent of prophecies and exhibiting the evithe Lord Jesus Christ. London, dence they contain that Christ's 1820, 8vo.

coming in the clouds of heaven is BEARD, Thomas — Antichrist the personal and near at hand. Paisley,

Pope of Rome. London, 1625, 4to. (Nisbet) 1831. 12mo. Beckius, Michael—Specimen vin- Christ's speedy return in glory, diciarum Jesaianarum. Ulmæ, 1710. &c.—being a connected view of 4to.

some of the Scriptural evidence of Becon, Thomas, Professor of Divi. the Redeemer's speedy personal nity at Oxford, and Rector of St. return, and reign on earth with his Stephen's, Walbrooke (ob. 1570) glorified saints during the Millen-The Acts of Christ and Anti- nium ; Israel's restoration to Paleschrist. London, 1577, 12mo. tine; and the destruction of AntiBeda Venerabilis (ob. 735.) Com- christian nations ; with remarks on mentaria in Epistolas Catholicas et various authors who oppose these Apocalypsin.

doctrines, 4th edition improved. In Canticum Habbacuc, liber- Paisley, (Nisbet) 1831. M. S. in the Archiepiscopal library The heresy of Hymeneus and at Lambeth.

Philetus concerning the first reDe die judicii liber. M. S. in surrection 2 Tim. 11. 18, 19. (NisBib. S. Benedicti. Cant. Cod. 284. bet) 1832.

Commentarius in Esaiam. Not Beira, Thomas de-Considerationes extant.

litterales et morales super Jere- In illud Esaiæ “ Et claudentur miam. Olissipone, 1633, fol. ibi in carcere, et post dies multos BEKKER, Balthasar (ob. 1698)—An visitabuntur.” Not extant,

Exposition of the Book of Daniel. BEDELL, William Bishop of Kilmore (Dutch) Amst. 1688, 4to. -A Sermon on Rev. XVII. 4. Benedictus XI. Pope (ob. 1304)— London, 1659, fol. See Bernard, N. Comment. in Apocalypsin. M.S. BEDWELL, William-Comm. Sal. Benefield, Sebastian—Twenty-one Jarchi, Aben-Ezra, et Davidis sermons on the first chapter of Kimchi in prophetiam Obadiæ. Amos. Oxford, 1613, 4to. Latine. London, 1601, fol.

Twenty-one sermons on the 2nd BEERE, Richard, Rector of Lud- chap. of Amos. Oxf. 1613, 4to. brooke, Lincolnshire-A disserta- - A Commentary on the third chap. tion on Daniel viii. 13, 14 con- of Amos. Lond. 1629, 4to. taining strong and cogent argu

A Latin Sermon on Rev. v. 10. ments to prove that the commence- 1616, 4to. ment of the final restoration of the BENGEL, John Albrecht.The Rev. Jews to the Holy Land is to take elation of St. John, or rather of

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Jesus Christ, explained ; translated times. 2 vol. (German) Dessau, from a revised text, opened by 1782, 8vo. means of the prophetic numbers, BERNARD, Nicholas (ob. 1661)-His and all that regards the work, and judgement on Babylon being the the word, of the Lord, exposed to present See of Rome. Rev. xviii. 4. the view of those who desire wor. with a Sermon of Bishop Bedell thily to meet those things which on the same words. Lond. 1659. shall shortly come to pass. (Ger- BERNARD, Richard, Rector of Bateman) Stuttg. 1740, 8vo.

combe in Somerset. A Key for Bengelius's Introduction to his opening the mysteries of the Rev. exposition of the Apocalypse, with elation of St. John. London, his preface to that work, and the 1617, 4to. Another ed. 1640. greatest part of the conclusion of · The Seven Golden Candlesticks, it; and also his marginal notes on or the sevenfold state of God's the text, which are a summary

of Church here on earth. 1621, 8vo. the whole exposition; translated BEVERLEY, Thomas—The prophetfrom the High Dutch by John Ro- ical History of the Reformation to bertson, M.D. London, 1757. 8vo. be performed in the year 1697. BENJOIN, George, of Jesus Coll. London, 1689, 4to. Camb.-Jonah, a faithful transla- The late Revolution to be applied tion from the original with notes, to the Spirit now moving in the &c. London, 1796, 4to.

fulfilling of all prophecy. London, BENNETT, Dr. J.-History and Pros- 1689, 4to. pects of the Church from the crea- The' command of God to his peotion to the consummation of all ple to come out of Babylon, shewn things.

to be a command to come out of Bennet—The Temple of Ezekiel ; Papal Rome. London, 1689, 4to. viz. an elucidation of chapters xl, - The Kingdom of Jesus Christ XLI. and XLII. of Ezekiel, consist- entering its succession at 1697, ently with the Hebrew original, according to a calendar of time. and minute description of the edi- 1689, 4to. fice on scientific principles, &c. The Catechism of Jesus Christ London, 1824, 4to.

in the Millennium. 1690, 4to. Benson, George, D.D. a dissenting The doctrine of the day of judgeminister (ob. 1763)—A Disserta- ment applied to the doctrine of the tion that the Bishop of Rome is 1000 years of Christ's Kingdom, the Man of Sin ; on 2 Thess. II. London, 1691, 4to. 1-12, no date, 8vo.

The thousand year Kingdom of Benson, Joseph, Methodist Preacher Christ in its free Scripture state. -Four Sermons on the Second London, 1691, 4to. coming of Christ, and the future - An appeal most humble, yet most misery of the wicked.

earnestly, by the coming of our BERGER, Christ. Gottl.—The Rev. Lord Jesus Christ, and our gatherelation of St. John arranged ac- ing unto him, 1691, 4to. cording to the succession of events, - The Scripture line of time, from proved to be divine, and explained the first Sabbath to the great Sabin a new and clear manner; toge- bathius of the Kingdom of Christ, ther with a short history of the given in one view, London, 1692, Papacy, and the popes, agreeing 4to. thereto, and a refutation of Bengel's - A fresh memorial of the Kingmode of explaining the prophetic dom of Christ, demonstrated from

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the solemn oath of Christ. London, tinguish that important event. 1693, 4to.

1800. 8vo. - A discourse on the powers of the Observations on Bicheno's Resworld to come, 1694, 4to.

toration of the Jews. 1801, 8vo, The Great Charter for the Inter- · The Destiny of the German Empretation of Prophecy. 1694, 4to. pire, and the general prospects of - An exposition of the parable of Europe. 1806, 8vo. . the ten virgins. 1697, 4to. - A supplement to the signs of the - Reflections upon the theory of times with an answer to Mr. Fathe earth, occasioned by a late. ex- ber. 1807. 8vo. amination of it. London, 1699, 4to. Fulfilment of prophecy further

The good hope through grace; illustrated by the signs of the times. the Jubilee of the kingdom of 1817, 8vo. Christ shall come upon the coun- BICKERSTETH, Rev. E. Rector of terfeit Jubilee of Rome in the Watton. Practical remarks year 1700. 4to.

the prophecies with reference to – The grand apocalyptical vision of efforts to spread the Gospel, an the witnesses slain, dated to its pe- to personal edification. London, riods of prophecy and history. 4to. (Seeley) 1824, 12mo. BIBLIANDER Theodorus (alias Buch- Preparedness for the day of MAN,)--Commentarius in Micham. Christ urged on all Christians, beTiguri, 1534, 8vo.

ing the substance of four sermons. Propheta Nahum juxta veritatem London, (Seeley) 1833, 12mo. Ebraicam Latine redditus cum ex- BIERMANN, John-The prophecy of egesi, qua versionis ratio redditur Zechariah (Dutch). Utrecht 1699. et auctoris sententia explicatur. 4to. translated into German by Tiguri, 1534, 8vo.

Emmanuel Meier, Basil. 1710, 4to. Commentarius in Apocalypsin The prophecy of Hosea (Dutch) Joannis Basileæ. 1549, 8vo.

Utrecht, 1702. BIBLICUS-Essays on Prophecy, Part - Clavis Apocalyptico-prophetica; I. (the series not continued.) Lond. hoc est septem ecclesiarum, ac tot1831.

idem sigillorum, tubiciniorum, et Bicheno, James, A. M. The signs phiqlarum, Apocalypticarum anaof the Times, or the overthrow of lytica explicatio : earumdem cum Papal tyranny in France, the pre- prophetiis veteris testamenti collude to the destruction of Popery latio atque ad suas historias adpliand Despotism. In two parts. Lon- catio, Traj. ad Rhen. 1702, 4to. don, 1792–4, 8vo.

- The prophecy of Habakuk (Dutch) The probable progress and issue Utrecht, 1713, 4to of the present commotions which Bingham, Geo. D.D. of Pimpern, have agitated Europe since the Dorset-Ta Xilla érn, being an French Revolution; argued from the Essay on the Millennium, publishaspect of things, and the writings ed by his son, with other works. of our prophets. 1797, 8vo.

2 vols, 1804, 8vo. The Restoration of the Jews, BIRCHERODIUS, Jacobus—Jonæ prothe crisis of all nations;

phetæ liber, expositione litterali et arrangement of the Scripture pro- exegetica illustratus.

Hafniæ, phecies which relate to the restora- 1686, 4to. tion of the Jews, and to some of Bishop, Geo.-Two Treatises on the most interesting circumstances the Judgement and the Man of which are to accompany and dis- Sin., 1663, 12mo..

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BLAVNEY, Benjamin, D.D. Professor Babel before the last day, and the of Hebrew, Oxford-Zechariah, a end of the world in these last times. new translation with notes critical, (German) Hafn. 1696, 12mo.philological and explanatory; and Written against Spener, (whom an appendix in reply to Dr. Eve- see) and replied to in an anonyleigh's Sermon on Zech. 11. 8—11. mous work, which does not appear

A Dissertation by way of Inquiry to have been written by Spener, into the true import and applica- entitled Halcyonia ecclesiæ certo tion of the vision related Dan. ix. futura : or the certainty of the 20 to the end, usually called Dan- hope of better times, maintained by iel's Prophecy of Seventy Weeks ; Dr. Spener, opposed to the poor with occasional remarks on Mi. hopes of Mr. Boldig, by a friend chaelis's Letters to Sir John Prin- of truth, (German) Francof. 1696, gle on the same subject. 1775, 4to. 12mo.

The Sign given to Ahaz, a Visi- BONERUS, Benjamin - Paraphrasis tation Sermon, with a proposed prophetæ Joelis, belli Turcici imemendation of a passage in his portunitatem, Poli gravitatem, soli Dissertation on Daniel. 1786, 4to. pravitatem, proponens. Francof. ad

Jeremiah, and Lamentations. A Oderam, 1596, 4to. new translation, with notes critical, BORRHAUSIUS, Martinus—Comm. in philological, and explanatory. Ox- Apocalypsin. Basil, 1559, fol. ford, 1784, 4to. A second edition ; Commentarii in Jesaiæ prophetæ to which is added a new addition, oracula, Messiæ servatoris mundi with alterations, of the Dissertation et ecclesiæ sponsæ, atque adveron Daniel. Oxford, 1797, 4to. sarii eorum, mystica descriptione Blessed Hope, The-Two Sermons referta. Basil, 1561, fol. preached in Advent, 1829, by a Bossuet, James Benign, Bishop of Clergyman of the Church of Eng. Meaux-L'Apocalypse avec une

land. Lond. (Nisbet) 1830, 12mo. explication. Paris, 1689, 8vo. BODEN, Joseph-Sermon on Rev. Reflections sur l'explication de

XX111. 16. London, 1644, 8vo. l'Apocalypse de M. de Meaux. BOEKHOLT, Henry-An Exposition Amst. 1690, 12mo. of the Apocalypse. (Dutch.) Haer- BOURIGNON, Antoinette, of Lisle, lem, 1717, 4to.

Flanders—The Light of the World; An Exposition of the Book of -being on the prophecies in Luke Zechariah. (Dutch.) Am. 1718,4to. Chap. I. 1670. Bogue, David, a Dissenting Minis- BOUSELL, John, of Deepham, Norter of Gosport,-On the doctrine folk—The Ram's Horn sounded of the Millennium, 2 vols. 12mo. seven times. 1790, 8vo. Boulius, Samuel-Malachias pro- - The near approaching day of Unipheta, cum commentariis Rabbin- versal Restoration, Regeneration, orum, disputationibus Ebraicis, et Peace and Salvation. 1793, 8vo. explicatione. Rostochii, 1637, 4to. BOWDLER, Mrs. H.—Practical Ob

Analysis et exegesis prophetæ servations on the Revelation of St. Zechariæ, Rostochii. 1709, 8vo. John. 2 Edit. Bath, 1800, 8vo. BoLDIG, Ernest Christian, Court Box, Hieronymus, GuadalupensisPreacher at Cronenburg, and pas- Commentaria in Hoseam prophetor of Helsingör—"Poor hopes of tam, christianæ philosophiæ præbetter times for the Church : of a ceptis adcomodata; adjectis obsergreat conversion of Jews and en- vationibus cum parabolis elegantistire overthrow of the Antichristian simus, Cæsar-Aug. 1581, fol,

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BRACKENBURY, Rev. Edward— The College, Cambridge, and Rector of prophecy of Isaiah concerning the Hannes, Beds.-Analysis et schohumiliation, sufferings, death, bu. lia in Apocalypsin, et refutatio Belrial, and consequent exaltation of larmini de Antichristo, libro tertio the Messiah paraphrased; an expo

de Romano Pontifice. Franc. 1609, sition of part of the Lii. and LIII. 4to. A translation of the same chap. of Isaiah. Lond. 1802, 8vo. into English. Lond, 1644, fol. BRADLEY, Thomas, D.D. Chaplain - Antichristum Pontificiorum monin ordinary, and Prebendary of strum fictitium esse. Ambergæ, York—A Sermon on Rev. II. 1. 1610, 8vo. 1663, 4to.

Explicatio partis ultimæ, et diffiBradshaw, Wm. Puritan-A Plaine cillimæ, prophetiæ Danielis. Basil, and Pithie Exposition of the 2nd 1614, 8vo. A translation into EngEpistle to the Thessalonians. Lond. lish, Lond. 1635, 4to. 1620, 4to.

A Revelation of Mr. Brightman's BRANDMULLER, Jas.—Analysis om- revelation concerning Germany, nium epistolarum apostolicarum, et Scotland and England. 1641, 4to. libri Apocalypseos. Basil. 1622. - Predictions and Prophecies. 1641, Bray, Thomas, D.D. Rector of Exeter College, Oxford, and Canon Brightman redivivus; or the of Windsor- The more sure Word posthumian offspring of Thomas of Prophecy. A Sermon on 2 Pet. Brightman, in four sermons, 4to. 1. 19. 1761, 8vo.

Brine, John-Ancient Prophecy BRECKLINGIUS, Frid.—Compendium proved divine. 1746, 8vo.

Apocalypseos reseratæ. 1678, 8vo. BKISTED, John, Rector of St. Peter's, BRENIUS, Daniel-An Exposition of

Lewes-On the nature and use of the Book of Job and of the Revela- Prophecy. 1743, 8vo. tion of St. John. (Dutch) Amster. BROCARDUS, Jacobus—Mystica et dam, 1566, 4to.

prophetica interpretatio Levitici, - Tractatus de regno Ecclesiæ glo- Cantici Canticorum, Haggæi, Zechrioso, per Christum in terris eri. ariæ, et Malachiæ. Lug. Bat. 1580, gendo : e Belgico in Latinum ab 8vo. authore conversus ; addita sunt an- Interpretatio et paraphrasis libri notata in librum Apocalypseos S. Apocalypseos. Lug. Bat. 1580, 8vo. Johannis ; item tractatus de quali- Translated into English by James tate regni Christi, et explicatio in Sandford, Lond. 1584, 4to. cap. v. vi. vii. Matthæi, et partem Brock, Henry Matthias von, Supercap. vi, Lucæ. Amst, 1657, 8vo. intendant General in AltenburgBridge, William, nonconformist di. Schediasma de Chiliasmo Hodierno. vine-A Sermon on Rev. xiv. 8. A Tract against Peterson. Int. Lond. 1641, 4to.

1690-1700. BridgEWATER, John, (or Aquapon- BROTHERS, Rd.-A revealed knowtanus) Archdeacon of Rochester- ledge of the prophecies and times, Confutatio virulentæ disputationis book the first; wrote under the ditheologicæ in qua Georgius Sohn rection of the Lord God, and pubProf. Acad. Heidelberg. conatus lished by his sacred command, conest docere Pontificem Romanum taining with other great and reesse Antichristum, &c. Triers, markable things not revealed to 1589, 4to.

any other person on earth, the resBRIGHTMAN, Thomas, born at Not- toration of the Hebrews to Jerutingham, became Fell. of Queen's salem, by the year 1798, under the

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