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Acosta, Gabriel—Commentarius in Commentarius in prophetam Halibrum Ruth, Threnos, Jeremiæ, bacuc. Antverpiæ, 1597, 8vo. Jonam, et Malachiam, Lugd. ALABASTER, William, D.D. of Trin. 1641, fol.

Coll. Camb. and Chaplain to the Adams, Thos.-Com. on 2nd Epis- Earl of Essex-Apparatus in Re

tle of Peter. Lond. 1633, fol. velationem Jesu Christi. 4to. Ant. Addis, Alfred, A.B.-Heaven Open- 1607. ed, or the Word of God: being Ecce Sponsus venit; seu tuba the twelve visions of Nebuchad. pulchritudinis ; hoc est demonstranezzar, Daniel and St. John ex

tio quod non sit illicitum, nec implained. London, 1829, 8vo. possibile, computare durationem Addison, Lancelot, D.D. father of mundi, et tempus secundi adventus the poet (ob. 1703)—An Account Christi. Londini. 1633, 4to. of the Millennium. Lond. 1698,8vo. ALBERTUS, Magnus (ob. 1280)— ADVENT SECOND

Commentarius in XII Prophetas The words of Scripture concerning Minores. Col. 1536. the glorious Advent of our Lord - Postillatio in Apocalypsin. Bas. Jesus Christ, and the restoration 1506. of Israel. London (Nisbet). ALCASAR, Ludovicus. Jesuit (ob.

Connected view of some of the 1613)—Vestigatio arcani sensus in Scriptural evidences of the Re- Apocalypsi; cum opusculo de sacris deemer's speedy personal return ponderibus et mensuris. Ant. 1604, and reign on earth, with his glo- folio ;—said to have been the work rified saints, during the Millen- of twenty years. nium ; Israel's restoration to Pa- In eas veteris testamenti partes lestine ; and the destruction of the quas respicit Apocalypsis, nempe Antichristian nations; with re- Cantica Canticorum, Psalmos commarks on various authors who op- plures, multa Danielis aliorumque pose the doctrines. Nisbet, 12mo. librorum capita, investigatio. Lugd.

A Review of Scripture in testi- 1616, fol. mony of the truth of the Second ALCOLUTHUS, Andreas—Obadias ArAdvent, the first Resurrection and

menus, cum adnotationibus. Lips. the Millennium, with an Appen- 1680, 4to. dix, containing extracts from Mr. ALLEN, Edmund-see Leo Juda, and Joseph Eyre's Observations on the Pellicanus. Prophecies relating to the restora- ALLEN, William, D.D. Vicar of tion of the Jews. By a Layman. Bridgewater, in Somersetshire1819, 8vo.

The mystery of the Temple and The Lord is at Hand; or the City described in the nine last Last Trump. Lond. Nisbet, 12mo. chapters of Ezekiel unfolded ; also — The Second Coming of the Lord these following particulars are the true hope of believers, and briefly handled ; (1.) The calling only triumph of the Church, as of the Jews. (2.) The restoration appearing in the general bearing of all things. (3.) The description and analogy of Scripture. Dublin, of the two beasts, Rev. XIII. (4.) (Simpkin and Marshall,) 1833. The day of Judgement and the AGELLIUS, Antonius—Commentari. world perishing by fire. (5.) Some us in Threnos, collectus ex auctori- signs of the times when the fall of bus Græcis et in eosdem explicatio ; Babylon is near. (6.) Some adet catena Græcorum patrum ex ejus- vantage which the knowledge of dem versione. Romæ, 1589, 4to. these truths will afford. (7.) The

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conclusion of all in some counsels Rom. in quo mysteriam conversiand directions. Lond. 1677, 12mo. onis Judæorum explicatur. LeoALLIX, Peter, D.D. a Frenchman vard. 1676, 4to. who came to England on the Re- ALVAREZ, Didacus, Prof. of theology vocation of the Edict of Nantes, in Spain, and at Rome, and afterand was made Treasurer of Sarum wards Archbishop of Trani, in the (ob. 1717)—The prophecies which kingdom of Naples.-Commentarii Mr. Whiston applies to the times in Jesaiam, juxta sensum litteralem immediately following the appear- et moralem. Romæ, 1599-1602, ance of the Messiah considered and 2 Tom. 4to. examined. London, 1707, 8vo. In AMBROSE, St.-Expositio super Apothis work he is said to have pre- calypsin-falsely ascribed to him. dicted that the Second Advent AMBROSIUS, Autpertus, Cænobii S. would take place in 1720, or 1736 Vincentii in Samnio ad fontes Vul. at farthest.

turni Abbas (cl. 760)—CommentaA Confutation of the hope of the riorum in Apocalypsin Johannis Jews concerning the last redemp- libri x. Col. 1536, exinde relati tion. London, 1707, 8vo.

in Biblioth. Patr. Tom. XII. p. 403. ALLWOOD, Philip, A.M. Fellow of Amner, Richard, Dissenting MinMagdalen College, Cambridge- ister (ob. 1803)-An Essay toTwelve Sermons on the prophecies wards the interpretation of the relating to the Christian Church, prophecies of Daniel, with occaand especially to the Apostacy of sional remarks upon the same of Papal Rome. Warburtonian Lec- the most celebrated commentaries tures. 2 vols. 1815, 8vo.

on them. London, 1776, 8vo. ALSTEDIUS, Jo. Hen. Prof. of Philo- Considerations on the doctrine sophy and Divinity in the University of a future state, and the resurof Herborn, in Nassau, and one of rection, as revealed, or supposed to the Fathers of the Synod of Dort; a be so, in the Scriptures ; on the laborious and voluminous writer, of inspiration and authority of the whom it was said that his character Scripture itself; on some pecuwas expressed by the anagram of his liarities in St. Paul's Epistles ; on name, Sedulitas. (ob. 1638)--Trifo- the prophecies of Daniel and St. lium propheticum ; id est Canticum John ; to which are added some Canticorum Salomonis, Prophetia strictures on the prophecies of IsaDanielis, Apocalypsis Joannis, sic iah. London, 1798. 8vo. explicantur ut series textus et tem- AMYRALDUS, or AMYRAUT, Moses, a poris prophetici e regione posita French divine (ob. 1645)— Introlucem menti, et consolationem cor- duction a l'Exposition de l'Apocadi, ingerant. Herbornæ, 1640, 4to. lypse. À la Haye, 1658, 4to. - De Mille Annis-translated by AndaLAC, Ricardus—Dissertationes Wm. Burton, whom see. 1643, 4to. in præcipua Zechariædicta. FranckALTINGIUS, Jacobus, Professor of eræ, 1720, 4to. Divinity at Groningen. He came ANDERSON, Wm. Minister of the to England and was ordained by Gospel at Glasgow-An Apology Prideaux, Bp. of Worcester, but for the Millennial doctrine in the returned to Groningen as Hebrew form in which it was entertained Professor.–Commentarius in Jere- by the primitive church. miam prophetam. Amst. 1688, fol. A Letter to the author of " Mil.

Spes I raelis; sive commenta- lennarianism Indefensible.” Glasrius ecclesiasticus in cap. xi ad gow, (Nisbet,) 1834, 8vo.






ANDRADA, Sebastianus a Costa de of the Romaine Antichrist; comCommentarii in Threnos, et in ora- prised in the VII, VIII, and IX, tionem Jeremiæ. Lugd. 1609, 8vo. centuries ; whereunto are added ANDREAS, Cæsariensis, Cappadocum Treatises clearly discovering the Episcopus (cl. 500)-Commentarii novelty of the Popish religion. in Apocalypsin ad Macarium, quos Edinb. 1616, 4to. Latine vertit Theodorus Peltanus. - Exhibited in a collection of pasExtant Gr. et Lat. ad finem Chry- sages out of a tract entitled the sostomi Commentariorum in S. Doctrine of Scriptures concerning Johannem in editione Morelliana, the seal of dominion. London,

1651, 4to. ANGELOCRATOR, Daniel-An Expo- Antichristi excidium. London, sition of the Book of Daniel. Cas- 1667, 8vo. selis. 1638, 4to.

· The Kingdom of Christ and AnANGELUS, Christopher, a Greek of tichrist. A Sermon on Rev. xvI. Peloponnesus, who being persecuted 1. 1667, 8vo. by the Turks on account of his re- The Christian Almanack for 107 ligion came to England (ob. 1638) years to come; being a prophetical -De Apostasia Ecclesiæ et de Ho- poem on the fall of Antichrist, and mine Peccati. Gr. Lat. Lond. 1624. the commencement of the kingANGERMANNUS, Abr. And.- A Swe. dom of our Lord Jesus Christ; dish translation of the Commentary with pertinent observations, both of Draconitis on Daniel. Witem. theological and chronological. Lon1592, 4to.

don, 1703, 4to. ANSBERTUS, Ambrosius, a native of - The religion of Antichrist; or notes France, and a Benedictine monk on the book of the Revelation of (ob. 778)-In Apocalypsin libri x. St. John, and other prophecies Col. 1536, fol.

respecting the rise, religion, and ANTICHRIST—Der Entkrist, &c. ruin, of the Man of Sin. London, A Book printed from wooden blocks, 1784, 8vo. and now of extreme rarity, con- - The marks of; or a supplement to sisting of 39 leaves small fol. no the Warburtonian lecture. London, date, or printer's name.

1789, 8vo. -The Popish kingdom or reign - In the French Convention; or an of Antichrist, the fourth mon- endeavour to prove that some part archy. Lond. 1536, 4to.

of the prophecies of Daniel, and A treatise of the principles of St. John, is now fulfilling in EuChrist's doctrine, and the Anti- rope. Addressed to all mankind christ's doctrine, with a compar

who believe in the Old Testament; ison between these two regiments. to the Jews as well as to the ChrisLondon. 1558, 8vo.

tians. London, (Cadell) 1795, 8vo. De Ecclesia Dei ab Antichristo APOCALYPSE-Apocalypsis per per ejus excidium liberanda, eaque figuras representata, cum glossis. ex Dei promissis beatissime repar- L'intelligence de l’Apocalypse anda, tractatus : cui addita est ad

par l’Apocalypse meme. calcem verissima certissimaque ra- Glossa super Apocalypsin de tio conciliandi dissidii de cona statu ecclesiæ ab anno salutis Domini. Londini 1589, 4to. 1481, usque ad finem mundi; et -Against symbolizing with Anti

de præclaro, et gloriosissimo, trichrist, 1609.

umpho christianorum in Turcos et A short compend of the growth Maumethos, quorum secta et im

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perium breviter incipiet deficere ed, to the xix chapter inclusive ; ex fundamentis Joannis in Apoca- being the history of the Christian lypsi, et ex sensu litterali ejusdem Church until the destruction of the apertissimo cum consonantia ex Roman Empire at the coming of judiciis astrorum. Lips. 1481. 4to. our Lord with all his saints; con

Commentarius in, ante centum sisting of a select compilation from annos editus. Witemb. 1528. the most approved and learned - Apocalypsis reserata ; or the Rev- commentators, both ancient and elation of St. John explained; modern. London, 1829, 12mo. wherein according to the division An Introduction to the study of of the New Testament Times in the Apocalypse, reprinted from the the reign of the Dragon, the dele- Christian Observer. London, (Seegated power of Antichrist, and the ley) 1830, 8vo. peaceful state of the Church du- On the last judgement and the ring the reign of Christ, is set destruction of Babylon; showing forth by an exposition of the mi that all the predictions contained and xvi. chapters, what has been in the Apocalypse are at this day hitherto fulfilled, what is in our fulfilled. Lond. 1830, 8vo. own days fulfilling, and what is to - Apocalyptica Cabala or a history be expected in the period nearly of the coming Millennium. Oxford, approaching. Part II. Apocalyp- 1741, 8vo. tica clavis—or a prophetical Key The Book of the Unveiling; a by which the great mysteries of paraphrastic Exposition with Notes. the Revelation of St. John, and of Lond. (Bagster,) 1833, 12mo. the prophet Daniel may be opened. APTHORPE, East D. D—Discourses Part III. Methodus et Harmonia on prophecy read in the chapel at Apocalyptica--or a short and sim- Lincoln's Inn at the Warburtonian ple explanation of the manner in Lecture, 2 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1786. which the divine mysteries in the ARCHAICUS—The rejection and resRevelation of St. John follow each toration of the Jews according to other, (German), Christianopoli, Scripture, declared; with indica1653, 8vo.

tions of the means by which, and A new Sermon of the; with il- nearly of the time when, the latter lustrations, written by a French of these great events is to be brought Minister in 1685, and finished two to pass, &c. London, 1753, 8vo. days before the Dragoons plundered ARCHER, John—The Personal reign him of all but this treatise. 1688, of Christ upon earth, 1643, 4to. 4to.

ARCONES, Andreas Lucas de—Jesaiæ Essai sur l'; avec des ecclair- elucidatio litteralis, mystica, et cissmens sur les propheties de moralis, 2 tom. Lugd. 1642. fol. Daniel, qui regardent les derniers ARCULARIUS, Daniel.—Comment. in tems. 1729, 4to.

Jesaiam. Francof. 1607, 8vo. Expliqué par l'histoire ecclesi- ARESI, Paul of Milan (ob. 1644)astique. Paris. 1701, 4to.

Velitationes sex in Apocalypsin. - Dissertatio Historica et Critica de Milan, 1647. fol. Apocalypsi. Anonymous, reprint- ARETHAS, Cæsareæ Cappadociæ ed in English. London, 1732, 8vo. Archiepiscopus (cl. cir A. D. 540)

The Apocalypse of Jesus Christ, Explicatio Apocalypseos. Veronæ, commonly called the Revelation of 1532, fol. Extat etiam ad calcem St. John the Divine, briefly yet Ecumenii. Paris, 1631. minutely explained, and interpret- ARNALDUS--Remarques sur les er




reurs d'un livre intitulé L'ancienne calypse to the Romish superstiNouveauté de l'Ecriture Sainte tions and abuses, which his knowau l'Eglise triomphante en terre. ledge of them (he having been oriParis, 1665. 12nio.

ginally a Papist,) enabled him to ARTOPEUS, Petrus—Commentarius, trace with facility.

in Jonam. Stettini, 1545, 8vo. Baltus, Jn. Fncs. Jesuit (ob. 1743) - Apocalypsis Sancti Johannis bre- -La Religion Chretienne prouvée viter juxta ejus effectum explicata, par l'accomplissement des propheBasileæ, 1563, 8vo.

ties de l'Ancien et Nouveau TestaAshton, Thos. Rector of St. Bo- ment. 1728, 4to. tolphs, (ob. 1775)—Dissertation on - Défense des Propheties de la Re2 Pet. 1. 19. Lond. 1750, 8vo. ligion Chrétienne. 4to. A refutaAYROLUS—Liber Lxx. Hebdomadum tion of the views of Grotius on Resignatus; seu in cap. ix. Dan- various prophecies. ielis Dis. Romæ, 1713, 8vo. BANGIUS, Thomas, Prof. Div. at the Baazius, Joan. Comment. in Apoca- Univ. of Copenhagen (ob. 1661)

lypsin Joan. Calmariæ, 1629, 8vo. Fontium Israelis Trias; Jona, MiBACHMAIR, John James, M. A. chea, et Ruth. Hafniæ, 1631, 8vo. The Revelation of St. John histor. BARHDT—Comment. in Malachiam. ically explained and [q. not] com- Lips. 1768. 8vo. piled from commentators and other BARKER, Thomas—The Messiah ; authors, but an original written by being the prophecies concerning J.J. B. 1779, 8vo.

him methodized with their accomBACHMEISTERUS, Lucas-Explicatio plishment. London, 1780, 8vo.

Threnorum. Rost. 1603, 8vo. BARLOW, Thomas, Bp. Linc.—WheBaggs, John-A scriptural view of ther the Pope be Antichrist, &c.

the Millennium. Lond. 1798, 8vo. BARNE, Miles—A Discourse conBagot, Lewis, Bishop of St. Asaph, cerning the nature of Christ's kingTwelve discourses on the prophe- dom; two Sermons on John XVIII. cies concerning the first establish

1682, 4to. ment and subsequent history, of BARO, Petrus, D.D.-Prælectiones Christianity; preached at the War- Xxxix. in Jonam. Basilea. 1581. burtonian Lecture in Lincoln's Inn 8vo. Chapel. Oxford, 1780. 8vo. BARTON, Philip, L.L.D.- Firmitas Bagshaw, Edward—The doctrine of Prophetici Sermonis. 2 Pet. 1. 19. the kingdom and personal right of 1755, 8vo. Christ; being a Sermon on Zech. BASILIUS Magnus (ob. 378)-Com5—9. 1669, 4to.

mentarii in xvi. priora Esaæi BALDUINUS, Fredericus, a Papist- capita. Commentarius in Haggæum, Zech- Bate, Julius, A. M. Rector of Sutariam, et Malachiam Wittemb. ton, Sussex, an eminent Hutchin1610, 8vo. See Schmidius.

sonian divine (ob. 1771)—The use BALE, John Bishop of Ossory (ob. and intent of Prophecy, and his1563)-The Image of both church. tory of the fall cleared. London, es after the most wonderful and 1753, 8vo. heavenly Revelation of St. John, The Blessing of Judah by Jacob containing a very fruitful exposi- considered ; and the era of Daniel's tion or paraphrase upon the same. weeks ascertained in two dissertaLondon, 1550, 8vo. See Studley. tions. London, 1753. 8vo. His work consists of a curious ap- BAUERUS, Christianus Fridericusplication of portions of the Apo- Interpretatio prophetiæ Joelis ad



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