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I read the book and I liked the book

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As one of the co-editors of the book, we recognized the functions of the caste system as it relates to assignment of work. The point we are making is that caste like race is heritable. Further caste, like race, is fixed at birth and immutable in society while a person is alive and passed along to the next generation.
When both putting the book together and teaching the course, we were faced with an awful dilemma, namely that regrettably there were too many case studies to choose from. If only the people of the world had given us a more finite number to work with.
Stephen Kaufman

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There are 2 serious issues. One is act of commission and the other an act of omission.
Untouchability and the caste system in India is not about race, colour - but more about the work that people
do. It is related to what position people have in society.
For instance, if you were to take your respect for a professor and your disregard for a truck driver, too far, it would become the caste system and become the current form of untouchability that purportedly exists in India. Now most of this rigidity in the caste system came about due to economic stagnation during the last 200 years of colonial rule.
Especially when you write about caste system, it must also be balanced with the complete lack of any historical data on slavery in India - which is unique in the history of nations.
So, examination of that phenomenon is not quite relevant in a book related to Racism. Secondly, there is nothing about the worst kind of racism that exists and is practised - against the Romany Gypsies. The world is completely blind sided by that. I wish that these 2 issues had been addressed.

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