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HEN the First Volume of these Sermons was published, I did not presume to request the liberty of prefixing to them a name so illustrious. Encouraged by the favourable manner in which the Public has received Two Volumes, I now

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I now humbly beg leave, on the publication of a Third, to lay them all before Your MAJESTY.

Had I been in doubt to whom they could be presented with the greatest propriety, the public voice would instantly have directed me to the Person to whom I have now the honour of addressing myself. Discourses intended to promote religion and virtue can be inscribed to none more suitably than to One who, in the highest station of life, has ever supported the cause of religion by her conspicuous regard for it; who has advanced the interests of virtue, by her distinguished example; and who, by a happy union of the amiable with the estimable qualities, has commanded


the love and respect of a great


It is a signal blessing to a kingdom when a Person whose character would have reflected honour upon any condition of fortune, is placed by Providence in that elevated rank, which allows her virtues to shine with extensive lustre, and to diffuse their auspicious influence over a whole land.

That this influence of Your MAJESTY'S virtues may long continue to be felt; that while they alleviate the cares, and increase the comfort of our gracious Sovereign; while they improve the minds, and contribute to the felicity of Your illustrious offspring; they may, at the same time, successfully exert their power

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power in forming the public manners on a pattern so worthy of imitation! shall be my sincere wish and earnest prayer.

I have the honour to be, with

profound respect,


Your MAJESTY's most humble,

And most devoted servant,


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