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Lots of information about Singapore! Some cool facts from the book - Singapore is the 3rd biggest oil refinery hub. Apparently there are more botanical species in a tiny reserve in Singapore than there is in North America! There's also a lot of information of how the Government handles the opposition - only 2 out of 84 members of parliament come from the opposition. Like every Lonely Planet guide, this gives its readers a wonderful experience of the food and culture of the place. A lot of restaurants have a 'self-service' board put up. I never went close to any of them for the longest of time because I didn't know what they meant by self service - if they wanted me to serve food myself, why did they make it super hard to reach for the food! Finally I realized, 'self-service' in Singapore means you need to get to the counter and ask to be served, the person behind the counter will not come up to you asking how you'd like to be served. 

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