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Join'd to thy better friends above,
At rest in thy Redeemer's love.

No longer now constrain'd

With human fiends to dwell,
To see their evil, pain'd,

Their blasphemies to feel :
Angels and saints thy comrades are,
And all adore the Saviour there.

Thou canst not there bemoan

Thy friends' or country's loss, Through sore oppression groan,

Or faint beneath the cross ; The joy hath swallow'd up the pain, And death is thy eternal gain.

What hath their malice done,

Who hurried hence thy soul ! When half thy race was run,

They push'd thee to the goal, Sent to the souls supremely blest, And drove thee to thy earlier rest.

Thou out of great distress

To thy reward art pass'd, Triumphant happiness,

And joys that always last : Thanks be to God, who set thee free, And gave the final victory!

Thy victory we share,

Thy glorious joy we feel ;
Parted in flesh we are,

But join'd in spirit still :
And still we on our brethren call,
To praise the common Lord of all.

Not for your needless aid,

Not for your useless prayers, (Jesus for us hath pray'd,

And all our burdens bears) Yet still on you we call, and cry, “ Extol the Lord of earth and sky."

Then let us still maintain

Our fellowship divine,
And, till we meet again,

In Jesus' praises join ;
Thus, till we all your raptures know,
Sing you above, and we below!


All worship and love

To the father above,
Who hath summond another his glory to prove :

Who, in pity and grace,

Hath shorten'd his race,
And caught up a worm to the sight of his face,

Our friend is at rest,

In a paradise blest,
Which sorrow and Satan can never molest;

He hath shook off his clay,

He is wafted away,
And escaped to the regions of permanent day.

Thrice happy remove

To a country above,
Where all are employ'd in a triumph of love!

We thitherward tend,

We, too, shall ascend,
And begin the enjoyment which never shall end.

For this do we mourn,

Till, by angels upborne,
We again to our heavenly border return :

Caught up in the air,

We soon shall be there,
And our happy, unfading inheritance share.

What joy shall abound,

When our brethren around
The throne of our glorious Redeemer are found !

When our comrades in pain,

We embrace them again, And in Jesus's bosom eternally reign.

With loving surprise

The whole company cries, “How strangely at last are we inet in the skies!

What a wonder of grace,

Transcending our praise,
That we should be seen in this holiest place!

“ Poor sinners below,

Acquainted with woe,
How heavily once with our load did we go!

In trials severe,

How oft did we fear We should never hold out, and should never come here !

“ Fellow-prisoners beneath,

Our sorrowful breath
We wasted in passionate wishes for death ;

Our evils so rife,

So painful our strife,
And so long did it seem, the sad moment of life!

" That moment is past !

We are landed at last; We are safely arrived where our anchor was cast:

On Emmanuels land,

With a numberless band
Of cherubs and seraphs, exulting we stand.

" For a moment of pain

We on earth did sustain,
An eternal reward we in heaven obtain :

Who governs the skies

Hath banishd our sighs, And the Lamb he hath wiped all tears from our eyes.

“No uneasy alloy

Shall sully our joy, While our harps in Emmanuel's praise we employ ;

Not a dissonant string

Shall be heard while we sing,
With the chorus of angels, our Saviour and King.

“Our Saviour we own,

Who sits on the throne, Salvation ascribe to the Father and Son!

• We are saved by the Lamb !

Let all heaven proclaim, Let all heaven bow down to the wonderful name!

“Our Jesus surround,

With majesty crown'd,
And • Amen' to our praises, ye seraphim, sound;

Lo, he shows us his face !

Ye seraphim, gaze,
Or fall, and adore in the spirit of praise.

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Thus, thus let us lie,

Till, raised by his eye,
Hallelujah ! again, Hallelujah! we cry ;

Progressively move,

And in rapture improve,
And eternity spend in the praise of his love."


MR. CHARLES WESLEY declined to write an epitaph on Mr. Hervey; but he composed the following hymn on the occa. sion of his friend's death :


He's gone! the spotless soul is gone,

Triumphant to his place above;
The prison walls are broken down,

The angels speed his swift remove,
And shouting on their wings he flies,
And HERVEY rests in paradise.
Through the last dreadful conflict brought,

Which shook so sore his dying breasta
Far happier for that bitter draught,

With more transcendent raptures blest,
He finds for every patient groan
A jewel added to his crown.
Saved by the merit of his Lond,

Salvation, praise to Christ he gives ;
Yet still his merciful reward

According to his works receives ;
And with the seed he sow'd below,
His bliss eternally shall grow.
Redeem'd by righteousness divine,

In God's own portraiture complete,
With brighter rays ordain'd to shine,

He casts his crown at Jesus' feet,
And hails him sitting on the throne,
For ever saved by grace alone.


Father, to us vouchsafe the grace,

Which brought our friend victorious through ;
Let us his shining footsteps trace,

Let us his steadfast faith pursue,
Follow this follower of the Lamb,
And conquer all through Jesus' name.
Through Jesus' name, and strength, and word,

The well-fought fight our brother won;
Arm'd with the Saviour's blood and sword,

He cast the dire accuser down;
Compell’d the aliens to submit,
And trampled flesh beneath his feet.

In vain the Gnostic tempter tried

With guile his upright heart t' ensnare ;
His upright heart the fiend defied;

No room for sin when Christ was there ;
No need of fancied liberty,
When Christ had made him truly free.
Free from the law of sin and death,

Free from the antinomian leaven,
He led his Master's life beneath ;

And, labouring for the rest of heaven,
By active love, and watchful prayer,
He show'd his heart already there.
How full of heaven his latest word,
“ Thou bidd'st me now in peace depart,
For I have known my precious Lord,

Have clasp'd thee, Saviour, in my heart,
My eyes thy glorious joy have seen!”
He spake; he died; and enter'd in.
O might we all like him believe,

And keep the faith, and win the prize!
Father, prepare, and then receive,

Our hallow'd spirits to the skies,
To chant, with all our friends above,
Thy glorious, everlasting love.


MR. CHARLES WESLEY wrote the following hymns on the death of Mr. Grimshaw. We copy them from his own maBuscript:


Thanks be to God, whose truth, and power,

And faithful mercies never end;
Who brings us through the mortal hour,

And bids our spotless souls ascend !
Thanks be to God, the God of love,

The giver of all-conquering grace;
Who calls our friend to joys above,

And shows him there his open face.
The God whom here his faith beheld,

The Father's fulness in his Son,
He sees in glorious light reveald,
And shouts and falls before the throne.

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