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The subject of this memorial sketch, Judge John Enoch Mason, was born at “Edge Hill,” Albemarle County, Virginia, on July 11, 1854. His father was Charles Mason, Esq., of King George County, Virginia, and his mother before her marriage was Maria Jefferson Carr Randolph, daughter of Col. Thomas Jefferson Randolph of “Edg · Hill," and granddaughter of Thomas Jefferson. On both sides he was descended from distinguished ancestry.

His early education was obtained in the Locust Dale and Bethel Military Academies, from which he entered the University of Virginia in 1874. Ill health required him to leave the University before graduation, and after two years spent at home he attended the Columbian (now George Washington) College of Washington, D. C., from which he graduated in one year with the degree of Bachelor of Law. In September, 1878, he was admitted to the bar of King George County and began his successful career as a lawyer.

In the spring of the following year he was elected Commonwealth Attorney of his county, serving three successive terms.

In 1889 he was elected as a member of the House of Delegates where he served three terms and in 1895 he was elected meinber, of the State Senate, where h: served until 1898, when he was elected Circuit Judge of the Tenth District, succeeding Judge William S. Barton, deceased. In the reorganization of the Judicial Districts of the State under the new Constitution, he was elected Judge of the Fifteenth Circuit without opposition.

Judge Mason at the date of his death was a communicant of the Episcopal Church, King George Court House, although at that time he resided in Fredericksburg.

In November, 1885, he married Miss Kate K. Henry of Washington, D. C., daughter of Capt. James Lake Henry of the United States Army and Kate Kearney Henry, daughter of Capt. Kearney, Surgeon of the United States Navy.

Judge Mason died at Fredericksburg, Virginia, on the fifth day of December, 1910, leaving his widow and two children, Flora Randolph and Thomas Jefferson, to mourn their imperishable loss and his large circle of friends throughout the State to feel deep regret that Virginia should be deprived of this useful son in the meridian of his distinguished career.

Judge Mason was a man of high personal integrity and character, courteous in manners and most charitable in expressing his opinions of others; he was a painstaking and studeous Judge, seldom reversed and always striving to mete out exact justice.

He was a Christian gentleman and while his loss will be felt by his family and his State, he merely exchanged the mortal body and the judicial ermine for an imperishable robe of righteousness, when the radiance of the eternal morning was unveiled to his illumined eye.


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Captain William W. Old was born in, Virginia, on November 17th, 1840, and folk, Virginia, on July 19th, 1911.

He was the son of Jonathan White liri scendant of Edward Old, who settled in Brita Virginia, early in the seventeenth century. 11 wars previous to the Revolution, and in til members of his family gallantly served that, Thomas Old, of that period, and his kinsmai, į were members of the Committee of Safety in s. County during the war of Independence. Ci mother, Elizabeth Anne (Whitehurst Old, conne... another old and honorable family of Virginia. Colonel William Whitehurst, was for many years t' justice of Princess Anne County by so ernor.

Captain Old studied in his youth ái .. then under the superintendence of frien " ward lost his life at Sharpsburg, as in service. In 1855, on account of a yellesy Strange left Norfolk and establishes the

is **, ***, Institute, where young Old studied this 1858, after a few months at the Broun dį.

Die marle County, he entered the Univerinis

in bere he graduated with the degree of M. A., 1:.:01. Vieariy the war had begun, and the “Univita',,"11 been organized at the university, in which lie che rank junior second lieutenant.

On the day of graduation they were mastered into the con federate service and assigned to lisas Brigade, then operating in West Virginia, where the company was on duty until de

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