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The object of the list, naturally and primarily, is to show what the Library has of the literature of a subject the interest in which is steadily increasing. Incidentally, also, it indicates our wants, some of which, at least, are apt to represent books of such rarity that only through the help of private collectors will they come to the Library's shelves.

The list is divided into two sections. The first, intended for the amateur and student of prints, includes the general subject of prints produced by etching, engraving and lithography. The second appeals to those interested in various practical “Applications” of the reproductive graphic arts to the production of book-illustration, book-plates, portraits, caricature, playing-cards, posters, and various other specialties, such as menus, programmes, titles and visiting cards. It also includes the books on the various photo. mechanical processes which play so important a röle to-day. The line of demarcation, of course, cannot be drawn absolutely. Thus, Lithography, in Section I, includes practical applications.

This list does not include articles in magazines or portions of books, although they are often valuable and even indispensable. Much material on individual artists, in fact, is to be found only in that form. It has been excluded from this list, but all such material which we have been able to find has been listed in our card catalogue and is therefore available.

Also, this is a list of books about prints, not of books of prints. Bound collections of prints are therefore not included, excepting when the prints directly form illustrations to text. Thus, J. S. Cotman's “Liber Studiorum" is excluded, while “Works of Hogarth," with text by Nichols, is included.



Goddé, J. Catalogue raisonné d'une col

lection de livres, etc., rélatifs aux arts de Bohn, Henry G. Catalogue of a collec- peinture, sculpture, etc. Paris, 1850. 8°. tion of works on the fine arts, comprising

MAC books of prints, picture galleries, treatises

Great Britain. - Patents, Commissionon painting, sculpture, and engraving, lives of artists, etc.; forming a portion of the

ers of. Subject list of works on the fine and library of... Henry G. Bohn, which will

graphic arts, (including photography), and be sold... March, 1885. (London: Christie,

art industries in the Library of the Patent Manson & Woods, 1885.) 30 p. 8°.

Office. London: Darling & Son, 1904. 374 MAX p.v.3, no.5

p., 11. 2. ed.) 16o. (Patent Office Library Series: No. 2.

Bibliographical Series: Bourcard, Gustave.

Graveurs et gra-
No. 1.)

MAC vures, France et étranger: essai de biblio

Title of 1. ed. reads: Subject ist of works on graphie, 1540–1910. Paris: H. Floury, 1910. photography and the allied arts and sciences. 2 p.l., (1)viii-xiv, 1 1., 320 p., 1 1. 8°. MD

Hiersemann, Karl W. Malerei, SkulpDuplessis, Georges. Essai de biblio- tur, Kupferstichkunde... Leipzig, 1888. graphie contenant l'indication des

25 p. 8°. (In his Catalog, no. 36.) vrages relatifs à l'histoire de la gravure et

MAC p.v.1, no.6 des graveurs. Paris: Rapilly, 1862.

New series of catalogues. The fine 8o.


Books and prints on sale by K. Avery collection.

W. H. Cat. no. 108–115. V. p. Leipzig:
E. Hermann, printer, 1893.

MAC Essai d'une bibliographie générale des beaux-arts... Paris: Rapilly, 1866. Hoe, R. M. The literature of printing: 2 p. 1., 144 p. 8o.

MAC A catalogue of the library illustrative of


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48 p.


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Internationale Bibliographie der Kunstwissenschaft. Hrsg. von Arthur L. Jellinek. Bd. 1–5 (1902–1906). Berlin, 1903– '09. 8°.

MAC Levis, Howard C. A bibliography of American books relating to prints and the art and history of engraving, also of catalogues of important sales and exhibitions of prints held in America... London: Prtd. at the Chiswick Press, 1910. ix, 79(1) P., 1 port. 8o.

MD A descriptive bibliography of the most important books in the English language relating to the art and history of engraving and the collecting of prints. London: Ellis, 1912. 3 p.1., (i)x-xix, 571 (1) p., 4 1., 1 fac. 4°.

† MD no. 92 of 350 copies printed.

Title-pages of the two earliest books in the English language relating to engraving; also the pages therein which contain the sections on engraving, and the title-page of another edition of the first of these books. (Reproductions... made from photographs of the title-pages... of ...books in the British Museum. By H. C. Levis?, London: Privately, printed at the Chiswick Press, 1911. '13 1., 1 pl. 8°.

MDI no. 8 of twenty copies printed.

Quaritch, Bernard. A catalogue of rare and valuable books on the fine arts. Pt. 1. London: ¡G. Norman & Son), 1909. 1 pt. 8o. (No. 273.)

MAC Title from cover.

Rapilly, Librairie de. Catalogue de livres relatifs à l'architecture, à la sculpture, à la peinture et à la gravure... 1875, mars, '81, février, '83. Paris: Rapilly, 1875–83. 3 v. 8°.

MAC Someren, J. F. van. Essai d'une bibliographie de l'histoire spéciale de la peinture et de la gravure en Hollande et en Belgique. (1500-1875). Amsterdam, 1882. 8o.

MCG Soullié, L. Essai bibliographique des catalogues illustrés de grandes collections de tableaux, de dessins et d'objets d'art publiés depuis le commencement du xix® siècle jusqu'a fin 1902. Paris: L. Soullié, 1903. 76 p. 8°. (L'intermédiaire des collectionneurs.. 16° année, n. s. no. 1.)

MDB South Kensington Museum. First proofs of the universal catalogue of books on art; (ed. by J. H. Pollen). London, 1870. 2 v. (Same.)

Supplement. London, 1877. 8°.


sq. 8.

Sturgis, R. Annotated bibliography of fine art. Painting, sculpture, architecture, arts of decoration and illustration. Music, by H. E. Krehbiel. Edited by George Iles. 3 illus., 89 p. Boston: Library Bureau, 1897. 4°.


Monatshefte der Kunstwissenschaftlichen Literatur.

v. 1-3. Berlin, 19051907. 4o.

† MAC Continued as: Monatshefte für Kunstwissenschaft.

New York Society Library. A classified catalogue with critical notes of the works on art in the Green alcove of the New York Society Library, selected and presented by Robert Lenox Kennedy. 48 p. New York, 1879. 4°.


New York State Library. Albany. Catalogue of the books on bibliography, typography and engraving in the... Library. Albany, 1858. 143 p. 8°.

* G

GENERAL AND MISCELLANEOUS WORKS Blanc, Charles. Le trésor de la curiosité; tiré des catalogues de vente de tableaux, dessins, estampes, livres, marbres, bronzes, ivoires... 2 v. Paris: 1857-'58. 8o.

MAZ Comfort, G. F. The address of G. F. Comfort...of the Syracuse University, at the opening of the Wolff-Leavenworth collection of engravings January 22, 1890. Syracuse, N. Y.: Courier Print Co., 1890). 23 p. 8o.

MDC Encyclopaedia, The, of the fine arts; forming a portion of the Encyclopaedia metropolitana. London: J. J. Griffin & Co., 1848. vi, 237–851 p. 4°.

† MA Section “Engraving" is by J. Lindsay.

Le Comte, F. Cabinet des singularitez d'architecture peinture, sculpture et graveure; ou, Introduction à la connoissance des plus beaux arts, figurés sous les tableaux, les statues & les estampes. 2. éd.

pl. Bruxelles: L. Marchant, 1702. 12°.


Newcastle-upon-Tyne Public Libraries. Catalogue of books on the fine arts, viz.: architecture, sculpture, carving, coins, pottery, metal work, drawing, decoration, painting, engraving, photography, music, compiled by T. A. Onions, Sub-Librarian; edited by the Public Librarian. 1900. Newcastle-upon-Tyne: A. Dickson, Ptr., (1900, 5 p.1., 146 p. 8°. MAC (Newcastle)

Note: Half-title reads: Fine arts catalogue.

3 v.

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