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The rutblen flint doth cut my tender feet; That is an advertisement to one Dimns, to And when I start, the cruel people laugh.

take heed of the allurement of count Rousilon, Sbakspeare.

a foolish idle boy; but for all that very raitist. His archers circle me; my reins they wound,

Sbakspeare. And rutbless shed my gall upon the ground. Ryz. n. s. (nýge, Saxon.]

Sandys. Their rage the hostile powers restrain,

1. A coarse kind of bread corn. All but the ruthless monarch of the main. Pope.

Between the acres of the rye, RU'THLESSLY. adv. (from ruthless.]

These pretty country folks could lye. Sbeksmesra.

Rye is more acrid, laxative, and less nourishing Without pity; cruelly; barbarously. than wheat.

Arbuthnot. RUʻTHLESSNESS. n. s. (from rutbless.)

2, A disease in a hawk.

Kiuru. Want of pity. RUʻTTIER, S. [routiere, Fr.] A direc. Rye'GRASS. n. s. A kind of strong tion of the road or course at sea.

grass. RU'TTISH. adj. (from rut.) Wanton ; li.

Some sow ryegrass with the corn at Michaela

Herlies. bidinous; salacious; lustful; lecherous.




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